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Perfect packing. Unlimited Combinations. Our Spacepak Undergarments holds up to two weeks worth of lingerie, socks, and pajamas in one lightweight pouch. Avoid embarrassing moments at security checkpoints by keeping your unmentionables packed out of sight, while dual zippered compartments keep your clean skivvies separate from dirty laundry. Our signature compression technology reduces the volume of your undergarments by one third, so you can bring three times as many options. Learn more about Spacepak

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortably holds up to two weeks worth of lingerie, socks, and pajamas
  • Dual front-and-back zippered compartments keep clean undergarments away from dirty laundry
  • Two sets of one-way air vents push air out to keep your undergarments packed flat
  • Convenient labels on each Spacepak compartment keeps your luggage colorful and organized on the go


10.25" x 13.5" x 4.5"

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Review by Tineurope
Posted on 10/20/2015

See my review for the F1 SPACEPAK CLOTHES STRIPES OCEAN, as it applies to this product as well. I should note that you'll want to air these bags out before use, as initially there is a fairly unpleasant smell that you wouldn't want transferring to your clothes. A spritz of Febreze helps.


Review by Monserrat
Posted on 8/1/2015

Pretty and useful.

Gorgeous and holds soooo much!

Review by Mari M.
Posted on 8/31/2015

recently purchased this product for a week long trip of surfing and exploring in Nicaragua. As a woman, that means I had quite a few wardrobes to bring with me in a carry on bag. Between this and the matching clothes bag, I was able to pack 7 pairs of shorts, 15 tanks/tshirts, 4 dresses, 2 cover ups, 5 bikinis, 2 rashguards, 2 sports bras, a pair of athletic shorts, a pair of athletic leggings, 2 pajama sets, and an hanging toiletry bag full of full size products and makeup. It ALL fit in my heys hardsize carryon luggage with 3 pairs of sandals, a baseball cap and about 15 protein bars and cliff bars! I was also able to repack it all, keeping the clean and dirty laundry separate and fit souvenirs in my bag. Best travel accessories purchase I have ever made!!

Great Item!

Review by De
Posted on 9/2/2016

This was a perfect product for a recent 14 day vacation, with a lot of changes in hotels and moving around, for keeping track of both clean and dirty items. Just purchased one for my husband for our next long trip!

Great invention

Review by Sandy
Posted on 8/3/2016

I haven't used my undergarment bag yet, but I know how wonderfully well my other spacepac works. All of my shirts and tops came out of my pac without a wrinkle on a recent trip to Europe. Unbelievable. I've recommended them to my friends. They love them as well.