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F1 Spacepak Shoes Green


Shoes are always the most difficult items to pack. Even when clean, they’re dirty. And they are always such odd shapes. Spacepak Shoes contains your kicks (and protects clothes from dirty soles) in one easy-to-pack zippered box-bag. Overpackers, rejoice! Used together with the rest of the Spacepak System, Spacepak Shoes will maximize luggage space. Learn more about Spacepak

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps dirty sneakers away from clean clothes, even when turbulence jostles the contents of your bag 
  • Fits 1-2 pairs of shoes (depending on size and style) 
  • One-way metal rivets allow for air compression
  • Weighs 6.7 ounces
  • Fits up to men's size 12 shoe.
  • Hand wash or machine wash on cold, then air dry. Graphics may wear over time with each wash.


5.5" x 13" x 5.375"




Flight 001

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fits more than I expected

Review by Regina Gross
Posted on 8/28/2017

On a recent trip, I managed to fit: strappy platform sandals, Birkenstock sandals, and two pairs of foldable ballet flats.


Review by Tiffany
Posted on 1/13/2017

I bought these for my Mum who prefers these over the individual bags. She loves that you can pack them in easily with the other space packs in the set. She was a little disappointed that her higher shoes (chelsea style boots) did not quite fit in with complete coverage, but I suggested to her that she bought the individual "heel" bags for this purpose but she just prefers these! Great quality, colour and love the they fit into the set.

Keep dirty shoes, clean

Review by windycityf
Posted on 12/23/2014

I love that this keep my dirty shoes from touching my clothes. plus it keeps my suitcase organized and its easy to notice if something is missing

great product

Review by James Clifton
Posted on 9/22/2014

great product


Review by JA
Posted on 1/7/2014

While this doesn't necessarily compress shoes, it forces you to have space for them, and also (at least for me), it doubled as a place to store my emergency first aid kit, extra money, spare valuables when not in use, space for souvenirs, etc. Pretty handy little bag for people on the go.


Review by Abuelinho
Posted on 10/15/2012

The pack system really works. When I travel with job colleagues they can't believe the small size of my luggage with clothes for more than 2 weeks.