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Whether you’re trying to brush up on your high school Spanish or learn an entirely new language, there are tons of free resources that can help. Forget expensive language programs or classes and check out this list of (totally free) apps andwebsites that will help you prepare to travel the world.


This resource is basically interactive flashcards, backed by cognitive neuroscience. The program is basedon repetition, but adapts to your learning curve to make sure that you will be learning at your optimal pace.The app uses your likelihood of remembering to adjust its level of repetition to ensure it’s working for you.; Free, iOS and Android.



You’ve probably heard of this app, but we just want to emphasize how awesome itis. It’s a totally free way to brush up on many popular languages and is constantlybeing updated to include more. The review is presented like a series of gameswith levels to unlock, making it actually fun and a productive way to procrastinate(or a great in-flight diversion). This resource can be used online or on yourphone, making it even easier fit in study time.; Free, IOS and Android. 

Hindi-Urdu Flagship

This one might be a little bit more obscure, but if you’re planning on traveling toIndia or surrounding areas, this is THE site to know about. From “GlossariesAlive” which go over basic words and phrases, to more advanced “Hindi-UrduVoicemails” for real world practice, this website is the perfect tool if you ever findyourself trying to learn these South Asian tongues.


This resource is cool because it’s formatted like a question and answer forum. It allows you to postquestions and get feedback from native speakers. It’s basically like having a tutor on demand. In addition tolanguage clarifications, you can also post culture questions to further prepare you for your time abroad.; Free, IOS and Android. 


This free app and website offers a host of languages to practice. It has a quizstructure to drill you on common phrases, which are spoken by the app to makesure you get pronunciation down. This resource is also structured like agame—definitely more fun than staring at a grammar book.; Free, IOS and Android. 

BBC Languages

This website offers resources for 41 different languages. After selecting thelanguage you want to review, you are brought to a page with all different kinds ofsupplementary material and links to additional online resources—it’s a greatsource that leads you to even more great ways to practice. There are alsointeractive dramas in French, Spanish, and Italian that can be an interesting anddifferent way to gain experience with the language.


This program offers practice in 12 languages with free registration. The program,like most, offers common phrases with pronunciation, however also has anoption to connect with native speakers over audio/video chat.; Free, IOS and Android.