As a group, those of us in the industry tend to travel pretty regularly. As a result, our office is a regular trove of vacation inspiration. Here are some of the stand-outs, according to our resident globetrotters.  

Beirut, Lebanon
“I’m Lebanese, and I wanted to experience the country of my heritage. Everything I had heard about Beirut was true; it really is the Paris of the Middle East!”—Brad

Bali, Indonesia
“It was the first time I truly experienced culture shock and understood what travel was really about. To this day, I vividly recall the beauty, scent of incense, and sounds of that trip."—Hua

Riomaggiore, Italy
“This remote town, built into the cliffs along the Ligurian coastline, has few tourists and affords stunning views in every direction. I spent a weekend sea kayaking, hiking high into the olive groves, and swimming in the crystalline waters.”—Hannah

Tulum, Mexico
"My sister and I got lost wandering down a deserted road and ended up finding the most magical beach."—Ricky

Hamilton Island, Australia
"The Great Barrier Reef was beautiful! We rented a sailboat and sailed around the different islands and got to see beautiful beaches, white sands, crystal water and some amazing sea animals."—Fernanda

Tijuana, Mexico
"The food, music, and people are infectious, making a newcomer feel like a long-lost friend. There's nothing like it."—Alex

Budapest, Hungary
"It was the furthest I had ever been from home. I was terrified of the unfamiliar, but blissfully happy to be lost in such a grand city. The Parliament Building and architecture on the Danube River are some of the most impressive I've ever seen."—Loribeth

Tokyo, Japan
"I will never forget the first day I spent in Tokyo after moving there. I had never seen hills so steep or doorways so small. Everything was physically smaller, but felt so alive."—Kandice

Palau, Micronesia
"Pure natural beauty, unspoiled white sand beaches, some of the best diving in the world, and an amazing meal in the form of my first Napoleon Wrasse [a massive indigenous fish]. Of course, the best memory is still my husband's marriage proposal 14 years ago!"—Rachel