Thanksgiving Weekend travel was just a test, but congratulations: you passed. You survived. Now all you have to do is make it through the next three-ish weeks of Holiday Travel Terror. And it is a terror, isn’t it? Screaming babies bundled in goose down onesies. Cranky crowds and rowdy college co-eds clogging up the airports at every turn. Alright, enough!

Here, without further ado, are our recommendations for surviving the holiday season, from flight to feast.

There is nothing worse than lost luggage. But lost luggage with presents inside? Christmas is ruined. While GPS items like Trackdot and Tile promise to track your bag, they are also pricey (and sold out, at this writing). A quick bag-tracking hack is to use an old iPhone (at this point we all know someone with an old one, if not ourselves) and activate it temporarily for the Find My iPhone feature. Your bags probably won’t be lost and all will be fine. But do you really want to risk it?

Gogo Wifi is unreliable and expensive, and not all airlines have personal television sets (like Virgin and Jetblue do). To stave off boredom, download a few good books, movies or seasons of your favorite television series to your tablet device. We receommend "Sidewalls,"  a film about two young adults living in Buenos Aires.  If you aren't headed to Buenos Aires on your curent flight, you'll wish you were, just from watching it. 

Get yourself a small flask, small enough to fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. Fill it with liquor, or whatever your fancy. Sip at regular intervals, in the sky or at the family dinner table.


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Destination Cocktails Book


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Salut Flask

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