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Carry-on luggage size and weight restrictions

Aer Lingus H21.5in x W15.5in x D9.5in   22lbs
Aero Mexico  n/a  45in 22lbs
Alitalia H21.7in x W13.8in x D9.8in    18lbs
Air Asia H22in x W14.2in x D9.1in    15.4lbs
Air Berlin H21.6in x W15.7in x D7.9in   17.6lbs, 
22lbs with a laptop
Air Canada H21.5in x W15.5in x D9in    22lbs
Air France H21.7in x W13.8in x D9.8in   26.5lbs including 
Air India  n/a 45in 17.6lbs
Air New Zealand  n/a  46.5in 15lbs
Alaska H24in x W17in x D10in   n/a
All Nippon Airways (ANA)  n/a 45in   22lbs
Allegiant Air  H22in x W14in x D9in   n/a
American   H22in x W14in x D9in 45in   n/a
Asiana H21.6in x W15.7in x 7.9in   22lbs 
British Airways  H22in x W18in x D10in    50.1lbs
Cathay Pacific  H22in x W14in x D9in     15lbs (economy), 
22lbs (business)
Delta  H22in x W14in x D9in  45in  n/a
Easy Jet H19.7in x W15.7in x D7.9in    n/a
Egypt AIR H22in x W17.7in x D9.8in   n/a 
EL AL Isreal H22in x W18in x D10in    17lbs (economy) 
44lbs (business)
Emirates  H22in x W15in x D8in    15lbs (economy) 
26lbs (business)
Ethiopian Airlines  n/a  45in  15lbs (economy) 
35lbs (business)
Etihad Airways n/a   44in 15lbs (economy) 
26lbs (business)
EVA AIR H22in x W14in x D9in   45in 15lbs
Finnair  H22in x W18in x D10in   17lbs (economy) 
22lbs (business)
Frontier  H24in x W15.5in x D9.5in   35lbs 
Hawaiian   H22in x W14in x D9in 45in   25lbs
Iberia  H22in x W17.7in x D9.8in   n/a 
IcelandAIR  n/a   45in 22lbs (economy) 
44lbs (business)
Japan Airlines (JAL)  H22in x W16in x D10in   45in  22lbs
JetBlue Airbus:
Kenya Airway   H21.7in x W15in x D7.9in   22lbs 
KLM  H21.5in x W13.5in x D10in    26lbs (economy) 
40lbs (business)
Korean Air H21.7in x W15in x D7.9in  45in   26lbs (economy) 
40lbs (business)
LAN   H21.7in x W13.7in x D9.8in   17lbs (economy) 
35lbs (business)
Lot Polish Airlines  H21.7in x W15in x D7.9in    17lbs (economy) 
40lbs (business)
Lufthansa  H21.7in x W15in x D7.9in     17lbs
Malaysia Airlines  n/a  45in  50lbs (economy) 
70lbs (business)
Qantas n/a   45in  15lbs
Qatar Airways   H20in x W15in x D10in    33lbs
Royal Air Maroc  n/a 45in   22lbs
Ryan Air H21.7in x W15.7in x D7.9in   22lbs 
SAS  H22in x W16in x D9in    18lbs
Singapore Airlines n/a   45in  15lbs
South African Airways  n/a  45in  18lbs
Southwest  H24in x W16in x D10in    n/a
Spirit   H22in x W18in x D10in   n/a 
Swiss Air H21.7in x W15.7in x D9in    18lbs
TAM H22in x W16in x D8in   10lbs 
TAP Portugal  n/a  45in  17lbs (economy) 
35lbs (business)
Thai Airways  H22in x W18in x D10in   15lbs 
Turkish Airlines H21.7in x W15.7in x D9in    18lbs 
United  H22in x W14in x D9in  45in n/a
US Airways  H22in x W14in x D9in  45in  40lbs
Virgin America  n/a   50in n/a
Virgin Atlantic  H22in x W14in x D9in   22lbs (economy) 
26lbs (upper) 
WestJet H21in x x D9in    n/a