People have been traveling the world for thousands of years, but how we access and experience new destinations is constantly evolving. Case in point, the six apps listed below. They’re a perfect example of how technology is helping us travel better, faster, further, and more thoroughly than ever. Power on.

At the airport:

JetLag Genie
Don’t let drowsiness derail the first portion of your trip! Plug your usual sleep habits, destination, and flight itinerary into this app days before you depart, and it will formulate a sleep-and-melatonin plan to help your body adjust before you ever arrive. $2.99 for iPhone.

Air Help 
On the off chance that your flight is delayed, overbooked, or canceled, this app will go to bat for you. Passengers may be entitled to compensation in these circumstances, but rarely receive it. Find out for sure whether you’re owed more by submitting your flight details. FREE for iPhone and Android.

Learn the language:

Though we can’t say we endorse its use, we can’t help but be entertained. Select a swear word, and the app will pull an audio clip of it being said in the language of your choice. The one drawback? It’s currently only available for Android. $1.00 for Android.


Even though you can get away with speaking English at many major tourist destinations, your travel experience is almost always richer for at least attempting to learn the language. An incredibly easy way to do so? Download this app, which offers free lessons through your phone. You don’t need an internet connection to use it either, making it perfect for commuting city-dwellers. FREE for iPhone and Android.


Getting around:

For anyone who wrestles with an international-incompatible data plan, this is the app you’ve been dreaming of. It allows you to text and leave voicemails in real time via internet data so you don’t get hit with text and phone charges. FREE for iPhone and Android.

Word Lens 
This app had our entire office hunting through drawers for different pieces of foreign signage. Open the app and hold your phone up to any foreign text, and you’ll see the translation in the viewfinder. This is one you just have to see to believe. FREE for iPhone and Android.