1. Make a Packing List
packing checklist
New to Flight001.com this week is our simple, printable, sortable, save-able, interactive travel checklist. Our crew all agreed that there had to be a better way of making and managing a travel checklist than a Word document. What we ended up with is a single page 4 column checklist that makes adding removing and sorting your checklist items effortless. It's the perfect way to organize your trip, make a list of dream destinations and more. When it comes to list-making the options are endless.
2. Pick Your Suitcase

pick your suitcase

Hard-sided, soft-sided, check-in, carry-on. Visit our baggage claim and pick the right suitcase for the type of trip you're taking.
3. Pack Your Bags

Once you know what you're packing the hard part is figuring out where to put everything. If you're currently throwing everything into a suitcase, it's time to get organized. We've designed 3 seperate bag systems to keep your travels organized. Seatpak: A lightweight durable multi-zip organizer featuring a side loop for hanging on the seat in front of you in-flight, it also makes going through security a breeze. Spacepak is a system of 6 bags, we recommend every traveler packs at least a Clothes bag which allows you to pack up to 2 weeks of clothes and features a clean and laundry side to keep you fresh wherever you go. For everything else, we recommend our versatile mix-and-match packing bags, Go Clean. If you're traveling with a Swimming Suit, many pairs of Shoes, or Misc. Stuff, simply put them in the designated bags.

Watch Seatpak Video  Watch Spacepak Video  Watch Go Clean Video