A. Jet lag may be the most common issue to plague travelers, but anxiety and restlessness may also take a toll. Rather than pop pills that leave you groggy upon arrival, use natural methods to ease your transition.

*Gradually adjust your sleep and mealtime schedules to those of your destination several days beforehand.
*Wear sunglasses in the days leading up to your trip. (Sunlight regulates your circadian clock, so controlling the amount that your eyes are exposed to will help you start your trip with a ‘cleaner circadian slate.’)

*Combat nerves by avoiding caffeine, which can cause jitters.
*Be as organized as possible. You’ll feel calmer knowing that all of your documents are in one place, you have gas in your car, and all of the necessary household appliances are powered down and unplugged.

*If you’re flying later in the day, try to fit in a little exercise in the morning, which will help release energy. Just be sure to cool down slowly and stretch to avoid stiffness later during your flight.
*Don't forget to move around during long flights! Stop worrying about disturbing your neighbor by asking to squeeze by, and take a lap up and down the aisle every hour or so. Not only will it help with restlessness; it combats foot and leg swelling.

The real takeaway? If you find that you need a little extra help with any of the above, just stick with natural remedies. Sprayology Sleep Ease and Travel Ease oral sprays combat sleeplessness, stress, and grogginess with natural ingredients and plant extracts.