Forget simply turning off your electronics for takeoff. There are more tricks to successfully navigating your favorite tools on the go. Here’s how we like to stay wired.

Rule #1: Cords should always be contained.
For as stylish, slim, and sleek as our devices are, no company has ever managed to create an equally chic cord to power them. Do damage control with this strappy iPhone cover, which holds everything in place. Not only will it look neater and keep them from getting tangled in your bag; you’ll also be less likely to forget that USB cord or set of earbuds in a hotel room. 

Rule #2: Tech doesn’t mean sacrificing style.
This simple clutch gives new meaning to ‘the power of the purse.’ A bag and charger all in one, it allows you to keep your phone powered while on the go and looking great! 

Rule #3: The only batteries you should worry about recharging are your own.
As convenient as our devices are, they’re often responsible for much of our day-to-day stress—the same stress we combat with travel. So the last thing you should be doing on your trip is stressing even more about keeping them turned on! Try our Power Card or Bookmark backup batteries, or go solar

Rule #4: Be adaptable.
…and that means bringing the right adapter every time you travel. The good news? Pick up our 4-in-1 Adapter, and your mission is automatically complete—the color-coded, interlocking parts can be reconfigured to work all over the world. 

Rule #5: When the engagement is important, never trust the ‘Wake Up Call.’
No matter how earth-shatteringly incredible your hotel is, no one will care that the towels smell like lilies or the breakfast spread is flown in from Paris if you oversleep and miss the wedding ceremony. The bottom line: bring an alarm clock