Tips for having a good time in Paris, whether you are lucky in love or looking for it.

"Sometimes companions get in the way"
Tips from Herb Lester's It's nice to be alone in Paris

Tip # 5: Deyrolle
Walk through one of the loveliest gardening shops imaginable. Thousands of species are displayed here: big cats, zebras, gazelles, insects, and much more.

Tip #24: Butte Bergeyre
Three different staircases and a single winding road for card lead up to this quiet, out-of-the-way residential neighbourhood, which sits on a hill hovering paris.

"Pleasure in its varies forms, gastronomic, aesthetic, romantic."
Tips from Herb Lester's Paris for the pleasure-seekers

Tip # 5: Musé de la Vie Romantique
The museum in dedication to an old-fashiones vision of romance: the rooms, with their fabric wall-coverings – one even had lace trimming – contain portraits, marble bustsm ornate antique furniture and cases displaying love letters, books, rings, fob watches and lockets encasing curls of hair. 

Tip #21: Fifi Chachni
Idling demurely in a courtyard off swanky Rue Saint-Honoré, this lingerie shop is pink, frilly and, yes, a little saucy, but with a knowing wink rather than a pole-dancer's leer.