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Perfect packing. Unlimited Products. Our Spacepak Toiletry has enough room for full-size bottles, and plenty of them, so you are able to bring as many toiletries as you need wherever your travels may take you. Interior mesh panels and hanging hook keep products front-facing and visible to help you get ready faster. 

Features and Benefits

  • Two roomy mesh zip pockets with interior compartments store everything from full-size bottles of shampoo, to conditioner, perfume and moisturizer
  • Mesh pockets keep your products front-facing and visible
  • Flat zip pocket stores smaller items like cotton pads, Q-tips, hair elastics, and bobby pins
  • Interior top hook allows you to hang your toiletry bag open on the back of any door, or on a towel rod
  • Convenient labels on each Spacepak compartment keeps your luggage colorful and organized on the go


6.5" x 10.25" x 4" (closed)

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Makes Travel Easy!

Review by Sharon O.
Posted on 7/17/2016

Used this for a recent 10 day trip to Colorado and loved it. I was amazed at how much I could fit in it. It's sturdy and pretty and made my packing so much easier this time. My previous bag took up so much room. This one is the perfect size.


Review by Ruby
Posted on 1/28/2016

This toiletry bag is well made & material itself is excellent. I can't live without this bag when I travel! Must-have for long & short travels!

This bag is so cute!

Review by MIster Poops
Posted on 12/16/2015

Hell ya!

Highly Recommend!

Review by Andream
Posted on 12/13/2015

I have been looking for the perfect travel toiletry kit and I've found it!!! This is durable, stylish and functional., I didn't mind spending $42. Continue creating awesome travel products Flight 001! :)

Love it!

Review by K
Posted on 8/31/2015

Keeps all my products organized!


Review by Lorna
Posted on 8/28/2015

awesome, efficient and well constructed

The most functional, durable and stylish toiletry kit ever!

Review by Andrea
Posted on 5/23/2016

I've had this item for a few months now and I just had to write a review to say how happy I am with this product. I love the hook, the size, the mesh panels and the fact that it can fit just about anything without the bulk! It's worth every penny!


Review by Ruby
Posted on 3/6/2016

Love love love this toiletry SpacePak! I brought all of my F1 SpacePaks when I travelled to FLorida for 14d. Got lots of compliments from my friends & families. They all think my SpacePaks are super cute, organize, & convenient. Highly recommend F1 SpacePaks. Will have to order more for my husband's trip to EUrope in May 2016.

Love this bag

Review by Michael
Posted on 2/18/2017

I love this bag it has been replace twice. Why? Due to I'm a flight attendant, thousands of miles, cities and countries. You can have all your items for your daily bath and freshen up on the plane looking GLAM. I have other flight attendants buy and replace. It's so flying FA-friendly no worries of where is this or that. Routine I say trust me 13 yrs and buying my 3rd why I'm replacing number two well I love this store. I first lived in NYC in the village then my ex a FA bought one then he had others follow and so forth. Then I bought my second one on a layover in SFO the crew loved this place. Trust me

Best Toiletry Bag I've Ever Bought

Review by Madelyn K
Posted on 6/23/2015

Perfect size, love the color, and I can easily fit my F1 X-RAY QUART BAG inside the middle mesh pocket keeping everything compact and within reach.

Love it!

Review by Sally
Posted on 4/3/2015

Just used this on a week long trip. It's like Dr. Who's Tardis….you can fit everything in it. Great color, good fabric. So happy.


Review by b. monchak-barski
Posted on 3/23/2015

love the deep pockets


Review by Angela
Posted on 12/12/2014

Just got this a week ago and used it right away on a short jaunt. It worked perfectly, takes up minimal space, holds everything nice and neatly in small netted compartments. Nothing jiggles around everything stays put. It's so easy to get things out as needed. I've tried many of these and this is by far the most useful. Thank you .

Love this

Review by Martha
Posted on 10/1/2014

I've only used this once for a two night trip but I love it already. The two roomy zipper pockets can handle full-sized containers so not changing to small sizes for short trips. Plus everything is contained as opposed to some hanging kits that have mostly smallish pockets and anything not in those pockets falls out. You know what I mean if that's what you have!

holds it all

Review by m
Posted on 8/25/2014

I have numerous toiletries for weekly gym shower use and when flying home to see my mom. This bag holds it all and I don't have to transfer any products around. it is just grab and go,

Wouldn't leave home without it.

Review by Mimi
Posted on 6/30/2014

Ok, so at $42, I'll admit it's kind of pricey. However, after going through all types/kinds of toiletry bags, pouches, etc. I found one that beats them all - this one. Just wish I had found this years ago. Would have saved myself MORE than the $42!! I was really skeptical that it could hold all the items that I travel with. On my first trip using it, I found I was wrong. It can hold a ton of things. And the hook does seem securely made to hold all that weight. Don't do like I did, searching for the "perfect" toiletry case. Just buy this one. You can't miss with it. The only downside (and it's just a little one) is the color. But, hey, if you're a UF Gator fan like me, it works when you combine it with the blue clothing Spacepaks (and it's the right color blue). ORANGE-BLUE!! Go Gators!!!

Fabulous toiletry bag

Review by JJ
Posted on 6/16/2014

Just returned from my first trip using this bag. My husband had one and I had noticed how easy it was for him to use in hotel rooms so ordered one of my own. I was amazed with how much I was able to pack into this bag. One surprise was the little outside pocket. I used this pocket as a makeup bag and all my makeup fit perfectly. I had the bag hanging and just spun it around and had access to all my makeup without having to unpack it all and balance it on the side of the sink. It was lovely to have my makeup separate from my other toiletries and so accessible. The absolute best toiletry bag we have ever had.

The BEST!!

Review by Mimi
Posted on 6/13/2014

I had never purchased a toiletry case with a hook before. Didn't think I would need that feature. Well, never say never. On a whim (and a sale), I purchased this case. Originally thought the orange color wasn't a color I'd like. Wrong! It's such a bright color, you can find it anywhere in your suitcase. We do a lot of overseas traveling for pleasure and I wish I had purchased this earlier! Hang it up and easily find anything in either of the large pockets. Plus, as others mentioned, it packs a TON of items. I didn't think I could fit all I did. And it fits perfectly in my checked bag. Love this case (and all the other Spacepak cases). Don't hesitate to buy this case. Have I convinced you yet?

Great bag

Review by HK
Posted on 1/23/2014

This is a great toiletry bag. It holds a LOT more than I was expecting, and the shape was great for fitting into my suitcase. The hook is a great for hanging on a door or towel rack and keeping the counter space clear (especially if there is limited space). Great purchase.

Given as gift

Review by JM
Posted on 12/25/2013

This item was a Xmas gift and the person who received it absolutely loves everything about it!!!

Fabulous - don't buy just one

Review by France Winddance
Posted on 10/22/2013

I bought several of these and keep one in my car and one at the office. They are absolutely fabulous and I use it not only for extended overseas work travel but also for quick beach trips. I have one in my car for 'work' emergencies so I always have the toiletries I need.

Can't wait to buy & try...

Review by kathy
Posted on 9/12/2013

Great looking product

Excellent Toilettries Case

Review by pigletbunny
Posted on 7/6/2013

I and my spouse LOVE this bag! :-) You can stuff tons into it, or carry less if so inclined. It fits great into carry-on suitcases, and is very handy to hang on the back of a bathroom door :-)

As Useful As It Is Well Designed

Review by susangol
Posted on 10/12/2015

I use this pack for makeup in one pocket and daily cleaning supplies in the other. The pockets are deep enough to hold larger bottles, even when they're open. When packing, I have a choice of zipping up my toiletries or leaving the pack open and laying it across my clothes. Because the interior pocjets are not spill proof, I put liquids in ziplocks if leaving the pack unzipped.

Very cute!

Review by Amber
Posted on 10/16/2016

I've only used this once, but there is plenty of space for all of my toiletries and makeup. It fits compactly into my suitcase, which is also a plus!

Amazing toiletry pack!

Review by Jamie K
Posted on 9/1/2016

This bag held SO MUCH STUFF! I was a little wary, given the steep price, but I bought it anyway because I loved the Alhambra print. I am glad I did - it holds twice as much as my old toiletry bag, and takes up just as much space - it folds so compactly, and hangs easily from a variety of places in the bathroom. I love this bag, and can't wait to use it again on my next trip!


Review by Harley Babe
Posted on 8/18/2016

A solid deal and purchase. Form and function, and a little bit of whimsy to boot! Awesome-sauce!