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F1 Italy Adapter Bundle


Bundle up! This adapter set includes one Grounded Italy adapter and one Non-Grounded Europe adapter. The grounded adapter (orange) accepts North American plugs and other international varieties to fit outlets in Italy, but it can be used in a total of nine destinations that include regions other than Italy as well. Two electronic devices can be used with this adapter at once. The non-grounded adapter can be used with standard North American 2-prong plugs and fits the outlets of most European countries. It can be used in a total of 155 destinations that includes regions other than Europe. Note: Adapters do not convert power

Features and Benefits

  • Bundle includes: (1) Italy Grounded Adapter, (1) Europe Non-Grounded Adapter
  • Ensure that your electronics are rated 100-125 or 220-250 volts


Flight 001

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