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F1 Spacepak Set Grey


You’ve made it to this page, now you’re only a few clicks away from being among the smartest, most well-organized travelers in the world. Our award-winning Spacepak packing system maximizes luggage space by compressing up to 2 weeks’ worth of clothing in tidy compartments that fit together handsomely in your suitcase or travel bag. And because these bags play well with others, we’ve bundled ‘em together. Travel like a professional, travel with Spacepak. Learn more about Spacepak

Features and Benefits

  • Spacepak Clothes
  • Spacepak Shoe
  • Spacepak Mini Toiletry
Hand wash or machine wash on cold, then air dry. Graphics may wear over time with each wash.


Flight 001

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Almost perfect... don't wash it.

Review by Sean
Posted on 4/15/2015

I travel 50 - 75% of the year for work and pleasure. I loved my Spacepak set until it had gotten dirty and had to wash it.

I placed it in my Bosch washer on the hand wash cycle with no detergent.

When I removed the Spacepak set from the washer, much of the screenprinted graphics had washed off. The screenprinted graphics that did not wash off and now continually flake off onto my clothing leaving white specks all over my clothing if I use the Spacepak set for travel.

I have had to discontinue use of the Spacepak because of this.

I'm surprised that the Spacepak cannot be washed, especially because it is designed to carry your dirty laundry.

If the silkscreened graphics did not wash off and cause flaking, it would be perfect.

Great for Road Warriors

Review by Sean Allen
Posted on 3/13/2015

Got this product and was extremely happy with being able to properly organize and pack with it. I especially love the ability to NOT mix my clean stuff with the stuff that needs to be laundered. For anyone who travels a lot I would say it is essential!

Great gift for my travelling husband

Review by Katherine
Posted on 1/5/2015

I heard about this set from a friend who had purchased for her brother and instantly knew my husband would love it. The bags arrived quickly and are a very nice quality. They hold a TON of clothing and toiletries. I could not be happier with my decision to purchase these for my husband, and he loves them too!

Perfect for travel

Review by Anna
Posted on 7/19/2014

I got the whole set, and it's already proven perfect for travel. All my clothing (1-2 weeks winter clothes, or 2-4 weeks summer clothes of many kinds of women's M-L) fits in the clothes one, and all the underwear and sports gear (except running shoes) fit in the shoes one, and either the toiletries or all the cables and chargers fit in the toiletry one. So all my clothes fit in my hand luggage, and they stay organized too. What's the best part of the clothes one is that it has the side for the dirty laundry too, so it's all nicely separate.
The set comes in a zipper bag made of the same material, and that is also useful - for collecting the extra laundry on the road (like that of my husband who doesn't have a set yet) or for some other travel use for keeping similar items together.

Why Did I Wait to Get This??!

Review by Janet
Posted on 7/7/2014

Extremely useful - short trips, long trips, weekend hops. I've wanted this forever. So glad I finally bought the set. I have average-sized shoes (8 - 8-1/2 womens), and 2 pairs easily fit in the shoe bag, including heels. Love that I don't have to be concerned about WHERE to put the laundry either.


Review by Zelda5000
Posted on 12/16/2013

I have a set and love it so much this one is a holiday gift!

Don't leave home without it!

Review by 5pennies
Posted on 2/7/2013

We bought two sets plus a lingerie bag and used them on a 3-week trip to Italy. Cannot say enough about how nice and neat our bags were - even though they are expensive, this was the best money I've ever spent on luggage-related stuff.
Seriously: don't leave home without this! I never again will.


Review by Whoebowken
Posted on 11/1/2012

This has lasted me for 9 years I just replaced my old bag