tokyo store opening

Flight 001 is SUPER excited to announce the latest advancement in our global expansion: TOKYO!

The name Flight 001 was inspired by PAN AM Flight 001, which for almost 40 years was the world's only continuous transcontinental flight. It ruled all westbound air travel with a flight that originated in San Francisco and made stops in Honolulu, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Beirut, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London, and finally landed in New York, 48 hours after takeoff.

Well, we're charting our own course for Flight 001 and adding TOKYO to our retail store itinerary.   

Flight 001 Tokyo opens today in the famous Harajuku shopping district, our first free-standing store in the region, and our 21st store worldwide

We want to thank all of our passengers, frequent flyers, and fans. We couldn’t have built any of this without you and your support!  

P 03-3486-7001
11am - 8pm daily