For quick turnaround trips, like Thanksgiving Weekend, knowing just how much (or how little) to pack is key. You might find yourself wondering whether to bring a large weekender bag or a small carry-on suitcase. Or both! Of course, everyone’s needs are different. But if you’re traveling home for Thanksgiving and looking for a little guidance, consider the following...

  1. Thanksgiving Weekend trips generally span about four nights and five days, including travel time. Which means, unless you have a majorly packed social calendar, you should only need at most four different outfits. Lucky for you, Spacepak Weekend has arrived. With compression bags for both underwear and clothing, downsized from the originals for the ideal weekend-size, Spacepak Weekend is the perfect set for a short trip.
  2. With that in mind: plan your outfits in advance. If you can account for each day’s wardrobe in advance, you’ll be able to cut down on all the last-minute, impulse add-ons. No, you probably won’t wear that third skirt. Yes, that tie will be fine for both dinners. One comfortable outfit for both your outbound and return flights is more than acceptable, it’s suggested.
  3. Leave your laptop at home. Yes, even if it is a MacBook Air. If you have an iPad, bring that. Very little business requiring of a full keyboard and detached mouse (or attached trackpad) will be taking place over Thanksgiving Weekend. You’ll likely be just fine using your iPhone or iPad. Not only will this cut down on the weight of what you carry, it will also feel just lovely to disconnect (while simultaneously knowing you have not entirely disconnected).
  4. Your best bet is probably a small carry-on case. You’ll be able to fit Spacepak Weekend and a couple pairs of shoes (all you’ll need), plus room for toiletries and any little extras you plan to bring along (like a blow dryer or a book). If, instead, you opt to bring a large weekender or duffel (perhaps you aren’t traveling very far), look for something with pockets and wheels.