granada, spain

Planning a visit to Granada, the southern Spanish city of Moorish castles and flamenco? Here’s our guide to getting the best from this elegant and culture-rich city.



The Alhambra

The Alhambra is a Moorish Palace that dominates the city and lures travelers from all over the world into its labyrinth of ornate rooms and courtyards. Wear good walking shoes and keep them clean in our Go Clean Shoes bag, while the rest of your clothes, toiletries, and underwear stay fresh and organized in our trio of Alhambra-inspired Spacepak bags.




In Granada, you can see the famous dance performed by local groups in the caves that ring the city. A night out on the town means dressing up. You can be sure to get all your evening wear into our Spanish-themed Sangria Avionette, in an intoxicating color that matches the colors of Spanish wines.


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Tapas & Touring

The streets of Granada are great for exploring. Visit the city’s exquisite cathedral or just wander the narrow streets and check in at trendy tapas bars for refreshment. The removable pouch in our 001 Country Per Year Spain Quart Bag has the flag of Spain emblazoned on it and is perfect for carrying essentials like euros and your phone. Use it as a clutch or stow in your shoulder bag or purse.


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Sunset Instagrams

Mirador San Nicolás is a vantage point where you can take great pictures of the Alhambra and of the Sierra Nevada mountains that fringe the city. Bring a Power Gloss Power Pack with you so you don’t lose your charge at the magic hour—the hour just after sunset when Granada simply glows.


Images of Granada redistributed under the Creative Commons (CC) license courtesy of Julia Kostecka, Kazuhisa Otsubo, Flavio, Jenny Downing, and Rafolas with minor modifications.