fathers day


The countdown is on—13 days left to go! But if you’re still trying to come up with the perfect agenda, fear not. We’ve come up with ideas to suit every type of dad, from where you should take him to what gifts to buy. Simple, right? Our work here—and, more importantly, yours—is done.

The Adventurer

Do this: Go bouldering
Seek out an outdoor bouldering center or rock climbing wall—most cities have at least one of the two. Why? It’s active and provides good practice for some less-local climbing trips.

Eat this: Bison burgers
You’ll need protein to fuel all of that rappelling, and bison is a great, lean source of it. This increasingly popular burger choice is also earthy and outdoorsy enough to fit with the day’s theme.

Send him to: Costa Rica
The country is a hotbed of natural activity: water sports, hiking, biking, mountains, and more. Whatever he’s into, he’ll be able to find it.

Give this: 


The Culture Enthusiast

Do this: Check out an outdoor sculpture garden
After a winter of indoor attractions, take advantage of the gorgeous weather while you take in some equally gorgeous art. Bonus points if you do your research and come prepared with a few facts about what you’ll be viewing!

Eat this: Thai
Light and refreshing, Thai food is perfect for the warmer months. The characteristic flavors are as rich and interesting as other international cuisines, but there are plenty of chilled options to stave off summer heat.

Send him to: Athens
Its blend of history, art, literature, and mythology makes this ancient city ideal for culture junkies. He’ll be able to immerse himself in Western culture right where it began!

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The Athlete

Do this: Organize a football or ultimate Frisbee game in the park.
Keep it small, or invite some of his buddies and their kids to play, too. Games like football and Frisbee require minimal supplies and (in certain cases) a little less skill.

Eat this: BBQ
Grill in the park post-game or fire up the Weber at home. Make it easy: toss on some vegetables and corn along with the chicken and steak for a complete, grill-based feast!

Send him to: London
The city boasts some of the world’s biggest soccer fans. He’ll be able to catch a Manchester match, check out cricket, and grab a pint with other sports enthusiasts.

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The Techie

Do this: Hit the nearest science museum
This is a guy who appreciates how things work. Indulge his taste for tech by taking him to a science museum. That way, he can better understand how all of his gadgets function.

Eat this: Check out a molecular gastronomy restaurant
Chemistry has officially made the leap from the lab to the kitchen. Take him to one of the many restaurants that are starting to experiment with foams, emulsions, and more. He’ll eat it up.

Send him to: Stockholm
The efficiency and artful order of this city will appeal to him. Plus, Scandinavian countries are behind some of the most forward-thinking design companies in the world.

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