Women travel

David Jubert via Flickr

To celebrate International Women's Day we've put together some key tips for smooth sailiing from takeoff to the voyage home for female travelers flying the friendly skies.

Pack Light And Be Organized

Nothing screams tourist like lugging around overstuffed luggage. Pack light and stay organized so you can travel easily and independently. Storing everything in our Spacepak compression packing system keeps your clothes neat, compact, and easy to transport.

Dress Like A Local

Blending in with the locals will make you less of a target among pickpockets and grifters. Try to dress appropriately for your surroundings and choose a wardrobe that fits with your destination when packing.

Always Carry A Scarf

A fashion-forward accessory that serves multiple purposes. Use it as a cover up when entering more modest locations, a shawl on chilly flights, a pareo at the beach, or even in place of a beach towel in a pinch.

Keep In Touch With Home 

What if there’s some sort of mixup or emergency? Free café WiFi won’t cut it. It’s worth your while to invest in a local sim card or international phone plan if you’ll be traveling for a while (bonus: ability to Instagram on the go). If you want to say super connected, try out a Skyroam mobile hotspot which tethers up to five devices at once.

Always Bring A Backup

In this day and age, your phone is your greatest resource—don’t make the mistake of letting it die. Pack a portable charge or external battery so you can always stay connected and charge on-the-go.

Choose Lodging With Excellent User Reviews

If you’re going to be staying in an Airbnb or lodging from any other peer-to-peer sharing site, make sure you choose a spot that has received its fair share glowing reviews. Read the user comments in detail for any location you’re considering before typing in your credit card number.

Share Your Itinerary

Make sure someone at home has an idea about what your travel schedule will be like so they will know where to find you in case of emergency. Try sharing your itinerary on TripIt to let your squad know where you’ll be when.

Register With IAMAT

The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers, is all about minimizing health risks associated with traveling. They’ll be able to help you find health resources and doctors that speak English if you need treatment abroad.

Snap A Photo Of Your ID

In addition to taking pictures of your passport, license, and other VIP travel documents and keeping them on your smartphone, upload them somewhere like Google Drive or Dropbox so you can access them from any computer. Keep your hardcopies in here.

Pick A Color Scheme

Packing light will make transfers that much easier, and choosing a color scheme for the items you’re packing makes it easier to mix and match clothes on the road.

Pack Only Your Beauty Essentials

Leave the rest at home. Planning to purchase any general toiletry items when you reach your destination and bringing with you only the products you really can’t live without will lighten your luggage immensely. For the products you absolutely have to bring, we recommend these travel-size containers.  

Consider Travel Insurance

It’s a pragmatic investment that will help cover any unforeseen expenses that you may encounter. Better safe than sorry.

Bring A Mini Flatiron

There’s no reason to compromise your normal primping just because you’re on the go, but skip the full sized items in exchange for mini versions, which are lighter and easier to stash in your luggage.

Do Your Research

Make sure you research all your destinations thoroughly and pay special attention to crowd-sourced information. The best way to really get a feel for something is reading reviews written by actual travelers that have experienced the location before you.

Bring A Padlock

You never know when you might feel like you want to make sure your belongings are extra secure, or find yourself in a hotel or hostel without a safe. Stash a padlock with you so you’ll always be able to secure your stuff.

Don’t Leave Your Purse Unattended

Never make a powder room run without your purse, no matter how serene your surroundings appear.

Talk To Lots Of People

Getting to know the locals and other travelers can be one of the most enriching experiences when exploring a new place. It’s a great way to meet people and find out insider information about where and when to go to off the radar places.

Bring A Guidebook

Pre-planning is a must. Make sure you have a general idea what your itinerary will be before you arrive at your destination. Take a reliable guidebook and map with you to help you plan out the specifics of your trip. There isn’t a moment to be wasted afterall.