No matter how stellar your hotel’s housekeeping staff, there are certain circumstances beyond control—yours or theirs. To ensure an orderly, sanitary trip from outgoing take-off to return landing, you need a highly trained, round-the-clock team…or Murchison-Hume’s miraculous travel essentials kit. Each product addresses a specific concern, so it's able to mitigate a disaster of any sort. Allow us to walk you through a few scenarios.

You’re en route to your first vacation in three years—two weeks in Costa del Sol—and the guy next to you is feverish and uncontrollably coughing all over your airplane row.

THE CLEANING SOLUTION: Fortunately, the Travel Safe spray is suitable for all surfaces, and it puts the kibosh on germs so you’ll always arrive at your destination in good health.

You’re traveling on business and you’re headed to a meeting straight from the airport. Thanks to an unexpected bump at an inopportune moment, the front of your shirt is now dotted with coffee stains.

THE CLEANING SOLUTION: Not only does Garment Groom remove stains, but it also eliminates odors. That means you’ll arrive looking refreshed and professional, not like a walking, breathing Dunkin’ Donuts countertop.

As you’re waiting at the baggage claim, an errant Smartcart runs over your foot. Sore toes aside, your shoes are now sporting a giant, unsightly scuff.

THE CLEANING SOLUTION: Bag Butler cleans and polishes leather, so you’re easily able to buff out scratches and restore shine.

The airplane bathroom is out of soap. You forgot to send an article of clothing down to laundry. Your travel companions hogged the toiletries and now there’s no shampoo, soap, or face wash left over for you.

THE CLEANING SOLUTION: Everything Soap washes just that: everything. It’ll do the trick in a pinch for hair, skin, hands, clothes, and just about anything else you could need to clean.