Whether you are booked to stay at an airport hotel or an Airbnb, photos don't always give the full picture of what to expect. Here are our picks to make your roach motel room feel like a spa suite. 

  Papier D'amenie Room Deodorizer Kit   Travel Humidifier  

Papier D'Arme'nie Room Deodrizer Kit neutralizes unexpected hotel room odors. 


The Jerry Travel Humidifier keeps your dry hotel room at a pleasant humidity.



  Hollybeth Organics Travel Set   Dr. Sponge Charcoal  

Don't count on your hotels' bathroom amenities, travels et from HollyBeth Organics has everything you need for cleansing and moisturising. 



Dr. Sponge's gentle, Charcoal Sponge draws out toxins and dirt from skin and dries quickly, making it easy to travel with.