One of the many perks of summertime is an abundance of outdoor concerts, festivals, and events. But as idyllic as whiling away your days may sound, it takes a bit of forethought to do it right. Heading to Rock en Seine, Melt Festival, or Benicassim this summer? Here are the staples you’ll need to make the great outdoors…well, great.

1. This colorful, Baggu drawstring pack will securely contain your belongings, and the double-strap makes it easy to carry.

2. Even the most hygienic of humans start to smell gamey in the heat. Pack a few of these fragrant, alcohol-free wipes from You Smell to stave off stench. They’re made with aloe, too, so they won’t irritate skin, even with regular use.

3. No glass containers allowed? No problem. A stylish Izola stainless steel flask allows for some light libations, no rule breaking required.

4. Ensure you’ll stay hydrated no matter what the local language is with this bottle. It lists how to say ‘water’ in 13 languages, so you’ll never go thirsty.

5. Miist makes a variety of sprays, from glasses cleaner, to bug spray, to sunscreen. This ultra-portable, .33-ounce containers won’t take up too much room in your bag or weigh you down.

6. Different environmental allergens are active at different times in the summer, so it’s not a bad idea to come prepared with allergy meds. And all that time in the bright sun can trigger headaches, so pack a couple of Advil while you’re at it.

All packed up and ready to hit the festival scene? Check the bottom of the page for a full rundown of the summer's best concerts around the world.


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