Ninety-two percent of us will vacation with our families this year, according to a new TripAdvisor survey. And for many of us, that involves traveling with kids. Cue the chorus of ‘Are we there yet,’ right? Wrong! Rather than dread the experience, use these simple tactics to turn it around.

1. Embrace minimalism.
According to the survey, the number one annoyance on family trips is lugging extra gear. When you’re packing, leave out anything you aren’t sure you’ll need, and make the most of the space you do have with Spacepak.

2. Carry-on entertainment.
The standard assortment of books, puzzles, and coloring books is fine, but up the ante with truly hands-on travel essentials. Our DIY pouches and Flight Libs collection are designed for decorating, making them a perfect source of in-flight amusement.

3. Pack it in.
Colorful, stackable Cargo is the ideal travel companion for kids. Its bright colors make it easy to spot on the carousel, and each child can choose his or her own color for easy identification. Plus, these durable hard cases are designed to stack, so the whole set compactly stows away in a hotel room closet.

4. Snacks are not where you should cut corners.
Listen up, parents: banking on the in-flight pretzels is a rookie mistake. Flights are sometimes delayed, they could be out of your child’s favorite crackers, and sometimes an eighth of a cup of peanuts just won’t cut it! Do everyone a favor and come prepared.

5. Clean up your act.
Kids are not naturally neat. And parents are not generally relaxed when they’re worried about keeping rental cars and hotel rooms free of stains, sand, and dirt. Toss a few Go Clean sacks in your suitcase to keep everything from wet swimsuits to muddy shoes contained.

6. Keep everything within arm’s reach.
No matter how prepared you are, all of these snacks and activities won’t do much good if they’re buried somewhere in the overhead compartment. Have your kids fill their own Seatpak with everything they’ll want during the flight.