1. Airline Pilots and Copilots are required to eat different meals, so in case one gets sick from food poisoning, or any other food-borne illness, the other can take over.
  2. The rear of the plane is the safest; should your flight enounter trouble, passengers sitting in the rear are 40% more likely to fare well.
  3. Because of changes in altitude pressure and dry air, about ⅓ of our tastebuds go numb in the air. No wonder those meals taste so strange (and are so heavily seasoned)!
  4. The white trails plains leave behind (called contrails) are made of water vapor and can be used to predict the weather. A thicker, longer lasting tail might mean stormy weather is ahead, while a trail quick to disappear is a probably predictor of fair weather. Phew!
  5. The world’s busiest airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. (With Dubai’s new Dubai World Central set to soon take over that title.)
  6. Passengers and their luggage account for a mere 10% of the aircrafts sum weight. Fuel is the heaviest thing aboard.
  7. With humidity at just 12%, air on the plane is more arid than most deserts.
  8. Virgin America has no limit on the number of small pets aboard the plane. As long as they remain in their airline-approved travel bags, technically every passenger on the flight could have a pet with them.
  9. The “please wait while we search for deals” delay on most travel-booking sites is a deliberate attempt to make customers feel as if the site is actually search very hard for very good deals. In reality, the results are ready just as soon as a typical Google search.