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Perfect packing. Unlimited Combinations. You wouldn’t want a stiletto snagging a silk blouse, would you? Prevent unwanted mishaps caused by turbulence or poor baggage handling with the ultimate packing system. Spacepak Clothes keeps your wardrobe safe and packed flat in its own tidy compartment, while an interior divider keeps clean clothes separate from dirty laundry. Our signature compression technology reduces the volume of your clothes by one third, meaning you can bring three times as many outfits on your next trip. Learn more about Spacepak

Features and Benefits

  • Holds up to 25 pieces so you can fit two weeks worth of clothes into one lightweight carry-on
  • Dual front-and-back zippered compartments keep clean clothes away from dirty laundry
  • Two sets of one-way air vents push air out to keep your garments flat
  • Flat packing clothes reduces wrinkles, which means less ironing upon arrival
  • Convenient labels on each Spacepak compartment keeps your luggage colorful and organized on the go


11.25" x 15.5" x 5.25"

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Like it

Review by Tineurope
Posted on 10/20/2015

The pattern (both inside and out) is really cute, and the material feels sturdy. I LOVE that it's got a carry handle, which makes it easier to pull from a suitcase. Plus, the two-sided aspect is clever. The "spacepak" feature kind of works, but it doesn't really stay compressed. It wasn't a huge problem, but I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 because of that. Otherwise, the bag absolutely holds quite a lot of clothing and works just fine in that respect. My suitcase felt so organized!

Great bag to compact your clothes

Review by Rkohl
Posted on 5/29/2016

This compression bag is really strong and compacts your clothes dry well! I wouldn't be without it. The zipper on the first one I bought a few years ago broke. I returned it to F001 and they replaced it no questions or problems - great customer service ! The replacement bag they sent me has been working for over 2 years now.

Makes packing Easy!

Review by Phyllis
Posted on 8/18/2015

Get rid of those awful plastic spacesaver bags. The Spacepak does a really great job. You can pack enough clothing for at least 7 or 8 days. I've gone to Europe for 10 days and it worked perfectly.

Good purchase

Review by pmcc
Posted on 6/21/2015

Love these pack-it products. Really make a difference in what you can fit in your suitcase.
Only wish each size came in all colors. Would love to have a large orange!

Love It!

Review by Sarah
Posted on 5/11/2015

So far I have used it for a week long trip, 4 days business, 3 days vacation, 6 flights. With the cube I was able to bring quite a bit more clothes and loved how everything stayed organized throughout the trip. Suitcase was always ready to zip up & move on to next place.

Worth the price

Review by Laura
Posted on 3/6/2015

Well constructed, packed clothes for myself and my two sons for 1 week without difficulty.


Review by tonya lee
Posted on 1/21/2015

Love this product. Opens up so much space when I am packing. Since I travel a bunch this is a great way to save space, so I can now shop till my hearts content.

Useful Product

Review by Charlene
Posted on 12/24/2014

The product itself is great. I was able to pack 2 heavy sweatshirts, 3 jeans, and 2 dress pants. However, when I purchased it at 20% off, the item went on sale further the following Monday for 40% off. I wish I can get a price adjustment for it or waited until then to make the purchase.


Review by Maria
Posted on 12/24/2014

Very well built, holds a lot of clothing inside. The zippers that close the pack are sturdy and well made. To be honest, I wasn't expecting such good quality...really impressed. It is expensive but I can see myself using this for a long long time!

Great packing tool

Review by Erin
Posted on 12/23/2014

Perfect size for a week trip to the beach. The pack helps you limit overpacking and has a separate side for dirty clothes. I think the price is reasonable if you can get it on sale. The pack comes in a bag, which I don't understand, but I love the pack.

Great bag!

Review by Tj
Posted on 12/17/2014

Love this bag for organizing and packing

It's all I talk about

Review by Emily
Posted on 11/10/2014

I work remote and have to travel across the country to the main office once a month for a week at a time. This has made my life so much easier that I tell everyone about it. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Best Travel accessory

Review by Antoinette
Posted on 8/25/2014

I ordered 2 more to give to family because mine was so amazing. This product is truly heaven sent.

a must

Review by bb
Posted on 5/26/2014

We actually have five of these bags, one per member of the family (even our baby has one). It's a must to stay organized when travelling. The kids love packing up their clothes into their own space bags and when we get to the hotel, they can keep their own things organized. We've taken both short and long trip (2 weeks) with these and everything fits nicely. It's so awesome.

Love it!

Review by Karena
Posted on 4/30/2014

So glad I found out about these products. The bag(s) organize all my stuff and I have eliminated all ,messiness of my carry-on bag after a few days on the road.


Review by Encore
Posted on 4/4/2014

Product is great! Keeps my pack very organized, good size, and great build quality. Only issues is I found the advertised garment quantity a little generous. You probably will be able to fit most of it in but prepare to really stretch the spacepack.

Perfect for the OVER-PACKER

Review by Sam
Posted on 3/20/2014

I am notorious for over packing when I travel. Trying to determine what I am going to be in the mood to wear 7, 4, or even 2 days later can sometimes be daunting. I like options which typically leads to me stuffing way more clothes than I actually need in my suitcase and then trying to fit everything else I need in there. Not to mention I usually carry my suitcase on the flight. So, I thought I would give this a try and see if it helped. I was amazed that I could fit all the things I would normally take in such a small space. I had way more room in my suitcase, in fact I didn't even fill it, which was a first. This is perfect if you're like me and over pack for trips or if you need to take a few weeks worth of clothes in a small space. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for more room in their bag or maybe even wanting to downsize.

the best "bag in bag"

Review by judith
Posted on 1/16/2014

This has made carry on bags fabulous


Review by judith
Posted on 1/16/2014

works great in the carry i can have more shoes!!


Review by Matthew
Posted on 1/10/2014

Just got back from the REI Thailand Family Adventure tour. 14 days, 9 hotels, temperatures from 40-90F. The form and size factors of this bag are perfect. Since we didn't anticipate having time for laundry, but did anticipate lots of dirty clothes, I packed each side with half of my pants, shirts and shorts. The first half of the trip, I wore all the clothes from one side. Half way through the trip, I opened the other side up for fresh clean clothes. The one-way rivet valves are genius!
I'm ordering the mini-toiletry, underwear and shoes bags now for Puerto Rico!


Review by JA
Posted on 1/7/2014

Deceivingly efficient way of packing clothes. Luggage for my luggage, I love it!

Great system!

Review by Jane A
Posted on 8/16/2013

I love this system and now use it for all my travels. I used the Space Bags in my carry-on for a month-long trip to Central America. It was all I needed and I loved the freedom of traveling light and organized. Only way to go!

Never leave home without it!

Review by Jackie S
Posted on 3/9/2013

I travel for a living and this and the other space bags are awesome. Keeps everything neat and organized. Looks can be deceiving but it holds more clothes than you think. The laundry side is genius.

The best thing ever!

Review by Jacki W
Posted on 12/10/2012

I bought this at the suggestion of the flight 001 salesperson; it is the best travel item I have! I used it for a week long trip to Seattle; I was able to pack everything I wanted and still get it all in the carry on! My husband is so jealous that I am going to buy him one for our trip to Paris in two weeks.

Remarkably Travel Companion!

Review by Wardita
Posted on 11/18/2012

This little gem of a product enabled me to travel with CARRY-ON only for a 7-day trip to Europe. In it I managed to cram: 2 jeans, 1 yogapant, 14 tee shirts and 3 silk blouses. And, with the DIRTY side, it was super easy to manage my duds amidst an almost daily repack. This product is a must-have! Oh, and my silk blouses weren't all! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Review by TERRI
Posted on 11/2/2012


I love it!

Review by JackiJ
Posted on 10/29/2012

This is the best thing I have ever bought. I used it for week-long trip and it took all my clothes! I was able to take just a carry on but have plenty of things to wear. I am buying one for my husband, because he needs one too.


Review by ahbsb
Posted on 7/4/2016

Spacepak is awesome, fits tons of clothes and love the clean/laundry side separation. Patterns are adorable, I want them all!

Cute Pattern

Review by Suzi T.
Posted on 8/16/2015

I hate packing! I have brought the original Space Paks in its original colors. Loved them. Thought this new pattern was cute. Now I have a Space Pak in my carry on and my check in. I've used them in Japan, Russia and Korea for 2 to 3 weeks vacation travel. I'm unorganized and usually can't find a thing in my suitcase. Now I know where everything is located. What a breeze in packing!.

Great way to pack

Review by Sarah
Posted on 9/14/2015

Love this! I packed for an entire weekend in this case. Kept my clothes separated into clean and dirty once I got there. Cute pattern.

Gorgeous and holds soooo much!

Review by Mari M.
Posted on 8/31/2015

I recently purchased this product for a week long trip of surfing and exploring in Nicaragua. As a woman, that means I had quite a few wardrobes to bring with me in a carry on bag. Between this and the matching undergarments bag, I was able to pack 7 pairs of shorts, 15 tanks/tshirts, 4 dresses, 2 cover ups, 5 bikinis, 2 rashguards, 2 sports bras, a pair of athletic shorts, a pair of athletic leggings, 2 pajama sets, and an hanging toiletry bag full of full size products and makeup. It ALL fit in my heys hardsize carryon luggage with 3 pairs of sandals, a baseball cap and about 15 protein bars and cliff bars! I was also able to repack it all, keeping the clean and dirty laundry separate and fit souvenirs in my bag. Best travel accessories purchase I have ever made!!

Makes packing a breeze!

Review by Meghan
Posted on 8/26/2015

I cannot say enough about the SpacePak system! I travel to the UK a few times a year for two-week visits, and packing clothes has always been an issue. This takes up such little space in my suitcase and streamlines the entire packing process. I love that it keeps clean and dirty clothes organized, as well. I've also found it minimizes clutter when traveling. Instead of cramming hotel drawers full with clothes or throwing them back into your suitcase, it's easy to stow everything neatly in the SpacePak. I highly recommend this for frequent travelers, especially!

Well made product with style. So love my SpacePaks & Seat Pak. A must-have for all travelers.

Review by Ruby
Posted on 1/27/2016

Well made product with style. So love my SpacePaks & Seat Pak. A must-have for all travelers.


Review by Doug Reed
Posted on 12/12/2014

It's a gift but it looks great and I like the way you package. The person it is for will love it

you will not regret this.

Review by Sara Jane
Posted on 12/8/2014

I actually purchased this ages ago for myself. IT RULES. I have travelled cross country a few times and it kept all of my clothing tidy and organized. Seriously, no ironing required or fishing through piles of stuff in my suitcase. And you can pack more purchases to go home with you because of the space you save! Bonous! Anyways, I love it so much that I purchased it as a gift for my jet set dad.

Clothes Spacepak

Review by Jim Nelson
Posted on 9/30/2014

I have used the Spacepak yet, but it appears very sturdy & well built. The size is appropriate for shirts & pants. It comes in a zip bag of it's own that can be used for another purpose.


Review by Mary Ann Oxford
Posted on 8/5/2014

This product is the best! I packed a week's worth of bulky clothes in this and they all fit. Left a lot of room in the suitcase for other items. This is a must have!!!


Review by Deena Katz
Posted on 7/6/2014

I travel all the time. In the US and abroad. I thought these things would add too much to my suitcase in weight and bulk, but amazingly, I get more into my suitcases that I ever did. I traveled a week to Paris with a 22" bag and one of these, along with the underwear one. I had room to bring home souvenirs. Won't travel without them!

Absolutely Worth the Money

Review by theyhaveways
Posted on 6/2/2014

I first took this Spacepak to a two week trip through New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. It really is worth the money when it comes to keeping you organized and clean. What separates most Spacepaks from other packing aids is the double sided laundry/clean feature that completely solves the problem of packing your suitcase and keeping your clean clothes apart from your laundry when you have to pack for a trip through multiple destinations like I have. The only qualm is that a Spacepak may not be compatible with every suitcase, I suggest you take measurements to make sure it works for you.

It really works

Review by Bob R
Posted on 5/13/2013

I couldn't see how this could help me until I actually used it. I have 3 space paks in my suitcase now. What I really like is not only the way it shrinks the space needed in my suitcase. It allows me to easily find what I need and not have to re pack every time I move from place to place. It is easy to live out of your suitcase. I can find my clothes for the next day and lay them out and not have a messy suitcase. Putting my dirty clothes in the other side means the space pak does not increase in size. It makes organizing your clothes so easy.

I'm a believer!

Review by ktal
Posted on 1/7/2013

I was skeptical. How could this thing work? It looks nice. It's packaged & marketed well but I said (to myself), "Seriously, girl, don't give in, it 's not gonna work & help you on your latest version of an excursion." The good news: sometimes that gremlin that talks to me is wrong! This item (I bought the F1 Spacepak--for clothes) is aaa-mazing! Not only is it good-looking & cool but it is supa-dupa functional. If you're one of those expert packers (and I bought this for a long trip to Maui with only a carry-on) then maybe you don't need this but if you're remotely like me--a pretty seasoned & active world traveler who needs some guidance in packing then this is for you. You can compress what you pack via these nifty compression vents on the sides (stellar!) and when your garb is dirty, just turn the pak over & put your dirty clothes in the dirty section (awesome!). Everyone in my party wanted my Spacepak but I told them to get their own! The convenient handle also made it easy to pack it up in my luggage & to take it out when I needed it (I've never been a fan of putting my stuff away in hotel/inn drawers/furniture). This was perfect oi my carry-on suitcase and before my trip, as I was laying out the clothes I was going to take, this really helped me edit, edit then edit again. This was a great purchase for me...not sure if I'll get the whole system since I have enough well-designed toiletry cases to last me a lifetime and lingerie/underwear packing has never been a challenge. The Pak for shoes is a good one but admittedly I use my own bags for packing shoes & sandals so not sure if I'll get it. The Clothes Pak may be a bit pricey but it's made well, works with all luggage & (travel) bags, looks great & even better--it WORKS SO AWESOMELY!!! When I really like something I like to submit a review in hopes that if someone is thinking about buying something or is on the fence about an item, I like to think that an honest review helps. I didn't find reviews on this but there's a Flight001 store in my 'hood & I got to see it first-hand & there were 2 other customers in the store who had bought it & thought the Pak was the best invention since sliced bread, so that swayed me, as well as the great sales person that was in the store that day).

Top product!

Review by Deb H
Posted on 9/2/2016

I was very pleased with my SpacePak for clothing, I used it in October 2015 on a 2 week trip and it made it very easy to keep track of my shirts, clean and dirty as I moved to different hotels. I highly recommend this and I just purchased one for my husband to use on our next 2 week trip!

Awesome! AAA+

Review by Mencita
Posted on 8/29/2016

The best! I got one after reading about it in a magazine. I was so impressed with the spacepak, that i have given it as a gift to my best friends and they have given to their friends. We have bought at least 30 and I keep recommending it. Thks. A+