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Features and Benefits

  • Natural remedy for motion sickness caused by air, sea, or road travel
  • A small stud on the underside of the bands applies gentle, constant acupressure to the P6 point on your wrists, relieving and preventing nausea 
  • Free from all side-effects 
  • Can be used anytime nausea arises—not just for nausea caused by motion 
  • One size fits all


Width: 1.125"




Flight 001

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works on cars too

Review by eva
Posted on 7/11/2016

Those motion sickness bands are the greatest thing ever. I always get carsick driving up to the mountains and if I have the bands on, it doesn’t make me sick anymore. I highly suggest getting them.

It really works!!!

Review by raunbowsandunicorns
Posted on 7/11/2016

I had those motion sickness bands for a cruise and they worked wonders

So great!

Review by Jen
Posted on 7/11/2016

I LOVE those motion sickness wristbands they saved my life at Disney !!! I get so sick on every ride I couldn’t even ride the rockets with out throwing up lol. Finally bought these and I could actually enjoy the parks like every normal human who goes.