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A stocking stuffer set that's actually useful! This bundle includes a pair of motion bands to keep your motion sickness at bay, a pack of earplugs (two sets) to block out background noise, a pill case to organize your vitamins and medication, and a sewing kit for any sartorial emergencies.

Features and Benefits

Air Supplies Motion Bands:

  • Natural remedy for motion sickness caused by air, sea, or road travel
  • A small stud on the underside of the bands applies gentle, constant acupressure to the P6 point on your wrists, relieving and preventing nausea 
  • Free from all side-effects 
  • Can be used anytime nausea arises—not just for nausea caused by motion 
  • One size fits all

Air Supplies Earplugs:

  • Includes four sets of reusable foam earplugs 
  • Use to achieve uninterrupted sleep from takeoff to landing 
  • Provides advanced noise protection for sensitive ears
  • Removable tray with four compartments for easy cleaning 
  • Translucent case for optimal visibility 

Air Supplies Pill Case:

  • Removable tray with six compartments for easy cleaning 
  • Translucent case for optimal visibility 
  • Acts as a portable medicine cabinet—carry on a daily basis packed with your go-to medications for any situation that may arise
  • Ideal for travel as a way to securely pack your daily medications, vitamins, etc. 

Air Supplies Sewing Kit:

  • Packed with more than just your standard sewing kit—everything you need in case of a fashion emergency
  • Needles, thread in six colors, two types of buttons, straight pins, mini scissors, mini tweezers, safety pin, and a needle threader

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