Flight 001 Operations Director Hua let’s us in on his packing techniques, airport stress-saving strategies, and favorite foods on his long weekend to the Big Easy. Check out how he uses Flight 001 Jetmor Carry-On to keep his trip cool, calm, and collected. 


Packing Style: Less is More

Q: Favorite Luggage. Two Wheel or not Two Wheel?
A: Personally? Two wheel all day, everyday! That’s why I love traveling with my Jetmor Carry-On. Having extra luggage space is really important to me when I travel. Also, there’s something really sexy about two wheel luggage.

Q: What are you bringing with you?
1 Pair ofJeans
4 Shirts
1 Button Down Shirt
1 Polo Shirt
1 Pair of Shoes
On short trips I always use Spacepak Weekend Clothes. It’s great because I have more space to bring back more of all the useless souvenirs that my wife loves oh so much.

Q: What’s your secret weapon when packing for a weekend trip? 

A: Two words: Boat Shoes. During the summer you can’t go wrong with these. They’re comfortable and light like a sneaker but it can also pass for dinner wear when there’s a dress code.      

Q: Any tips for carrying your toiletries?
A:  I like to use something stylish that also passes TSA standards like my Aeronaut Quart Bag. Just because it’s holding your toothbrush doesn’t mean it can’t look good. 

Airport Strategies: Comfort is King

  Q: Let’s talk about in-flight Comfort? What do you bring on the plane?
A:  As long as I have my hoodie, sunglasses, iPhone, earbuds, and comfortable pair sneakers I’m good to go. I don’t need much, but what I do need, is to be comfortable.  

Q: Are you as laid back about getting to the airport on time?
A: Haha. No, I show up 90 minutes before boarding. Always. You never know what’s going to happen. I’m very strict about this. 

 Q: Any tips for breezing through security?
A: Be aware. Don’t get in line behind huge families, slow movers, or novice travelers. If you do, you’re going to wait longer every single time.  



The Big Easy: Delicious and, well, Easy

Q: Surprise of the trip?
A: Southern hospitality is REAL! I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was. Also, I didn’t even know how much I love jazz. The musicians there are second to none.  

Q: Most memorable moments?
A: The food! I ate A LOT, at least 5-6 meals a day. Commander’s Palace (you have to try the Pecan Crusted Gulf Fish!) and Cochon were my favorite meals. I was afraid Café de Monde and Acme Oysters was going to be overrated but they definitely lived up to the hype.  

Q: What piece of New Orleans do you wish you could bring back with you?
A: Go-Cups! There’s nothing like walking into a bar, walking out with a drink, and hitting the streets.  

Q: Finally, where are you traveling to next?  
A: Thailand! I have a lot more eating to do.