health hacks


Travel is no reason to let your fitness routine slide. And while sticking with your workouts and maintaining good health habits may not be the first thing on your mind upon arrival, it's easier than you think to keep up the good work. Read on for our top 10 tips!

1. New destination, new Fitbit goals. Take advantage of the unknown and explore it! Not only will you ramp up the steps you take per day, but you’ll also remain motivated to stay active.

2. Whether you’re heading to the hotel gym or going on a new running trail, our durable Go Clean Gym Bag will keep your sweaty clothes and dirty sneakers separate while your clean clothes stay fresh. 

3. If your fitness spaces are limited, exercise in your hotel room. There are tons of modified workouts you can do just by using your bodyweight or chairs.

4. Stay hydrated with a stainless steel S'well Bottle. Fill it up at the nearest water fountain as needed, and you've got an eco-friendly solution to plastic water bottles. 

5. Lets be real, no one likes dry plane air. Besides staying hydrated on the inside, show your skin some love and moisturize, especially on longer flights. The last thing you want is dry cracked skin upon your arrival! 

6. Stock your hotel room with local healthy foods to munch on so you won’t rack up a minibar bill.  Plus, you’ll discover some new snacks you can’t find at home. 

7. If you’re traveling for business, don’t do work on the bed. Keep it confined to the hotel’s office center or the desk; otherwise there are no boundaries between work and relaxation.

8. Traveling yogis, rejoice. Our compact Yogo Mat is versatile for jet-setters on-the-go. It folds up to the size of a newspaper, so you can strike a yoga pose wherever you are. Namaste.

9. Always carry hand sanitizer and/or anti bacterial wipes. Washing your hands won’t always be convenient, so play it safe and have backups.

10. Not all tours are created equal. Opt for a walking, biking, or running (yes they exist) tour to maintain your fitness goals on the road, and see the sights in your new destination.