In-Flight Comfort

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44 Item(s)

44 Item(s)


Feel like you're in First Class, even from Coach. Shop for jet comfort so you can spend your in-flight experience on cloud nine:

✈️  Seat Pak: keep it together with one of our best-selling organization bags. The original F1 Seat Pak has a rear pocket that fits tablets up to 8.75 inches, 3 front pockets to house your chapstick, passport, ear plugs, eye masks, and more, plus two internal card sleeves to keep your I.D. and card within reach when the refreshment cart rolls by. Even better, the side loop lets this bag hang from your tray table tab for easy access.

✈️  Neck Pillowssave your neck with a comfy travel pillow. Choose from memory foam, microbreads, cotton batting, or inflatable, then sit back and relax.

✈️  Eye Masks & Blanketssleep like a baby so you can land feeling fresh. From our popular Contoured Eyemask to our stylized Printed Shades, find the right fit for your personality and comfort level. Don't forget a cozy blanket, the cabin can get pretty chilly!

✈️  Amenity Kitscan't think of what to pack? We've got your back! Shop our pre-packed sets for essentials, fitness, and flight-sized cocktails.