Jay Rob –– or, as he's known to his fans, followers and flyers, A Fly Guy –– is a first class flight attendant on the A380 for a Middle Eastern luxury airline, and the proprietor of internationalflyguy.com, a blog all about his work and travels. Jay knows that one thing a flight attendant never leaves home (or the skies) without is his crew carry-on bag –– or as Jay calls it, his “bedside table in the sky.” Lucky for us, Jay has been kind enough to allow us a peek inside his bag of tricks. Pay attention! Inside is everything you’ll need to look as fresh faced as Jay upon arrival.

Inside a Flight Attendant's Carry-On
Below, in his own words, Jay unpacks his carry-on and explains the what and why of it all...
  1. Airline issued cabin bag: It’s a uniform requirement that it must be kept as-is, with only a company-authorized bag tag on the outside.
  2. My natural first aid kit: Inside I keep all sorts of natural cures. I try to avoid chemical remedies at all cost.
  3. Inflight essentials: Spirulina powder, vitamin C, 1-Above flight drink (a jetleg remedy), Soapstix, Egyptian Magic all-purpose hand cream.
  4. SLR Camera: Since I’m A Fly Guy, I must capture all my journeys to share.
  5. Health documents, flight license and passport:These are checked before every flight and if one is missing I don’t fly.
  6. Men’s Gucci wallet: With all the different currencies I collect, I needed a wallet big enough to hold the collection – and you must own at least one luxury brand item as an international steward.
  7. Notepad and pen: I get a lot of blog ideas up in the sky, so I keep a pen and pad handy to write them down.
  8. To-go order menu: China is the country I have the hardest time finding food that agrees with my diet. This is a menu for a restaurant that delivers healthy veggie options right to my hotel room.
  9. Arts and crafts kit: The airline I work for puts a lot of emphasis on our young travelers. While they provide toys and activity books, I bring my own stickers, tattoos and little gifts for the kids I like. (There’s also a cake decorating tool in there for the honeymoon surprises!)
  10. Service and grooming manuals: I carry three guides. One for all classes of service, one for first class service only and my grooming bible that’s 45 pages of what and what not to wear while on duty.
  11. Reading material: I’m not allowed to read non company-issued material while on duty, so on my layovers I read travel guidebooks and travel magazines as well as my daily scripture verses.
  12. Fruit and nut bars: These are for when I get hungry in the middle of the night on a layover. When you travel you should always keep a few of these in your bag. You never know when you might get your next meal.
  13. Clip-on flashlights: These come in handy when I have duty free on night flights. Just attach to the cart and go. Always smart to keep a small flashlight handy when on the go. Never know when you might need a light to search for something in your bag or on the plane.
  14. Change bags: I keep all my leftover allowance money in separate bags so when I return to that country I’m ready to spend.
  15. Subway passes: NYC gets its own holder as it’s my most used metro system. Subway passes save you money and are your friend. Don’t let the maps scare you. Metros are fun and easy to navigate once you get the hang of them and they save you loads of money.
  16. Quick shoe shine applicator
  17. iPad and phones: I have three phones in my bag. My favorite, the S4, is my home phone. Then there is my US phone and my Europe cell.
  18. Supply of Burt’s Bees lip balm: Easily the favorite lip balm among cabin crew. It’s the only balm that protects my lips for chapping in flight. So good American Airlines even used to offer this in their kit bags.
  19. Chargers: For me and my passengers. They’re always asking to use one so I try to keep several ready.
  20. iPod and earbuds: Uniform standards dictate this is the only style we are allowed to wear when suited up.
  21. Odds and ends: Lock for the bag, house keys, access control for company website, and an extra pen.
  22. Not Pictured: Uniform waistcoat, laptop, and Frank’s Hot Sauce.

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Republished with permission from internationalflyguy.com