How To Improve Your Inflight Experience

  1. Fashion designer Julie Chaiken spritzes a mist of lavender room fragrance on her seat before takeoff, to get rid of the musty scent of the over-used airplane upholstery. We recommend T Spheres aromatherapy essential oil-infused massage balls. These perfectly weighted, double-purified rubber balls are available in two fragrances: Peace & Quiet (lavender), and Pep Up (peppermint). Place them between your aching back and the your plane seat, roll them beneath sore feet, or invent your own use for these sweet-smelling mini massagers.
  2. If you tend to run cold, you’re probably used to packing an extra sweater or warm jacket in your carry-on. That’s fine. But why not pack what you really want: a cozy, body-covering blanket. Our Flight 001 Travel Emergency Blanket is ultra-soft and lightweight, plus it comes its own jersey zip pouch. Warm enough and ready for a nap? Simply fold up your blanket and place it in its pouch. Boom. Instant travel pillow.
  3. Cabin air can be very drying. Rather than slathering on extra moisturizer, which could result in clogged pores or mess with your makeup routine, give you skin what it really thirsts for: H2O. Uncle Harry’s Natural Rose Water Spray is a refreshing spray that restores your skin’s natural hydration with reverse osmosis water. The delicate fragrance of rose oil essence will make you feel like you’re in a spa in the clouds.  
  4. Even on the best airline, with the most well-stocked bar of mini liquor bottles, you’re going to be paying way more than anyone ought to for a shot so small. And who doesn’t love a little 30,000 foot cocktail? Izola’s 3oz flask is the perfect solution; pour 3 ounces of your favorite liquor in the stylish round chamber and get it through the TSA no problem.