Things to take on your trip to Cap d'Antibes:

Baggu Weekender   Vinni Wine   Lift for Baggage Eye Mask  

Baggu Weekender
In France, even your tote
should be chic. 


Vinni Wine Bag
Vinni is engineered for temperature
and altitude fluctuations.

  F1 Eye Mask
Hide your hangover under here
during the flight home.

Spacepak   Bonjour   F1 Leather Coin  
Spacepak Set
You're traveling to France,
you'll want to pack plenty
of wardrobe options.

  Bonjour Luggage Tag
You're going to be speaking
the local tongue ––
shouldn't your bag, too?

  F1 Leather  Coin Pouch
You'll need a place to stash
all those Euro coins.