Look, we love those complimentary Biscoff wafers as much as the next frequent flyer, but eat enough of them and pretty soon you may have trouble securely fastening your seat belt. You’re already packing a suitcase—why not throw in a few snacks to tide you over? Here are a few of our favorite light, in-flight picks.  

POWER ON Fend off midair hunger with protein-rich picks such as hard-boiled eggs, nuts, peanut butter, or fruit-and-nut bars. It takes your body longer to digest protein, so you’ll stay full longer.  

THAT’S A WRAP Roll-ups rank high on the convenience index, but the ones sold in terminal kiosks are often loaded with calories. Take a few minutes to stuff a whole grain tortilla with turkey breast, hummus or red pepper spread, and plenty of fresh veggies to save a ton of calories and a bit of cash.  

SWEETEN THE DEAL Fresh fruit is a hydrating, fiber-rich option, but choose wisely. Either opt for juice-less varieties such as bananas, berries, or grapes, or remember to pack plenty of napkins!  

SAY CHEESE Sliced cheese and multigrain crackers pack a one-two punch of protein and fiber. This hunger-quashing, not-quite-a-meal combo is perfect for transitioning between time zones.  

MIX IT UP Need a boost hiking up that tarmac? Snag some trail mix. Either make your own—we like the antioxidant-charged combo of goji berries, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, and almonds—or snag a pre-mixed variety. (Sahale Snacks makes some truly delish, single-serve varieties.)  

GO GREEN All that altitude can sap your skin’s moisture. Fight back with fresh veggies such as celery, green beans, and carrots, which all contain plenty of water content. Dress them up with a side of light Ranch, tzatziki sauce, or nut butter.