As a savvy traveler, you want your style on the road to say "I've been here before," not "Where's the nearest train station?" But how do you achieve the right look for a particular city? Try using the culture or landscape of the destination as your muse. We uncovered major inspiration in Iceland, Australia, Costa Rica, and South Africa to create these travel-ready looks perfect for your next getaway.


RVK, Iceland

Expect your days here to be filled with outdoor adventure surrounded by epic landscape and your nights to be long—whether they're spent drinking with locals, or taking in natural wonders like the Aurora Borealis (you have until mid April!). When we think of Iceland we picture the Blue Lagoon and snow-capped mountains at every turn. What does that mean for your travel wardrobe? Shades of blue, white, and frosty silver, of course.

1. Flight 001 Aeroline Zip Document Holder, $30
2. Baggu Pouch, $12
3. 21" Rimowa Topas Multiwheel Cabin Trolley, $980
4. Flight 001 Spacepak Clothes, $46
5. Baggu Backpack, $38

RVK Iceland


CPT, South Africa

Street style in the Mother City is all about a neutral palette accented by vibrant pops of color. And whether you're planning to hike Table Mountain, browse the speciality boutiques at Neighbourgoods Market, or snap photos of every local bottle of wine you encounter, your travel wardrobe needs to be ready for all sorts of activities. That means a durable city tote for shopping, a versatile travel bag for day trips out of the city center—and plenty of backup power for your iPhone and camera. Pack everyting into a colorful, lightweight suitcase, and you’re all set for your trip.

1. Flight 001 Go Clean Boots 
2. Baggu Leopard Tote, $10
3. Slim Sonic Toothbrush, $16
4. Cheero Mobile Backup Battery, $80
5. Flight 001 Avionette Carry-On, $195
6. Martin Travel Bag, $90

cape town


SYD, Australia

With 236 days of sunshine and a pervading coastal cool energy, it's no wonder Sydneysiders always seem so stoked. Touchdown  in style with a nautical steamer trunk, and channel the city's beachy vibe with a sunny day bag, perfect for café hopping in search of the city's best flat white. Don't forget plenty of sunscreen for days spent surfing at Bondi Beach, and a 4-in-1 adapter so you're ready to capture plenty of Instagram-worthy photos as the sun sets behind the iconic Opera House

1. Luxe Guide, Sydney, $11.99 
2. Orla Kiely Punched Stem Handbag, $138 
3. 4-In-1 Travel Adapter, $25 
4. Miists Pocket Essentials SPF 50 Sunscreen, $4
5. Steamline Entrepreneur Carry-On, $360



SJO, Costa Rica

Known for its astonishing biodiversity, Costa Rica is the place to go if you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature. Here, you’ll spend your days hiking through living forests, taking in the country’s splendid biodiversity, and lounging at pristine tropical beaches. You need to pack strategically for a trip that combines so many different activities: we’re talking a suitcase as vibrant as the destination itself, a sensible backpack for adventure-filled day trips, wet bags for damp clothes and bathing suits—and plenty of bug spray.

1. Ben's Bug Spray, $7
2. Flight 001 Go Clean Wet Suit Bag, $18
3. 28" Lipault Paris Trolley, $259
4. Flight 001 Seat Pak, $28
5.Orla Kiely Stem Backpack, $188
6. 36 Hours, Latin America & the Caribbean, $29.99

costa rica