When was the last time you went on holiday without relying on your smartphone for directions, or posting your latest travel snaps on social media—not to mention sending the occasional work e-mail? With all the distractions of the digital age, vacation isn't always enough of an excuse to power down and truly relax anymore. Sometimes we need complete, uninterrupted digital detox. To inspire you to seek out true, disconnected relaxation on your next trip, we've rounded up the five best places to unplug around the world.

 The Gibbon Experience: Huay Xai, Laos

Become one with nature and hang out in treetops with gibbons and local experts. Originally starting out as a conservation effort for the Bokeo Forest, the Gibbon Experience currently focuses on reforestation and sustainable ecotourism. Soak in the scenic sunsets from your fantastic viewpoint among the treetops or cool off at a freshwater pool or waterfall. And rather than call a friend in one the neighboring tree houses, we recommend zip-lining instead.

Emerald Lake Lodge: Yoho National Park, Canada 

No cell service on property and wifi only available in the main lodge means you can appreciate Mother Nature and all she has to offer by utilizing the resort’s activities: horseback riding, whitewater rafting, gondola rides, skiing, dog sledding, and more.

Camp Grounded: Mendocino, California or Hendersonville, North Carolina

Sleep away camp, arts and crafts, and color wars are for kids, right? Think again. Camp Grounded allows adults to rid themselves of their devices for a weekend and participate in some old-fashioned fun and general stress relief. Best of all, they emphasize creating friendships and memories, while salaries and job titles shall not be named. 

Lizard Island: Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

Only accessible via private charter from Cairns, Lizard Island is the northernmost resort in tropical Queensland. The hotel’s 40 rooms and suites are equipped with the latest tech accessories, but we bet you’ll have little time to indulge since you’ll be exploring the secluded resort’s 24 pristine white sand beaches, or one of the many scuba and snorkel sites along the Great Barrier Reef.

Arawak Beach Inn: The Valley, Anguilla 

The resort's Isolation Vacation package promises exactly that. Overworked and tech-obsessed guests are banned from using the internet, TV, and phones, for seven days and nights of disconnected bliss, forcing them to enjoy the natural wonders surrounding the resort, starting with day trips to uninhabited Caribbean islands, deep sea fishing excursions, and lounging on the white sand beaches on Anguilla's picturesque coast. 


Header image courtesy of lizardisland.com.au