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Passenger Reviews

F1 T5 Jewelry Box review by Rachel
Stylish and Functional
This jewelry box is small but holds a lot! I love the simple and elegant design with the vegan leather. The outside casing is hard so you know that none of your jewelry will get squished or deformed. The inside is super soft and has different compartments for your pieces. I used this recently on my trip to the UK and brought 3 rings, 3 watches, my fitbit bracelet, and 4 pairs of earrings. There was still A TON of room left for lots more. I really like the snap enclosure piece at the top for earrings, I felt piece of mind that the earring backs would not get lost, and it's also a really cute way to display them. I highly recommend this for short or long trips. It barely takes up any space and allows you to comfortably travel with your favorite pieces.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag review by Mary
Excellent product
Went overseas on vacation. This bag held all the items we needed for the trip. No problems whatever going through security. Used the bag in the hotel bathroom to hold our toiletries after use each day.
Thumbs up
I had little kids giggling around me, and my peers asking where I got this. Best Luggage tag ever.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry review by Brittany
Best Cosmetic Travel Case Ever
This is, hands down, one of the best travel accessories we have purchased. It hold everything, folds down into a neat package, which you can easily fit into your suitcase or your carry on bag for easy take our at TSA if needed. It has a little handle on top for easy grab and hangs anywhere in your hotel to make packing up to go home so much easier. The box shape allows for perfect storage in your suitcase and the designs are super cute. The fabric is also great. It's a waterproof fabric that won't leak and comes with a little pouch to store it in between trips. It's totally perfect. I've tried a lot of travel products and would only re-buy or recommend a handful of them, and this is one of them. This is a must-buy!
Perfect Bag!
Loved the carry on bag so much, I ordered this one too. Sturdy, not flimsy like other clear bags. It has a wide bottom so it stands up. Super convenient and I love the attention to detail like the blue zipper pull.
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Sherry
The most perfect clear TSA bag ever!
Love love this bag. No more flimsy bags for me! This one is super cute and sturdy. Has a wide bottom to stand upright and the top is as wide as the bottom -- meaning there is extra space for all your goodies! I loved it so much, I ordered the larger one for checked baggage as well!
F1 Orange Italy Adapter review by Sherry
Loved it!
Bought it for my first trip to Italy. Love the bright orbage color -- easily found in my bag and bright enough in a room to remember to grab it when I left. Worked perfectly in Italy -- Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast.
F1 Aeroline Passport Case review by Sherry
Good but needs an elastic band for closure
It's super cute, fun colors, and I utilized the compartments for my boarding pass and bus tickets. On the downside, I had to use a rubber band to keep it closed.
F1 Spacepak Clothes review by Barbara
Fabulous !!!
Packing is so much simpler - everything stays organized which is less stressful when traveling -- easier to find my items without pulling my suitcase apart ,.. giving these as gifts as well!
F1 Air Supplies Inflatable Hanger review by suzannne gouvernet
inflatable hanger
The only one I've had that stays inflated and provides enough support.
Love it
Not only is this functional in the best sense of the word but it's so so unique i have had many people compliment me on it and asked where i got it
F1 Spacepak Clothes Stripes Ocean review by Sum Yung Guy
Just what I was looking for.
Such a great idea. Fit more into your carry-on by buying more stuff to put in your carry-on. I'm perplexed.
Definitely worked for South Africa
This definitely worked to charge my iPhone in South Africa
F1 Stowaway Toiletry Case review by Alfonso
Great Converters
These converters are very simple to use and they are incredibly useful while traveling overseas. The colors make it very simple to determine which one to use. I would highly recommend these converters to anyone travelling internationally.
This is an ingeniously versatile device. One package that fits neatly together and covers me no matter where in the world my travels take me? And it looks good too? Awesome :)

This was a gift to me. I loved it so much that now I am also gifting it to my friends who travel internationally for work. It's been a hit with them too.
F1 TXL Messenger Khaki review by melissa
great work bag
i love this bag! i only wish it had come in a different color.
F1 Stowaway Backpack Teal/Black review by MarcoPolo
Great gym bag
It's a very light and really thoughtfully designed bag. It's surprisingly inexpensive for its quality design. I love the separate pocket for gym shoes (I also use this to sneak in food/drinks to movie theaters, concerts, sporting events) and the laptop slit so I can easily take out my laptop when going through airport security. While it's not as stylish (wish it were one color rather than two - this makes it more sporty rather than slick), I prefer this over to the more expensive backpack options at Dagne Dover and MZ Wallace. It's lighter than the Dagne Dover neoprene (which is surprisingly heavy) and more functional than the MZ Wallace (their option doesn't have a laptop sleeve). It's perfect as a gym backpack and occasional travel.
F1 T5 Pill Case Noche review by atuck
Looks even cuter in person
It's super cute and sturdy in person and is able to hold a good amount of pills and/or supplements. I might even use it on a day to day basis, because I would hate to keep it tucked away just for travels.
I like it
I'm horrible at losing things like boarding passes and receipts, especially while on trips. I like how this is a blinding neon orange so that I can easily locate it in my backpack while traveling. What may bother some about this is the smell of the plastic that it's made out of. Do you remember those thick VHS tapes for animated movies you had when you were a kid with the big cases? That's what it smells like. I totally don't mind, but again, may bother some. Kinda nostalgic for me, haha.
F1 Clear Carry-On Bag XS review by emmelr
long slim toiletry bag
perfect for carry-on
Love organizing things
Love these cubes bc of the compression. It took me a little to fold the clothes correctly.
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Virginia Nash
Good bag!
This is a sturdy clear plastic case for liguid items at security.
It is also great as a carry all for cosmetics!
F1 Go Clean Heels Purple review by elle
works for booties too
I used these to bring a pair of booties with my on my last trip and it worked well! I wear a size 8 in US women's shoes, for reference.
Durable and fits EVERYTHING
I got this wallet as a holiday gift to myself and have been using it everyday for a few months straight. The leather is still holding up well no scratches or scuffs, zipper works perfectly, it looks brand new. Also, I've discovered I can fit my iphone (7 plus) in this wallet as well as my passport, money, cards, etc. Pretty great product.
F1 Stowaway Toiletry Case review by josh
Worth writing home about
I consider toiletry bags an unfortunate necessity; they're usually cheaply made, don't last, or otherwise overpriced for the function they serve. I even switched to ziplock freezer bags because I found them to be more useful. The flight001 toiletry bag, however, is so well-designed and employs a construction so sturdy it would be considered a steal at twice the price. I want to shout it from the rooftops that I love this li'l bag.
F1 Seat Pak review by cyndi L
so easy
Loved this - didnt have to reach into my back pack 100 times a flight for different things - only thing - it didnt fit on the loop for my flights but thats ok - I just put it in the seat pocket.
F1 Clear Carry-On Bag XS review by casey
long slim toiletry bag
I got a pair of these, and they fit nicely into the medium size bag, allowing me to keep those items requiring a bit more cleanliness to be separated from the other toiletry items. Looks to be quality, sturdy material.
zippered toiletry bag
I bought a pair of these, and plan to use to get my TSA-approved items into my carry-on. It's probably twice the size of a quart bag, but I hoping for no hassle.Looks sturdy and should hold all I need for a two month trip overseas.
F1 Stowaway Weekender review by Claire
Good purchase
This bag was a great investment for travel. Good size, I like the pockets. Makes accessibility to documents conviently located
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Gina
Makes travel organization a breeze
These are the best travel items I have found in my 37 years of travel! They make packing and staying organized on the road easy. The amazing thing is how much more fits in the confined space of the suitcase! They are fantastic!
Great suit cases
These are lightweight and yet sturdy. Traveled with them overseas and found them easy to manage.
F1 Seat Pak Pro Blue review by JRB
Roomy But Compact Travel Companion
I wanted to love this product, and for the most part, I don't regret the purchase at all. The main advantage is plenty of room for my Bose headphones, various chargers and digital accoutrements, and travel documents. It even fits my 9.7-inch iPad Pro with its Otterbox case AND Apple Keyboard. However, the interior loop was impossible to use with the tray table hook on my El Al flight to Israel. Maybe it won't be a problem on domestic flights, but I'd like to see future iterations of this product have a more durable and generally usable interior loop. Also, I'd like to see all F1 products (including this one) that purport to be able to fit smartphones to fit ALL smartphones in the smartphone pocket. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note5, which definitely does not fit in the smartphone pocket even without its case. As I said, however, I like this purchase enough not to regret it.
F1 Contoured Eye Mask review by JRB
Best Eye Mask Ever
The raised contour of this eye mask makes this far and away the best eye mask I've ever used. I don't get bothered by my eyelashes brushing against the eye mask, and I still get the full light-blocking effect. The adjustable elastic band with the Velcro fastener is both comfortable and secure. You will not regret this purchase.
F1 Fitness Kit review by barb
Awesome product
I enjoy using this kit for my workouts especially when I'm traveling.
F1 Green Europe Adapter Non-grounded review by Will Gallagher
cute, compact, & works flawlessly
Not much to say other than this product looks way better than some clunkier adapters. I really like how compact and cute it is. Fits in just about any bag, pocket, etc. Worked as expected. Totally satisfied with this purchase.
So Comfy & Cute
Love this travel pillow,! Coud soft & just adorable! All I would like now is a matching travel blanket in the Safety print to go with the pillows. Would love to matching blankets in the future! These are Great products !
F1 Aeroline Passport Case Orange review by Mizz Siri
Flimsy but water resistent
The positive feature of the item is that it's water resistant, but the material feels like it's made out of flimsy plastic. I wish that it were lined or thicker.
Very nice quality
The wallet is very nice and protective for the passport. The piece, however, is a bit bulky and taking the passport in and out can be a little difficult. Overall, I recommend, though.
F1 Seat Pak Pro Blue review by JP
I want to love this
I want to love this, but the real problem is my ipad case. It's not durable enough to tuck the flap in and let the screen hang out for use on the plane. The Seat Pak is durable, however, and it will def come in handy for other uses until I upgrade my ipad case or downsize my ipad!
I love things that force me to be organized
These cubes are great. I didn't think I'd like them at first, but as long as you pay attention to which side you're unzipping, you can find everything you need in a flash--no need to unpack for those shorter trips. It's like bringing your own dresser with you!
Great Stuff
Much more durable than a plastic baggie. Better shape for standing those mini bottles, too.
F1 Seat Pak Blue review by Jean
Love it but needs redesign to enable it to be hung from tray table latches.
Love it but recently I've noticed that tray table latches have changed & seat pack loop does not fit on all latches(which was the best feature in my estimation) Instead, on the past few flights I've had to put it it the seat pocket & risk leaving it behind.
F1 Air Supplies Basic Eye Mask review by Leora Barish
adequate but inferior to previous version of this product.
The OLD version of this mask from Flight 001 used a great sueded or brushed fabric that felt like cotton, was soft but not slippery and it was cool. The new fabric feels like cheap polyester, slides around, is slick and hot, very unpleasant if you'e sensitive to fabric feel. The well-designed nose gusset, and the sturdy, wide velcro strap are unchanged from the old version.
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Cynthia Gottlieb
super great idea
I have something similar but in white that I use for out of USA travel. I have to struggle to find the adapter and then struggle to put back together in a compact way. This is color coded with a map on the box for the countries that use what style of adapter. It is now my most valuable travel accessory! And compact! Wonderful idea to color code! I would highly recommend!
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Cynthia Gottlieb
perfect 1 quart reusable pouch
I had another reusable plastic pouch that I loved and was TSA approved but the zipper separated from the plastic after many uses. So far this one fits everything I need to TSA requirements for carry on liquids and seems sturdy. The nice thing about this pouch is it can stand up right in the bathroom and you can see what you need easily to get out with the wide zipper. I would highly recommend especially over using a 1 quart zip lock baggie. It fits a lot of stuff in a compact way.
F1 Stewardess Makeup Case Alhambra review by Cynthia Gottlieb
not so functional for me
I bought this based upon the review here. It is not so compact and not so flexible. It takes up a lot of space either zipped up or open I did not use on my last trip to Europe for that reason. I have a pouch for my make up that is soft and pliable that can be tucked into small space. Not sure how much use I will get out of this. I will keep for maybe car travel. I love the colors of these containers. This product really doesn't work for me. I should have returned but I took off the labels.
F1 Expand Tote review by Cynthia Gottlieb
a package suitcase for return home
I have something similar to this for travel for many years now. This is just as functional and possibly sturdier fabric but I liked the bright purple color. This is a great concept. One can use this for travel to the markets when traveling abroad. One can use this as an extra suitcase incase your souvenirs have over-taken your usable space. Or for your winter coat when traveling to warmer weather. It is a good size for the overhead bin. I love the concept. And the purple color is really fun!
F1 Spacepak Clothes review by Cynthia Gottlieb
quite large
I use a small suitcase that fits in the European overhead bins which have a smaller requirements. This packing cube is quite large and doesn't fit width way across my suitcase. If I place it the cube on its shortest side across the width of my suitcase, it takes up too much space and leaves gaps, thus making packing less space efficient. The undergarment size is better and fits shirts/sweaters perfect. The quality of the product is great but this cube I will use hardly. If I didn't purchase as a set, I would return this one.
F1 Spacepak Undergarments review by Cynthia Gottlieb
I have used mesh style packing cubes for travel for years and they keep all my clothes so nice, wrinkle-free and compact. This cube is quite large so I used it for shirts and sweaters and a smaller one for undergarments. I do like the separation between dirty and clean as you travel but I do like my previous cubes that are mesh as you can see the clothing. The colors of these cubes are cute. They are very useful to organize clothing.
F1 TXL Messenger Khaki review by Vic
My boyfriend loved the bag-it's hip. Trendy. Sleek-without being boring. Great quality, great customer service... there are so many compartments, he actually has a hard time finding things in here. Compact-but large-just great!
F1 Travel Blanket review by Phil
Excellent blanket!
Really great for long flights. Love the softness too!
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Cynthia Gottlieb
Great idea
Very compact and functions great. One only this to travel instead of bringing all sorts of adapters when traveling to multiple countries. I would highly recommend.
F1 Stewardess Passport Cover review by Charlene Burian
This case makes finding my passport in a hurry much easier. Besides it is nice looking.
F1 Stewardess Mini Jewelry Roll review by Charlene Burian
it is working out well.
I have a larger travel jewelry case that does not seem as secure for small items like earrings. I find many of my trips afor only one or two nights and this smaller case works out well.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag review by Charlene Burian
I like it.
I have been using a kitchen quart bag. This is so much nicer and organized.
F1 Spacepak Clothes review by Helen
It works!
When you first see this it doesn't make sense that it will work. But we actually packed a week of dress clothes with it. I'll recommend it. It works!
F1 Stowaway Toiletry Case review by Jonathan
Simple. Great material. Perfect size. Couldn't be happier.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by Michael
Love this bag
I love this bag it has been replace twice. Why? Due to I'm a flight attendant, thousands of miles, cities and countries. You can have all your items for your daily bath and freshen up on the plane looking GLAM. I have other flight attendants buy and replace. It's so flying FA-friendly no worries of where is this or that. Routine I say trust me 13 yrs and buying my 3rd why I'm replacing number two well I love this store. I first lived in NYC in the village then my ex a FA bought one then he had others follow and so forth. Then I bought my second one on a layover in SFO the crew loved this place. Trust me
Love this case! The pattern is beautiful, soft pink and coral. The zipper pulls are well-designed, too. This case is on the smaller side, but that suits me better. I have a large case, but it's too big to fit in a tote or weekender. This one's perfect. I purchased the matching pieces as well.
Pretty but Problematic
I don't normally write reviews, but I feel compelled to warn you - this suitcase does not fit a Spacepak set. It will fit 1 for clothes and 1 for underwear only if the underwear pak is nowhere close to full so you can scrunch down the top to fit it into the suitcase. If they are both full, they don't fit. Also, the suitcase has only enough room for the clothes pak and a half full underwear pak - you will be able to fit NOTHING else in it. No toiletries, no shoes, no souvenirs. Also, while they market this as perfect for Europe, this would be a terrible bag for Europe. I live in NYC and the spinning wheels can't even handle the gentlest bumps in the sidewalk here without toppling over. Also, the handle feels weak and like it would not easily handle another carry-on looped over it. If you want a pretty bag for weekend trips, this is great. But for trips longer than 3-4 days, it needs to be slightly larger, especially for the price. I have another carry-on suitcase that I've never had any problem getting onto a plane that also holds 2 weeks' worth of clothes with 3 pairs of shoes and toiletries with some room to spare. It's getting old, so this was meant to be a replacement - it's not.
F1 TXL Messenger Khaki review by Frank
Does the job
I originally bougt this bag for a work trip but have been using it for my laptop/hard drives when I need to bring them into work. The bag suits what I needed, is durable and looks cool without going overboard. I'm pretty satisfied.
F1 TXL Travel Tote Khaki review by Jo B.
Great for the office
I got this for my husband to use as his commuting bag to and from his office and he loves it! There are plenty of pockets for all of his things and he can fit his 13" macbook in it easily. It's pretty durable, been about 3 months now and still looks good. He's not a flashy guy, so the army green works for him, but wish it came in other colors so I could get one for my son too!
F1 TXL Travel Tote Khaki review by fernanda
Nice material and details!
F1 Mini Bar Kit review by Toni
Great gift!
Adorable, functional, fun and a great gift!
F1 Spacepak Suiter review by Amy
Really love the shorter length and the versatility of being able to fold things to fit in luggage or just carry as is. The material is nice and thick. It is really well made with zippers that have larger pulls that are rubberized. The suiter itself comes in another well made zippered bag to match. Could be a nice way to transport something else. I have not used it yet folded in luggage, mainly just using it to transport outfits with me on the weekends. For that it is perfect.
F1 Seat Pak Pro review by Linda Mason
Fits Everything I Need for a Flight
I haven't actually used this yet, but have filled it with items I would want on a flight. Everything from my travel blanket and pillow to my Kindle with a Keyboard Case fits nicely. I would have loved to see it available in red to match my luggage, but the gray matches just fine. I also see that it's no longer available. These two things cost 1 star. Otherwise, love it.
F1 Spacepak Shoes Green review by Tiffany
I bought these for my Mum who prefers these over the individual bags. She loves that you can pack them in easily with the other space packs in the set. She was a little disappointed that her higher shoes (chelsea style boots) did not quite fit in with complete coverage, but I suggested to her that she bought the individual "heel" bags for this purpose but she just prefers these! Great quality, colour and love the they fit into the set.
F1 Go Clean Shoes review by Tiffany
I absolutely love these and own three. The quality is excellent and the tight weave and thickness of the material allows you to carry semi dirty shoes without worry of ruining everything else in your bag.
But my absolute favourite detail is the bright colours. Mine are in pink, purple and green which allows me to look in my bag and see at a glance, "Do I have these shoes? Yes.. I see two purple bags. Done!" I really love them and highly recommend for the obsessive organized traveler in you!
F1 Spacepak Clothes review by Judy
I already have my own set of Spacepak packs. My sister saw how easy they make packing and wanted her own.
Sans Preserving Bottle Berry Blue review by Christina
Keeps my smoothie fresh for days!
I recently purchased a SANS bottle to keep my smoothies fresher, longer and it really works! I also love the complements I receive on the design.
Great for Identifying Your Bag
These were great luggage belts. They are bright and easy to see. They made finding our luggage at the luggage claim easier. And there were no issues with them staying locked and around our bags. They survived perfectly during our holiday travels and will be used in our future travels.
Great Luggage Tags
These were great luggage tags. They are bright and easy to see. And there were no issues with them staying on our bags. They survived perfectly during our holiday travels and are permanently on our luggage now.
F1 Contoured Eye Mask review by Amy
Function is great but...
I really like this eye mask--being able to open your eyes with it on is a real plus. It is quite comfortable but the dye from the fabric is all over my forehead when I wake up. I've washed it twice now and it is still leaving dye--kind of annoying.
F1 Go Clean Laundry Orange review by Antoine Rouse
Amazing for more then Laundry
This bag literally saved me 100s of dollars. I decided to use the bag to put some items in when I went for a bike ride. I put in my towel, phone, camera and some other things. During my bike ride I crashed into a creek. The bike, myself, and the bag went completely in the water. The only thing I could think of was my phone. When I pulled the Laundry bag out of the water everything in it was 100% dry! Amazing product!
F1 Debut Duffel Bag Plum review by Phillips
Perfect Bag
I have searched for the perfect weekend duffel and this bag is exactly what I need and want. It is durable and practical.
Quality and convenience
Nice and convenient but not worth the price.
F1 2-in-1 Pillow Grey review by David
Great present for travelers
very soft pillow and very cute idea!
Great Product, less than great company experience
I ordered the product after seeing it a few times (online). It arrived by UPS, which is terrible to deal with, especially with inbound international shipments (even though I'm only in Canada). I love the product, but hesitant to order more from Flight001, as the experience dealing with their shipping partner sours the overall experience of dealing with Flight001.
Great travel aide.
Bought this for my daughter who travels internationally 3 - 4 times per year. She was thrilled with it. She just left on a trip where she will use three different power sources. fesources
Just right
This jewelry roll is just the right size. It's compact and keeps me from packing too much jewelry. I like the tabs for rings and earrings. I hope the magnetic closure holds up for years to come.
F1 Air Supplies Luggage Tag Set review by Linda Ogden
Vibrant colored luggage tags
They are GREAT!! I gave them to my adult children for their upcoming trips and now need to get a set for myself. You'll spot your luggage a mile away!
This was a well received gift.
Great, but you missed one type!
I am very happy with the quality and the huge possibilities you have with this adapter. the only thing i would criticize is the absence of an USB entrance... with it it would know every other adapter for good. nice job and very good idea!
Luxe Guide review by Jen
Print is Very Small
This was a good size for a travel guide but the print was very very small.
Everything you need
Has everything you need for on-the-go repairs! And it's a really cute box
Very cute, and very functional. Love this jewelry roll. Perfect for weekend trips!
F1 Spacepak Undergarments review by Jessica
Best Travel Companion
I have several spacepak compression bags and I never travel without them. The are easy to care for and provide the best organization for clean to dirty clothes. I often travel for scuba diving and these are great to pack up damp items when in a rush to get to the next destination and keep them separate from you clean and dry clothes. Also the different colors and patterns are good to identify what is mine versus my husbands.
F1 Debut Duffel Bag Plum review by Shannon
Beautiful bag
The bag is so much more beautiful in person -- there are so many details that keep your bag contents safe, while also maintaining aesthetic in a beautiful hue of plum purple. The light but sturdy leather fabric is perfect for flying and it looks easy to clean. I just love it.
F1 Contoured Eye Mask review by Karen R
Great product
Bought this so i would not have pressure on my eyes. Looking forward to my next flight where i can give them a real test. Tried on at home and they did not completely block out light, could see out the bottom of them. Need some adjustments. Worth the purchase. Would recommend them.
F1 Spacepak Underwear Grey review by 2KCtrvlrs
Was so impressed with the quality of the 3 piece set and the 2 piece starter set, we ordered 2 more of these individual bags for our carry-ons. Love these bags!
Love it!
Love it!
I can't talk up the spacepak products enough. I love everything from here and this one is especially great. Clean and dirty sides, keeps everything from being squished, and perfect size.
F1 Spacepak Essentials Kit review by Kat FErn
I have used my clothes pack for years. It allows us to be able to pack 25 polos in a small section of our suitcase. Compression also makes the shirts wearable right away. You have to be careful not to use a big suitcase with these products, as son you will be over the luggage weight. YOu can also take the whole pack out of your suitcase and carry it on board, if you are over weight. That does the trick!
Perfect for frequent flyers
I hated reusing and overstuffing quart size ziploc bags and this works ten times better. More spacious, easier to fill, and better for reuse.
F1 Seat Pak review by Deb H
Awesome Item
Just used my newly purchased F1 Seat Pak and am very pleased. It organized all my needed items, fit into the pocket of the seat in front of me during the flight and made my life so easy as I didn't have to go looking for these items! I highly recommend it.
Perfect Jewelry Travel Item
Just used my newly purchased F1 Stewardess Mini Jewelry Roll, it is a great item. It fit into my handbag for easy carry-on, held a lot of items and I am very pleased with it! High recommend it!!
F1 Stewardess Makeup Case review by Jamie K
Great size pockets for a variety of uses
The pockets are very roomy (about 2" deep, each) - which leaves a lot of room for holding make-up, hairbrushes/products, etc. I could even see using this on shorter trips for lingerie, socks, etc. The case, as with other Flight 001 products, is well made and seems very durable. However, do note that the coloring does NOT match the other Alhambra pieces in the Flight 001 collection; the clothing, lingerie, and other zipper cases have deeper coral/salmon/pink shades, but these Stewardess pieces are A LOT lighter in color, with no coral tones, but rather some ivory/peach tones. I was disappointed in this, since now my new pieces don't match with the pieces I already owned.
Perfect for carrying several pills/vitamins
This little pill case is PERFECT for carrying Advil, vitamins, sinus meds, etc. all in one little place. Also, the pill case removes from the outer zippered case, and the outer case could be used for other small needs in your suitcase. The pill case is well made, and the plastic insert is a heavy plastic, with lids that snap very securely in place. However, do note that the coloring does NOT match the other Alhambra pieces in the Flight 001 collection; the clothing, lingerie, and other zipper cases have deeper coral/salmon/pink shades, but these Stewardess pieces are A LOT lighter in color, with no coral tones, but rather some ivory/peach tones. I was disappointed in this, since now my new pieces don't match with the pieces I already owned.
F1 Stewardess Toiletry Case review by Jamie K
Great lined zipper bag
This bag will be perfect for make-up and other toiletries... the bag and interior lining are well made, and seem high quality. The bag holds quite a bit, so it will work well for short trips (all toiletries) and long trips (only make-up), alike. However, do note that the coloring does NOT match the other Alhambra pieces in the Flight 001 collection; the clothing, lingerie, and other zipper cases have deeper coral/salmon/pink shades, but these Stewardess pieces are A LOT lighter in color, with no coral tones, but rather some ivory/peach tones. I was disappointed in this, since now my new pieces don't match with the pieces I already owned.
Good size for shorter trips
I needed a smaller jewelry case for shorter trips - and this fits the bill. The velvet inside is a little cheap feeling (and a super ugly shade of dusty rose), but the case itself feels well made. However, do note that the coloring does NOT match the other Alhambra pieces in the Flight 001 collection; the clothing, lingerie, and other zipper cases have deeper coral/salmon/pink shades, but these Stewardess pieces are A LOT lighter in color, with no coral tones, but rather some ivory/peach tones. I was disappointed in this, since now my new pieces don't match with the pieces I already owned.
OMG I love this
This will be your new favorite thing. I travel frequently and am always cold. The sweet little blanket included is so soft! The eye mask offers complete darkness and is very comfortable. The mask also fits in the bag. I love that the blanket has a bag but isn't bulky and protects it from germs. This is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.
F1 Contoured Eye Mask review by Ruth
So comfortable! And it fits under my sleep apnea mask. I'm sleeping 8 hours a night now.
F1 Rubber Tag Set review by Chris
Nice Tags
I have ordered many of these tags for bags of all sorts and they are THE BEST. I would highly recommend anyone that is traveling to get some!
Palomar Crumpled City review by Deborah
Neat idea
I bought this as a gift for my husband. We travel to Tokyo frequently and a map always comes in handy. It reminded me of the silk maps aviators used during WWII, so cool!
Super cute
Love my bag! Packs small to pop in my us light as a feather yet when I need roomy and sturdy. Can't wait until the London bag is back in stock.
F1 Spacepak Essentials Kit review by Samantha
stylish, convenient and smart.
The spacepak travel set is an excellent way to make the most of the space available in your suitcase. I easily keep my clothing and other items clean and organized for a hassle free packing and traveling experience.
F1 Safety Pouch review by MHS
Just what I needed
Cute, functional, does the trick.
Very stylish and trendy for travelers!
I fell in love with the document and passport holder that I decided to buy a few more for family. Great quality and packaging.
F1 Airportfolio Document Organizer Red review by Michaelangelo
Best Passport Carry ON!
I totally love the passport products for my friends and family. I love the colors and packaging. The pen looks really nice which comes with the holder!!
F1 Seat Pak review by Amber
Great case
Great size, fits a lot, really like it!
F1 Spacepak Starter Kit review by Frequent traveler
Amazingly easy organization for the harried traveler
I just used these bags for the first time, and I cannot fully express how much easier they made my life on my recent trip. I fit more than enough clothes for my 12 day trip, was in 4 different cities in that short time, and needed to pack and unpack frequently, something that would normally lead to stress, increased disorganization and increasingly limited suitcase space as I began to pack more and more sloppily. These double sided bags that allowed me to easily keep "clean" and "laundry" clothes separated made everything so much more simple and streamlined, and limiting the number of bags needed to separate things is ingenious. Plus, these bags come in zippered storage bags of the same quality, so I got extra smaller to put electronics cords, scarves and gloves, etc in, for free! Excellent quality, with sturdy zippers and stylish to boot. Will definitely be a repeat shopper!
F1 Debut Duffel Bag Plum review by Portia
Fantastic and great color!
I won this from Flight 001 on a FB contest. The bag is gorgeous, soft, roomy, huge!, and durable. Worth the sale price for sure!
F1 SAFETY LUGGAGE TAG review by Penny
I love it.
It is really cute and different.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Pink review by Favorite Travel Accessory
Worth the money
I received this in a giveaway at one point and thought it was so fun and cute. Not only is it that, it has held up for a long time. And I work for an airline so I travel quite a bit. It just started to tear so I of course bought another (6 years later?). It fits everything I need and is cute and compact.
Love these!!
Love the pattern and fit, will order again!
Great support and comfy
I recently purchased these socks and love them so far. Easy to put, comfortable, and do not pinch the back of my legs.
Love this bag...sturdy and high quality materials and workmanship. It looks great. The colors will not show stains. Great size for weekend getaways. Love the compartments and the multiple secure pockets inside. The handles can use some padding for comfort
Same as above.
F1 Safety Pouch review by Andie
Perfect for all your essentials
I can fit all my toiletries in this pouch . It's well made and a joy to look at ...definitely will get a lot of use
Lightweight Luggage
I just received the package in the mail. I am happy how light it is. I cannot wait to use it during my upcoming trip in November.
F1 Correspondent Passport Holder Ivory review by Steven Kovacs
Practical and well made
It's a good idea to use an outer passport cover like this as it is good looking and well made. This way, your passport and national identity kept private. Travel to risk countries and you'll see what I mean.
1CPY Spain Quart Bag review by Steven Kovacs
Purposeful and colourful design
A great idea to have a 'liquids & gels' bag within a bag! The ones they need to see in the clear, outer bag, and prescriptions and personal toiletries safely hidden in the vibrant colours of Spain bag. Love it.
F1 Stowaway Tote review by Maria
Functionality: 10!
Loved all the features from this bag. I was able to accommodate my laptop (13 inches) inside the inner pocket. There are plenty of other small pockets inside the bag as well (glasses, keys, hotel room card, lip product, etc). The zippered bottom fits shoes or any other item like packable coats. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I missed having a secondary handle, so I could also use it cross-body, which is mandatory when you are on the go.
1CPY Spain Quart Bag review by Maria
Viva España!
Lovely quart bag. The inside pouch, which has the colors of the Spain flag, is indeed very useful, as we can keep more private items inside. I was really glad I got this one because I have never seen anything so sturdy (the plastic is definitely more resistant than any other quarter bag) and fun at the same time.
All included
The product comes in a nice cloth enclosure, very well constructed, good leather quality and good features. Very satisfied with the wallet as I can put all my current wallet contents PLUS the passport at the same wallet. Very practical for any trip and also during the trip, as passports are important to carry along!
F1 Spacepak Toiletry review by Amber
Very cute!
I've only used this once, but there is plenty of space for all of my toiletries and makeup. It fits compactly into my suitcase, which is also a plus!
F1 Stowaway Toiletry Case review by Jeannine
Very functional
I bought 2 of these and love them. They hold everything I need for my toiletries. They are lightweight. My favorite part is that the zipper opens all the way down the side, making it really easy to get items inside. I also love the smaller zipper compartment inside for smaller toiletries. So worth the money!!
F1 Seat Pak review by Lynn
Wish it was a little bigger
I wish the seat pack was just a little bigger to easily fiit an iPad mini or noise cancelling headphones in the larger pocket. Also slightly more room in the smaller pockets for larger phones would be good.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Blue review by AnnieR
Love This
This bag is Absolutely Fabulous! Using ziplock bags never worked for me. For years I wanted a bag with a flat bottom. I am so glad I discovered this bag. I use a lot of skin care products and this holds them all. The shape makes it easy to fit everything in. I like the blue color and it goes through airport scanners with no questions. I have had this bag for 2 years and taken it on a dozen trips. It still looks and works as good as new!
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by AnnieR
A Travel Must-Have!
I love this bag! I travel to France on antique buying trips and I need as much space in my luggage for things other than my clothes. This bag is perfect. The size helps one take just the right amount of clothing and they stay wrinkle free and organized. I made a cardboard template for folding my clothes, this helps use all the space efficiently. I've had my bag for 2 years and can't imagine traveling without it!
F1 Spacepak Undergarments review by JamieK
Easy to use and so cute!
I love the underwear spacepak - it holds so many pair of underwear, undershirts, tank tops, bras, socks, etc... and keeps the clean ones separate, and organized!
This eye mask is the only reason I am able to sleep decently when they leave the cabin lights on during overnight flights! Very comfortable and compact. Have not had it for long, so am unsure of durability over time.
I love this pillow! It is so inexpensive and yet it does everything I need it to do and more. Once deflated and in the pouch, it is so small and compact and fits into any bag. Awesome!
F1 Spacepak Underwear Yellow review by Klakla
I bought the Yellow (Underwear) , Blue (Clothes) and Purple (Lingerie) a while ago.
I remember looking on the website and really going back and forward for weeks. (It is kind of an investment, am I right?!) Then I saw them "in real life" in a little travelshop near me and bought them instantly!
Let me say I have not regretted it for one single second.
Before I had those mesh-type kind of luggage deviders. The Spacepack is a little bit more heavier, but are soooooo much better thanks to the "laundry side" of the pack (and the handle).
You do not lose any space due to your laundry. Just throw the used clothes in there and since they'll be in the same bag as you packed them, it's lots easier to have an overview of all your stuff.
When I return back home, I know precisely what I used and... what I didn't use! Every trip I take, my packing gets better and lighter. (Learning curve!)
Recently, my boyfriend and I took a 10-day long vacation. Normally I would have thought to need 2 big suitcases to check-in (with probably an extra carry-on)... Now, he used 1 blue and 1 yellow pack. I used 1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 purple pack. As simple as that! We could of have fitted in 2 cary-ons, but we used one check-in suitcase and one carry-on (to have some place for souvenirs).

Size wise, I'm in looove with the yellow pack. If you only can get one pack, believe me: you got to go YELLOW ! In my experience, it's the most handy size. It's perfect for a weekend or overnight stay. All of my clothes fit and I keep a lot of space in your carry-on for my beautycase, my shoes,... ! (Since it's for 2 to 3 days, I really don't mind that my underwear is mixed with my clothes.)
And if you leave for an extended trip, you could easily get away by using 2 yellow packs :)
It is the most beautiful color and excellent quality. Bought it as a birthday gift for my roommate for an upcoming trip, and she LOVES it!
Better than fair
I had read such great things about the Rome Red Maps that I couldn't wait to receive it in the mail. But I am somewhat disappointed in the map. First of all, the size is larger than I hoped it would be -- rather large to carry in a pocket. The type is very small and difficult to read, but I will still take it with me and hope that once there, I will find this map to be a bigger help than it looks to be right now.
F1 Stowaway Toiletry Case review by Duke
Great design
Love the design and material. I love that the size is not too large but when you unzip it there is so much space. I travel often and needed a new toiletry. This one is perfect and build tough!
Stoked I found this!
Love it
This is a great pillbox. You don't have to worry about it coming open in your bag and very sturdy. I would recommend to anyone.
Great Item!
This was a perfect product for a recent 14 day vacation, with a lot of changes in hotels and moving around, for keeping track of both clean and dirty items. Just purchased one for my husband for our next long trip!
F1 Spacepak Clothes review by Deb H
Top product!
I was very pleased with my SpacePak for clothing, I used it in October 2015 on a 2 week trip and it made it very easy to keep track of my shirts, clean and dirty as I moved to different hotels. I highly recommend this and I just purchased one for my husband to use on our next 2 week trip!
F1 Spacepak Toiletry review by Jamie K
Amazing toiletry pack!
This bag held SO MUCH STUFF! I was a little wary, given the steep price, but I bought it anyway because I loved the Alhambra print. I am glad I did - it holds twice as much as my old toiletry bag, and takes up just as much space - it folds so compactly, and hangs easily from a variety of places in the bathroom. I love this bag, and can't wait to use it again on my next trip!
F1 Go Clean Shoes Olive review by Jamie K
Great travel pack
These were great, though not as big as I thought, and I had a bit of trouble fitting my hiking shoes easily - but, they did go into the bags and cinch tightly. I was really happy with them, though I do wish they came in a much better color than olive. These were a MUST HAVE after hiking over several days; no way I wanted my shoes touching other stuff in my suitcase!
F1 Seat Pak review by Jamie K
Bigger than I thought
This little pack holds a TON of stuff, and I was super glad I splurged on it for my trip. It was easy to just grab this and my book from my carry on, before putting it in the overhead bin. I had everything I needed all in one place. The only (very minor) thing is that the printed words faded off before I even used it a couple days - doesn't matter to me, but just thought I'd point it out for people who might care.
Spacious but weird shape.
Spacious bag but does not have the most convenient shape. A bit disappointed.
F1 Seat Pak review by John M
Beyond handy, best organizer I've ever used.
This thing is the perfect way to keep any backpack or purse organized. Plenty of pockets to keep everything separated and easy to find.
Urban Sling review by Judi
Above and beyond
An incredibly functiional and attractive sling. I will buy another one in black.
F1 Spacepak Clothes review by Mencita
Awesome! AAA+
The best! I got one after reading about it in a magazine. I was so impressed with the spacepak, that i have given it as a gift to my best friends and they have given to their friends. We have bought at least 30 and I keep recommending it. Thks. A+
F1 On-The-Go Bags Ocean review by Rachel
Love these
These bags are very cute and for $12.99 they are practically a steal! I got them as bridesmaids gifts and I know they will love them! I love the different sizes/options for travel. A laundry bag for travel is so handy!
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Pink review by Sara
Cute & Functional
It does the job. I wish it had a little more flexibility in order to fit irregular bottles (it's pretty stiff) but it is nice not worrying about whether or not you put all of your carry-on toiletries in the right size ZipLoc. Overall, very happy with it and like the way it looks.
The package held the blanket and eye mask; small enough that can be easily packed in a carry on. Colors are great too. Eye mask was very comfortable and blocked out the bight lights; unfortunately it didn't block out children crying!! Would like to know how to clean the eye mask.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry review by Harley Babe
A solid deal and purchase. Form and function, and a little bit of whimsy to boot! Awesome-sauce!
RFID Passport Wallet Orange review by Harley Babe
Love it!
Is just what I've been looking for -- love the color and quality leather! So glad to find it back in stock online!
Chipolo Bluetooth Locator Black review by If you can't find this you are deaf!
Excellent -- great for locating misplaced keys
Put this on your keychain, download the app, and you will never lose your keys again!
F1 Seat Pak review by Chris
Perfect for keeping your belongings together
I can't remember how many times I have left items in seat pockets. Having this, that will not happen again.
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Chris
Great for packing those liquids that would otherwise be denied at airport security.
F1 Travel Blanket Pink review by pigletbunny
Versatile and hardy
I keep this blanket in the rear cargo area of my car, for emergencies. I ended up using it a couple of weeks ago, as I had forgotten to bring to Pride something for us to sit on. It worked great for three not-small adults to sit on and watch the parade :-) It also survived just fine, even though two people accidentally stepped on it! I am very impressed with its hardiness :-) So, soft and comfy, and a great item to sit on when one doesn't want to sit directly on a sidewalk :-D
F1 Safety Toiletry Bag review by BK flights
Wish this were a bit bigger but overall -- great bag, fabric and design!
JetLag Rx review by Meg
No Jet Lag on my trip to Thailand
I get jet lag literally every time I travel on a long flight. Me and my boyfriend took this when we went to Thailand for our honeymoon. I landed feeling great and without any jet lag! Can't put a price tag on that lol
I'm looking forward to using this on my upcoming trip this fall. I was always looking for something like this to store laundry, shoes and alot more.
I love this product I am already recommending it.
Great invention
I haven't used my undergarment bag yet, but I know how wonderfully well my other spacepac works. All of my shirts and tops came out of my pac without a wrinkle on a recent trip to Europe. Unbelievable. I've recommended them to my friends. They love them as well.
I've been looking for something like this for a long time. It is well made and sturdy. I look forward to using it for many years to come!
F1 Seat Pak Pro Charcoal review by Peggy
Loved it
It is so convenient for flights. I hate pulling down my overhead bag to get out items I will need. This has room for electronics, travel documents, personal items, even make up and toothbrush.
Poler Carry-On Duffel Camo review by Nancy
Awesome Travel Bag
Why not make this in pink camo for those of us that are women and served?

JetLag Rx review by Seth
Worked for everyone on our senior year trip
Really like these products. our teacher bought them as presents to everyone in our class before we left together on our senior year trip to tokyo. nobody had jet lag and everyone left the airplane feeling refreshed
Great bag!
I used the excuse of a friends birthday to buy one for her, one for me!
I don't know if I would have bought it at full price, but this is a great tote bag!
Perfect shape, nice print, nice construction. I partially like that it is longer/ deeper than a lot of tote bags, tall stuff doesn't fall out.
Great for travel and commuting
Recently purchased this and am loving it so far. Using it for a weekend trip today and also intend to make it my commuting bag at home in NYC, as it can fit all the essentials including my lunch. It's comfortable even when full, and has many secure, zippered pockets for security.
nice bag
the pack is nice with the various compartments but the slots on the sides for water bottles are too small. not sure what would actually fit in them. returned the bag for this reason
Makes Travel Easy!
Used this for a recent 10 day trip to Colorado and loved it. I was amazed at how much I could fit in it. It's sturdy and pretty and made my packing so much easier this time. My previous bag took up so much room. This one is the perfect size.
works on cars too
Those motion sickness bands are the greatest thing ever. I always get carsick driving up to the mountains and if I have the bands on, it doesn’t make me sick anymore. I highly suggest getting them.
F1 Air Supplies Motion Bands Grey review by raunbowsandunicorns
It really works!!!
I had those motion sickness bands for a cruise and they worked wonders
So great!
I LOVE those motion sickness wristbands they saved my life at Disney !!! I get so sick on every ride I couldn’t even ride the rockets with out throwing up lol. Finally bought these and I could actually enjoy the parks like every normal human who goes.
JetLag Rx review by Margaret
Have to do LA to NY monthly for work at an advertising agency and jet lag was killing me. Wasn't eating well, tired all the time, depressed, less productive - I had all the worst jet lag symptoms. My doctor told me about Genexa and I'm still thanking him for it. This stuff WORKS SO WELL it's amazing. No more jet lag and finally feel like myself again.
HelloLulu Tate Backpack Yellow review by melsenpai
A wonderful travel backpack
I will be using this backpack on an upcoming trip to Japan. I am so very excited to use this backpack on my travels. I am happily surprised by how many pockets this backpack neatly contains. I love that the front pocket is padded, so I don't have to worry about any valuables being squished or smashed. I also like the unique shape and compact size of this backpack, which is perfect for a short person like myself. It doesn't make me look like an awkward turtle when I wear it...LOL! I bought the yellow color, & I am happy that it's a happy shade of yellow, and not a weird mustardy or obnoxious neony bright shade of yellow. I can't wait to use this backpack!
Spacepak is awesome, fits tons of clothes and love the clean/laundry side separation. Patterns are adorable, I want them all!
F1 Avionette 4W Carry-On review by ahbsb
Cutest Carry-on!
Love the Avionette in Sangria! Really light weight and compact, but still plenty of packing space. Wheels spin easily and quickly for fast airport traversing. The color is perfection and the lattice design inside couldn't be cuter.
F1 Go Clean Wet Suit Hot Pink review by hulamunki
definitely keeps the wet clothes contained! no leaks. great material sturdy and does what it says it does. it's perfect!
F1 Go Clean Beachwear Orange review by hulamunki
love it
the tote feature is awesome! i love the durability of these bags. i have three of the collection.
F1 Go Clean Laundry Purple review by hulamunki
i love this laundry bag! keeps the dirty smell away from my clean clothing! <3
Good and Bad
I loved this bag so much because the width did indeed fit odd shaped bottles nicely. However, I'm an overpacker by nature and only got a couple uses out of this bag as it ripped on top by the seam was useless after that. I guess it just wasn't durable enough for my traveling needs.
F1 Guy Stuff Pouch review by Brandon
Bought this at the gap in Dallas Texas. Amazing! And this uses.
Fits everything a girl needs, and leaves a little room for what her boyfriend needs ha!
Like another review said, this is deeper than it looks, so it fits a TON of stuff. I may not travel with a lot of clothes, but I can't do without my skin routine goodness (of which I have too much). It fits everything I need, plus the three things my boyfriend needs. Soon as I check into a room, I unzip this baby and on the hook it goes. It unfolds and essentially becomes a closet for your toiletries. Can't say enough about how much I love that this bag allows you to consolidate everything.
All-In-One! Almost...
I've used it all over Asia, South America, and Europe! I love never having to worry about researching/buying adapters for each country because my style of travel is very loosey-goosey and I never know which country I'll end up in. I just bring this lightweight awesomeness and it's worked everywhere. My friend just went to Africa, though, and evidently you need the brown one, which is not included. So if I HAD to point out a negative, that's it. All in all, it's my best travel purchase ever. A close second is the F1 Spacepak Toiletry bag.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Rkohl
Great bag to compact your clothes
This compression bag is really strong and compacts your clothes dry well! I wouldn't be without it. The zipper on the first one I bought a few years ago broke. I returned it to F001 and they replaced it no questions or problems - great customer service ! The replacement bag they sent me has been working for over 2 years now.
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by JORGE ALBERTO
I'm so happy that I found your product about 4 yrs ago when I was planing a first over seas trip to Italy. Was great was able to fit two weeks supplies of clothing with no problem and still had room for extras..and now I use it all the time for weekend it high recommend this product. Now I'm buying some more for friends & family as gifts.
JetLag Rx review by Linda
saved my family vacation
Jet Lag Rx works great and literally saved my family vacation. I'm a mother of two kids and when I don't sleep on the plane I always end up with horrible jet lag.

We went to Hawaii recently and of course I didn't sleep as I was watching and keeping my kids entertained the whole flight.

I took Jet Lag Rx on the plane and felt great the whole trip with no jet lag, and even my husband noticed I was in a much better mood than I usually am on our vacations lol
The most functional, durable and stylish toiletry kit ever!
I've had this item for a few months now and I just had to write a review to say how happy I am with this product. I love the hook, the size, the mesh panels and the fact that it can fit just about anything without the bulk! It's worth every penny!
JetLag Rx review by Jonathan L.
Great Jet Lag Prevention Product
I don't usually write reviews but in this situation I think I need to. I have to travel for business back and forth to China every 5 weeks, and I'm constantly suffering from terrible Jet Lag - lethargic, not sleeping well, feeling down. Once I started taking Jet Lag Rx during my trips I pretty much immediately stopped getting jet lag. This medicine literally changed my life.
Stylish Carry-on
Really like Flight 001 for travel needs. Helpful people in Brooklyn store. Nice bag. Beautiful deep charcoal color with a blue color contrast inside bag; lightweight. The outside pocket perfect for my iPad Air & USB charger. Two shoe bags, side pockets and ample clothes storage for about three-four days of travel. Recently returned from travel; unfortunately had to check the bag due to a wrist injury. Could not lift the bag into the overhead. The bag survived round-trip flight fairly well; however, with a small peel on the rubber side. Disappointed but still a great carry-on; not made for check in; just purchased the F1 Avionette 26" check-in bag for longer travel time.
F1 Spacepak Underwear Yellow review by Sarah N
Flight changing!
I love this little pack! Bought it on a whim just before I set off for a three month trip with a backpack. This fit inside my backpack perfectly and allowed me to take about two week's worth of clothes and undies with me. I've since taken it on countless other trips overseas and domestically.
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Maura L.
The Best TSA-Approved Quart-Size Carry-On Bag!
I purchased this in 2014 for a trip to Europe, and the F1 Clear Carry-On Quart Bag works so well! Because the bag is clear, the TSA agents can see everything, and this expedites going through security. And, a clear bag allows me to see all my items as well! . The plastic is durable, and the zipper works perfectly. The two-inch width makes it easy to pack all my liquid items. I packed a 1.5 oz. shampoo, two travel-size tubes of toothpaste, two .5 oz. jars of face cream, a 1 oz. face cleanser tube, a .5 oz nasal hydration spray, and samples of other products.
works as good as my chi
I have a Chi straightener and the ceramic coating has started to chip. I usually go through these yearly or every two years, which can get pricey. I decided to try this one out and bought it at one of the Flight 001 stores after an employee suggested it. It works just as great as my old Chi, but it's half the price! It does get a little squeaky at the hinges at first, but I used bike lube on it and it worked quietly the next use. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase!
Spork review by bev
good for everyday use
I like bringing my spork to the office for my packed lunches. I don't have to waste plastic utensils and I also don't have to bother packing separate utensils since this is an all in one. I've also used these on my last trip camping in the Grand Canyon and it was perfect for prepping bagels in the morning and eating canned foods and ramen at night.
Tough and elegant
As a hardcore international business traveler having destroyed bags both posh and cheap, I had done exhaustive research into what lightweight suitcase could possibly endure the systematic beating it would inevitably endure on the road. I have been surprised and amazed how well the Lipaults weather the knock-down, drag-out conditions they are subjected to, while remaining easy to maneuver (pros: squishy handle and smooth wheeling) and resistant to dirt, scrapes and bag tag adhesive. I've run my check-in bag like a fresh-meat boot amped for three years now, and I continue to be impressed. Highly recommended.
Travel Friendly SpacePak
SUPER LIKE! Will buy one more to keep my bras separate from my undies.
Love love love this toiletry SpacePak! I brought all of my F1 SpacePaks when I travelled to FLorida for 14d. Got lots of compliments from my friends & families. They all think my SpacePaks are super cute, organize, & convenient. Highly recommend F1 SpacePaks. Will have to order more for my husband's trip to EUrope in May 2016.
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by giuglia
Made travel a breeze
I traveled over the holidays and stayed at three different daughters's homes. It was sooo easy to pack all my clothes in an orderly fashion, presents, laundry, etc. The ability to compress the clothes and still keep them neat was a life (and space!) saver! I'm planning on getting another set for my husband for when we travel together. How easy to keep things organized!
This toiletry bag is well made & material itself is excellent. I can't live without this bag when I travel! Must-have for long & short travels!
Well made product with style. So love my SpacePaks & Seat Pak. A must-have for all travelers.
Well made product with style. So love my SpacePaks & Seat Pak. A must-have for all travelers.
Stylish, with a few minor flaws
In all honesty, I bought this bag primarily for looks (I am a sucker for brass hardware). Overall, though, I am pleased with it, and I am planning to purchase the coordinating check-in bag. The exterior fabric seems thick and durable and has a nice, smooth hand-feel, and the leather (or faux leather?) accents add a touch of luxe. The bag rolls smoothly, feels sturdy, and has plenty of interior space and exterior pockets. The two aspects of the bag preventing me from giving a 5-star review are the interior fabric, which feels rough and somewhat cheap, and the fact that it has 2 wheels instead of 4. Another small criticism is that the molded plastic on the telescoping handle has some rough edges. Looks: 5 stars. Quality/Practicality: 3 stars.
F1 Seat Pak Pro Blue review by Nish
Great pack to put your needed items so that you can have access them anytime
Traveled with Seat Pak Pro for 10 day excursion to Japan. Plenty of zippered pockets and slots for all my cables, headphone, mini tablet, camera, and maps. Seat Pak was stored in my backpack so I can pop it out and use what I needed to use on train, plane, and in hotels. The only problem I had was that the snap on the tablet pouch closure came right off leaving the top of the snap still inapped into the bottom section. Otherwise its a great item to travel with.
Bluesmart 22" 4W Carry-On review by BizTraveler
So Innovative!
Excellent carry on, super innovative features like built-in phone charger and remote locking. Love it!
F1 Spacepak Lingerie Purple review by Snehal
Love this new addition
I recently bought this lingerie bag and I have to say that it's lovely however I do wish it had little more space to fit in a few more bras. I would actually want you guys to development something where I can comfortably fit at least 6-8 bras.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Dots Sea Foam review by MIster Poops
This bag is so cute!
Hell ya!
Highly Recommend!
I have been looking for the perfect travel toiletry kit and I've found it!!! This is durable, stylish and functional., I didn't mind spending $42. Continue creating awesome travel products Flight 001! :)
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Purple review by Sherri
The best quart bag ever!
It's sturdy and large. I could barely fit all my liquids in a regular disposable quart bag and and this one had room for more items and it will last longer too. You can easily see all the items in the bag even with the purple color.
Excellent Product
On a recent trip from Chicago to Hawaii I used the Sockwell compression socks. I was very pleased with the amount of compression and the comfort of this product. A bonus is the appearance! They are really quite lovely! I'll buy another pair from Flight 001 before my next trip!
F1 Seat Pak Mint review by Patsy
Must have item
I love how this seat pak has kept me organized. I'm always afraid of leaving/losing my phone on the plane. It is much roomier than I expected. It does expand so quite a bit fits. After our last trip, my husband wants one for our trip overseas!
F1 X-RAY PASSPORT PURPLE review by Michelle
Sooo cute!
I love this! Provides a fun pop of color to any standard, boring looking passport
great for a quick wash
For days when I don't want to go to the laundromat but I'm running low on undies, this is great! It'll wash a small load (like 2 weeks worth) of undies and socks. Make sure you wring them like crazy, hang dry, and they're good to go by the next day.
F1 CARGO CARRY-ON PINK review by nanda
Super strong and amazing suitcase! Love the colors and the style.
Also, love how much I can fit in this suitcase!!!!
F1 CARGO CARRY-ON YELLOW review by nanda
Super strong and amazing suitcase! Love the colors and the style.
Also, love how much I can fit in this suitcase!!!!
F1 Seat Pak Red review by Suzi T.
Best Thing I bought for Travel!
I usually can't find a thing in my purse when traveling. Too much stuff... I can put it in separate compartments! This is so compact, and everything can be easily located. I bought one at the airport before my vacation to Korea. Love the color too so I can find it anywhere in the hotel room. Best thing I ever bought for travel!
F1 Seat Pak Violet review by Mimi
No more vest for me!!!
Wearing a travel vest was my way of keeping track of all that "stuff" you need on an airplane but don't want to reach your tote on the floor. That's too uncomfortable. However, with all those pockets on the vest; inside and out, unless you have a cheat sheet, you have to look in all the pockets to find something. Who can remember where you put things? Plus, that vest can get VERY heavy, putting strain on your neck. As a new purchaser of travel goodies on Flight 001, I check back to see if I've missed something. Don't miss out on this one! Bought it specifically for a trip to Australia and New Zealand in May, knowing that the flight from LA to Sydney would be very long. Perfect for that trip. Well, perfect for any trip, long or short. I ignored the labeling and stuffed my stuff into the four pockets, for my own organization but the labels can be helpful. Found out that you can really stuff that Seat Pak like crazy. Way more than I first thought. The little loop hangs nicely on the tray hook, even with all that I had in it. My only regret is that I didn't order it in purple but they were out when I ordered the blue and I needed it then. Well made and well worth the price. Order it now, don't wait
F1 Seat Pak Blue review by Suzi T.
Best Thing I bought for Travel!
I usually can't find a thing in my purse when traveling. Too much stuff... I can put it in separate compartments! This is so compact, and everything can be easily located. I bought one at the airport before my vacation to Korea. Love the color too so I can find it anywhere in the hotel room. Best thing I ever bought for travel!
F1 Seat Pak Violet review by Suzi T.
Best Thing I bought for Travel!
I usually can't find a thing in my purse when traveling. Too much stuff... I can put it in separate compartments! This is so compact, and everything can be easily located. I bought one at the airport before my vacation to Korea. Love the color too so I can find it anywhere in the hotel room. Best thing I ever bought for travel!
F1 Seat Pak Mint review by susangol
I bought this after losing my iphone on a flight
This seat pak has saved me so much trouble. I no longer have to get up during the flight to unpack items which I have stowed above in my carryon. Now, I'm organized before I sit down. The seat park holds almost all my essentials (my ipad only fits if I leave the back pocket open) - makeup, passport, tickets, wallet, pen, cell phone, toothbrush, comb, etc. I'm so glad I found this. I recommend it for any frequent flyer.
F1 Seat Pak Mint review by Freddy
I just love this. It makes my travel soooo much easier.
F1 Seat Pak Red review by Freddy
I just love this. It makes my travel soooo much easier.
F1 Seat Pak Violet review by susangol
I bought this after losing my iphone on a flight
This seat pak has saved me so much trouble. I no longer have to get up during the flight to unpack items which I have stowed above in my carryon. Now, I'm organized before I sit down. The seat park holds almost all my essentials (my ipad only fits if I leave the back pocket open) - makeup, passport, tickets, wallet, pen, cell phone, toothbrush, comb, etc. I'm so glad I found this. I recommend it for any frequent flyer.
Amazing Product
Needed this on my trip through Europe. Works well and easy to pack.
F1 Seat Pak Red review by susangol
I bought this after losing my iphone on a flight
This seat pak has saved me so much trouble. I no longer have to get up during the flight to unpack items which I have stowed above in my carryon. Now, I'm organized before I sit down. The seat park holds almost all my essentials (my ipad only fits if I leave the back pocket open) - makeup, passport, tickets, wallet, pen, cell phone, toothbrush, comb, etc. I'm so glad I found this. I recommend it for any frequent flyer.
Incase City Compact Backpack review by Voyage maiden
Amazing backpack
Well made and unique. Love this backpack and the fabric.
Like it
See my review for the F1 SPACEPAK CLOTHES STRIPES OCEAN, as it applies to this product as well. I should note that you'll want to air these bags out before use, as initially there is a fairly unpleasant smell that you wouldn't want transferring to your clothes. A spritz of Febreze helps.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Stripes Ocean review by Tineurope
Like it
The pattern (both inside and out) is really cute, and the material feels sturdy. I LOVE that it's got a carry handle, which makes it easier to pull from a suitcase. Plus, the two-sided aspect is clever. The "spacepak" feature kind of works, but it doesn't really stay compressed. It wasn't a huge problem, but I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 because of that. Otherwise, the bag absolutely holds quite a lot of clothing and works just fine in that respect. My suitcase felt so organized!
F1 Rubber Tag review by twenty5
Great Tags
It's easy to find luggage on the baggage claim carousal, with these "brightly" colored luggage tags. I love them. They are easy to apply to bags, the rubber keeps the tags from tearing off the luggage (leather ones wear out quickly) during their journey of Airport, Taxi and Hotel, man-hadling. Unfortunately, someone working the baggage at the airport, loved my tags too. Found one missing off my luggage in Puerto Rico! So, now I bought five more, for safe keeping, just in case of any other 'sticky fingered bandits! Please keep these tags in stock Flight 001.
As Useful As It Is Well Designed
I use this pack for makeup in one pocket and daily cleaning supplies in the other. The pockets are deep enough to hold larger bottles, even when they're open. When packing, I have a choice of zipping up my toiletries or leaving the pack open and laying it across my clothes. Because the interior pocjets are not spill proof, I put liquids in ziplocks if leaving the pack unzipped.
Shared the love
I purchased mine from ebags. Was happy to find them here! Great product, five stars on everything except the zipper. It's sharp and hard to open and close.
F1 Spacepak Suiter review by Kashka Ashford
Pay attention to dimensions
Love the product, pay attention to the dimensions. Wish there was a version that would fit the 20" case.
RFID Document Organizer review by patricia mangum
RFID document holder
supurb product - can't wait to start my traveling
F1 Seat Pak Black review by Elizabeth
Don't know how I travelled without this!
Love this item. I just tested it out on an international flight and it works beautifully. It's large enough to hold all the essentials you need in flight. Just pack it up, put it in my carryon and once onboard, pull it out before stowing your carryon. Everything all in one place and keeps it all organized easily. Only downside, it doesn't fit my noise cancelling headphones. Totally recommend!
NEIGE DOT MINI POUCH BLACK review by Elizabeth
Good little pouch
Love this adorable little pouch. It's well made, sturdy and the perfect size. Currently serving as a travel first aid kit.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Orange review by Angie Girven
The bag holds all of my mini containers and it is easy to spot what I want so I don't have to dump everything out. It's great that the bag is durable and washable.
Durable, washable, see-through
Worked Perfectly!
The product was great. Used in Italy, UK and Germany.
F1 MINI SEWING KIT review by Marie-Claude
Perfect for travel
This little case holds everything you would need for minor repairs when away from home. I bought it for traveling, but I am going to keep one in my purse.
F1 X-ray Document Holder Pink review by Marie-Claude
Simple but effective
There is not much to this holder, but for that reason it is great. You can see what is in it easily and it does not take up much room in your handbag or carry on.
Great way to pack
Love this! I packed for an entire weekend in this case. Kept my clothes separated into clean and dirty once I got there. Cute pattern.
love traveling with this
I love this passport case, it's great quality and nice color with a vintage feel.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Blue review by Christine
Great Quality
I have not used this product yet, but in just opening it and looking at it- it is MUCH better quality than most travel bags that you can get. I would highly advise buying this as it seems like it will last through many travels!
Nice little pouch
I intend to use this to hold documents during travel, and it is the perfect size, with a good, easy to glide zipper. And it's cute!
Looks and works great!
This is so cute and stylish. It looks expensive and works great. Zipper is smooth and two passports fit nicely. Love!
So cute!
Love it! Perfect size organizational pouch. Well made. Cute and fun graphics. Bonus points because I'm a pilot and the airplane in the graphic is what I fly :)
Grid-It Med Blue review by nancy Keel
loved it. So nice not to have to look for a charger
easy to use and get organized. Perfect for a couple on a trip
F1 3-WAY LAPTOP BAG CAMO review by Tracy
Fab bag
Fit my 15.6 laptop bag perfectly. Was able to fit my DSLR in the large compartment. Loved the backpack function. Received many compliments.
Gorgeous and holds soooo much!
recently purchased this product for a week long trip of surfing and exploring in Nicaragua. As a woman, that means I had quite a few wardrobes to bring with me in a carry on bag. Between this and the matching clothes bag, I was able to pack 7 pairs of shorts, 15 tanks/tshirts, 4 dresses, 2 cover ups, 5 bikinis, 2 rashguards, 2 sports bras, a pair of athletic shorts, a pair of athletic leggings, 2 pajama sets, and an hanging toiletry bag full of full size products and makeup. It ALL fit in my heys hardsize carryon luggage with 3 pairs of sandals, a baseball cap and about 15 protein bars and cliff bars! I was also able to repack it all, keeping the clean and dirty laundry separate and fit souvenirs in my bag. Best travel accessories purchase I have ever made!!
Gorgeous and holds soooo much!
I recently purchased this product for a week long trip of surfing and exploring in Nicaragua. As a woman, that means I had quite a few wardrobes to bring with me in a carry on bag. Between this and the matching undergarments bag, I was able to pack 7 pairs of shorts, 15 tanks/tshirts, 4 dresses, 2 cover ups, 5 bikinis, 2 rashguards, 2 sports bras, a pair of athletic shorts, a pair of athletic leggings, 2 pajama sets, and an hanging toiletry bag full of full size products and makeup. It ALL fit in my heys hardsize carryon luggage with 3 pairs of sandals, a baseball cap and about 15 protein bars and cliff bars! I was also able to repack it all, keeping the clean and dirty laundry separate and fit souvenirs in my bag. Best travel accessories purchase I have ever made!!
Love it!
Keeps all my products organized!
Great Product!
This is the best adapter for travel! It's handy and compact and there is never a moment of worry about whether or not your electronic products will work in another country. I'm a big fan!
awesome, efficient and well constructed
Makes packing a breeze!
I cannot say enough about the SpacePak system! I travel to the UK a few times a year for two-week visits, and packing clothes has always been an issue. This takes up such little space in my suitcase and streamlines the entire packing process. I love that it keeps clean and dirty clothes organized, as well. I've also found it minimizes clutter when traveling. Instead of cramming hotel drawers full with clothes or throwing them back into your suitcase, it's easy to stow everything neatly in the SpacePak. I highly recommend this for frequent travelers, especially!
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Lily M.
I packed all my toiletries in this!
I originally bought this for a trip down to Miami since I was planning to only bring a carry on with me and I am so glad I bought this! It fit all my toiletries (even non-liquids) in this quart size bag. It was a breeze to pull out and plop down for the screening process. Great solid construction and definitely will use for all my future trips.
Great toothpaste
I love this Marvis Ginger toothpaste, and will buy it again. The ginger is not overpowering, but I love ginger so that doesn't matter.
F1 SAFETY PASSPORT COVER review by Michelle Kearns
super comic cover
my stepson picked this out for his new passport and first solo trip to europe. he loved the comic & humor of it.
Pleased with purchase
Purchased for recent airplane trip. I did not use for my liquids; instead, I used one in my carry-on tote for OTC medications; individually wrapped wipes; small compact/make up brush; lip balm; hair ties, etc. Easy to spot needed items quickly.
F1 Let's Get Lost Canvas Pouch review by Lillian775
Haven't lost it yet!
Very well made bag -let that is just the right size for last minute thingies for travel packing
F1 Safety Pouch review by Lillian775
Well made, jolly fun... son immediately snagged for his own use
an excellent and amusing product, spacious and well made!
F1 Rubber Tag Oversized review by Lillian775
Perfect for hubby who regularly overpacks
sturdy tag
A+ product
Jolly Fun! perfect for that extra shopping whilst on a trip
Cord Taco Gold review by Melissa
Very handy
perfect for every day and travel
F1 Seat Pak Neon Orange review by Suzi T.
Best Thing I bought for Travel!
I usually can't find a thing in my purse when traveling. Too much stuff... I can put it in separate compartments! This is so compact, and everything can be easily located. I bought one at the airport before my vacation to Korea. Love the color too so I can find it anywhere in the hotel room. Best thing I ever bought for travel!
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Phyllis
Makes packing Easy!
Get rid of those awful plastic spacesaver bags. The Spacepak does a really great job. You can pack enough clothing for at least 7 or 8 days. I've gone to Europe for 10 days and it worked perfectly.
Cute Pattern
I hate packing! I have brought the original Space Paks in its original colors. Loved them. Thought this new pattern was cute. Now I have a Space Pak in my carry on and my check in. I've used them in Japan, Russia and Korea for 2 to 3 weeks vacation travel. I'm unorganized and usually can't find a thing in my suitcase. Now I know where everything is located. What a breeze in packing!.
F1 Contoured Eye Mask Turquoise review by Cassie Brady
Loved it
Great for migraine headaches
Citix60 Guide Paris review by Monserrat
Havent used it but its cool and modern.
F1 Spacepak Underwear Yellow review by Monserrat
Useful for preventing messes.
Pretty and useful.
BLING JEWELRY WIPES review by Travel Lover
Love these wipes!
These are handy little jewelry cleaning towelettes that I stumbled upon at Flight 001. I keep them in my purse and toiletry bag so I can easily clean my rings and bracelets when I'm not home. They get rid of all the gunk and dirt and really make my diamonds sparkle! Love these little wipes!
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Happy Camper
These are so much better than the ones my wife bought for herself. She will be very jealous during our upcoming European trip.
My daughter loves it
I bought this for my four year old daughter. She loves it. It is just the right size for limited (for now!) toiletries. She loves the bright orange colour too. The case is made of a durable material and is very well constructed.
F1 Rubber Tag Standby Champion review by flyingkriskat
Flight Crew Dream
Wish I could make on every flight as a STANDBY! This just adds some humor to my industry as a flight crew member. These kind of tags last forever, even in the roughest conditions.
F1 RUBBER TAG PAWS OFF review by flyingkriskat
Very Cute and Durable
This I gave as a gift to my mom since she has dogs. I gave her 2 for her carry-on luggage. She loves them!
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Yellow review by flyingkriskat
I can fit all my small toiletries, no problem! And you can see through it, without everything looking SO obvious to other around you. only TSA knows what I pack.
F1 Go Clean Wet Suit Hot Pink review by flyingkriskat
Waterproof! Great!
Just used yesterday and I had ALOT of wet clothes! T-shirt, tank, shorts, undergarments, you get the pic. All of it fit with room for more. I was a drowned rat! Still with all the water that was in the clothes, NOTHING leaked before I got home.
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by C.Stonie
Handy for traveling
Great for international travel. Easy to throw in luggage. Only reason for not giving it a "5/5" is it does not have the larger outlet hole for items that have one plug larger than the other.
F1 RUBBER TAG PRIVATE JET review by Madelyn K
Just Because
I bought this just because I thought it was funny. :)
Spork review by Madelyn K
Perfect when I needed it.
The spoon part isn't deep which was kind of a downer, but it still worked well. The texture did bother me, but for emergency use it works just fine.
MOBILE CHARGER DISCO review by Madelyn K
I use it all the time
I use this all time when I travel, or I'm just out and about and need a quick charge. Charges fast to replenish, but when cellphone service is bad it does drain rather quickly. Still a keeper, and it's easy to find my purse when I need it.
Comfort in the Sky
The perfect litte mask was great on the plane, and I used it sleep at night. The stewards and stewardesses got a kick out it. Said it was funny. :)
F1 JETMOR CARRY-ON WALNUT review by Madelyn K
Perfect Size for a Weekend Get-Away
I also have the F1 AVIONETTE CARRY-ON, which was perfect for my week long trips, but this little guy was stylish and compact making it easy to carry-on as well as light into the overhead compartments on the place. I received several compliments as I was walking through the airport. Can't wait to use this one again.
I was hoping for more
Love the design. Bright, easy to seek out in my purse; however, I was hoping the interior zip pockets would be more compartmentalized. My necklaces did get a little tangled, and the larger pockets made it difficult to find some of my smaller stud earrings.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by Madelyn K
Best Toiletry Bag I've Ever Bought
Perfect size, love the color, and I can easily fit my F1 X-RAY QUART BAG inside the middle mesh pocket keeping everything compact and within reach.
F1 Spacepak Lingerie Purple review by Madelyn K
Perfectly Conceals Your Intimates
Love double sides lingerie back. It even comes with a mesh bag washing delicates.
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Elizabeth
So easy to pack and use!
This is a great way to travel with every adapter you need all in a convenient and easy-to-carry way. Highly recommended.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by pmcc
Good purchase
Love these pack-it products. Really make a difference in what you can fit in your suitcase.
Only wish each size came in all colors. Would love to have a large orange!
F1 Spacepak Suiter review by Samuel G.
fits in my carry-on
I really like this product, very useful suit was completely wrinkle less and the best of all fits in my carry-on!
Outstanding product
Love the design and function of this old fashioned NON DIGITAL alarm clock.
F1 Rubber Tag You Are Here review by Jorja
Can't miss this one
Great product
Can't miss this tag on the carousel
Great product and easy to spot
This is a great product you should buy it.
Ideal suitcase
Love this bag. It is everything I feel a suitcase should be: lightweight, stylish, and water resistant. I appreciate how the details are tasteful yet understated. The zippers are strong, and there is a nice balance between rigidity on the sides + flexibility in the middle. The internal pop of color is fun, too!
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by Leslie Carruthers
Whoa - didn't know how much I needed this.
This is now something I use every day.

When traveling it is such a joy to know where your stuff is - and now I do - thank you!

When I'm traveling locally it is in my laptop bag working just as hard for me as it does in the air.

LOVE this thing - so well made, and my new go to gift.
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Leslie Carruthers
Love my suitcase even more now...
I love my suitcase even more now that it is so well organized inside of the SpacePak system.

I spent less time looking for and packing / repacking as we moved from city to city; it really was a big help and looks great. Makes me smile just looking at it! So well made - thank you!

This is my new go to gift (right behind the Seat Pak.
eye patch
This is so cute! I just love it. Comfortable.
F1 Go Clean Shoes Neon Orange review by Mathilda
Definitely recommend!
Protected clothes from shoes that were damp and soiled.
F1 X-ray Document Holder Pink review by Mathilda
Great way to organize vouchers and tickets.
Made it easy to keep the vouchers and tickets needed on a daily basis quickly accessible.
F1 X-RAY PASSPORT ORANGE review by Mathilda
Definitely recommend!
Easy to find in bags. Protects passport.
F1 Rubber Tag Set review by D. Collins
wear like iron and easy to spot on carousel
I would highly recommend these tags. This is all we use for travel.
TRAVEL MANAGER PARIS review by Niekema Hudson
Stylish & Handy
I've been searching for the perfect travel document holder, and I've found it. It meets the needs of everything I was looking for in a holder, and I love the Parisian metro system.
Get one
You will be glad to have it. Keeps things together, out of the way, private, and condensed, so you can bring more than usual. Dirty side is the best idea ever & why I chose, and recommend this system over others.
Great product
This pillow was comfortable, but small & flexible enough to store easily in my bag when not in use. No gross chemically smells like the ones they sell at the airport.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Sarah
Love It!
So far I have used it for a week long trip, 4 days business, 3 days vacation, 6 flights. With the cube I was able to bring quite a bit more clothes and loved how everything stayed organized throughout the trip. Suitcase was always ready to zip up & move on to next place.
F1 Spacepak Lingerie Purple review by Tiffany
I absolutely love this bag. Previously I put undies in the partition mesh in the suitcase and then bring a plastic bag for dirty clothes. This is such an upgrade and love having it all in one spot! Because I tend to travel with a lot of undergarments, what I do is put bras and bathing suits in one side and undies in the other, using the matching case it comes with for dirty clothes. It's perfect. I also love looking in my bag and seeing at a glance that I've packed my lingerie.

PLEASE make it in more colours!
Search Alert Lock review by Mark
Clever product
Not only durable and utile, but let you know if your bag has been searched ... if they forget to leave a note.
No one else should buy this ...
because my luggage stands out on the carousel! It's easily eyed amongst all the similar bags. Durable and fun. A terrific product
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Daniel Yeh
Great product
This is compact and colorful. Works great!
This item is exactly as described and is by far the best passport cover I have ever purchased. It's just fantastic.
F1 SPACEPAK SUITCASE review by Laura Parsons
LOVE this bag!
You can't beat the price of this bag! Sturdy, yet lightweight and I was able pack this expertly with the included packing system. Bring this product back!
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by Sean
Almost perfect... don't wash it.
I travel 50 - 75% of the year for work and pleasure. I loved my Spacepak set until it had gotten dirty and had to wash it.

I placed it in my Bosch washer on the hand wash cycle with no detergent.

When I removed the Spacepak set from the washer, much of the screenprinted graphics had washed off. The screenprinted graphics that did not wash off and now continually flake off onto my clothing leaving white specks all over my clothing if I use the Spacepak set for travel.

I have had to discontinue use of the Spacepak because of this.

I'm surprised that the Spacepak cannot be washed, especially because it is designed to carry your dirty laundry.

If the silkscreened graphics did not wash off and cause flaking, it would be perfect.
F1 Avionette 2W Carry-On Charcoal review by Renée L'Abbe
Perfect carry-on. Lightweight. Beautiful inside & out.
Take it on all my travels-someone always stops me to inquire "who makes it? Where do I get it?"
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Renée L'Abbe
Makes packing easy
love being organized!
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Amber B.
nice product
Worked well and easy to use on my trip to Lima, Peru.
F1 Go Clean Boots Grey review by Jenny
Love it
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by Sally
Love it!
Just used this on a week long trip. It's like Dr. Who's Tardis….you can fit everything in it. Great color, good fabric. So happy.
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Bridget
Packing joy!
My husband and I both bought sets of these for a recent trip to Italy. We were gone 12 days and believe me we crammed those bright zip spacepaks completely full! They worked beautifully. Clothes stayed well pressed, easy to unpack an item, just lift out the stack and get what you need. Typically when I travel I layer my clothes in my carry on and then inevitable need the item on the bottom - first! and the ability of getting rid of the dirty worn clothes by zipping them into the other side was perfect. I have to say at first I thought "do I really need these?" but after one trip, I am completely happy with the purchase! I would buy them again in a second.
F1 X-ray Document Holder Pink review by Brittany
So handy!
Used this on a recent multi-city trip across Europe and it was so handy for corralling boarding passes, train tickets and everything in between. Wish it was a little larger to accommodate two passports side-by-side but that isn't a deal breaker. Still super functional and handy.
POINT IT review by Suzi T.
Don't need to speak the language
Bought this for my husband who doesn't speak the language on our next trip. He likes to wander and might get lost. This way, he shouldn't have a problem.
I hate when there are so many adapters, you'll lose the one you need. All in One. Brilliant idea.
F1 I SURVIVED THE T S A POUCH review by Suzi T.
Cute All Purpose bag
Bought one for my daughter too. I always get traumatized by the TSA search, so this is perfect.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by b. monchak-barski
love the deep pockets
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by connectr
Jst works
Does what it is intended to do, and just works. Nothing else to add. A good product, nicely designed.
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by Sean Allen
Great for Road Warriors
Got this product and was extremely happy with being able to properly organize and pack with it. I especially love the ability to NOT mix my clean stuff with the stuff that needs to be laundered. For anyone who travels a lot I would say it is essential!
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Dean Orlosky
Great product. I will say it took me a few tries to figure out how to use this in australia since it requires swiveling the prongs, but once I saw that in the fine print, it worked beautifully. I will be buying more of these and giving them as gifts to my team (who all travel internationally).
I would refer it to anyone
the passport cover I ordered is just perfect for me .
quality is great .
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Laura
Worth the price
Well constructed, packed clothes for myself and my two sons for 1 week without difficulty.
Stop reading this and buy it!
This sleek, eye-catching thermos gets compliments all of the time. However, the benefits don't stop at its looks. The technology to keep its contents at the temperature you desire is on point. It keeps water cold for prolonged periods of time despite high surrounding temperatures, like in the heat of summer. It also keeps coffee hot for long shifts at work when you really need a pick-me-up. This is definitely a product to have in your arsenal of wares. The only downside, in my opinion, is the small volume it holds, just about a pint. While this suffices for hot/coffee beverages, I prefer more for water. Overall, I love this amazing product!
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Patrick
Shoes pouch doesn't fit my shoes
They shoe pouch doesn't fit my shoes, I have a 10.5 US size foot, I was very dissapointed. The rest of it is great!
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by ChristieK
Great storage capacity and its easier to close then a zip lock bag.
F1 SPACEPAK SUITCASE review by Michael
This suitcase is ideal for both short weekend trips and longer 7-10 trips as well. I am definitely not a light packer, but still manage to pack all I need and then some in this very convenient bag. Plus it satisfies my inner OCD neat freak. Flight001 -> you've made a winner!
No more lingerie/sock explosions in luggage!
This bag is fantastic. Discreet enough to keep in your car with a change of clothes in it. Big enough to throw in a tote with a change of all clothes for a casual overnight. Grab handle really makes it grab and go.

Just returned from a 2 week Winter trip. I actually ordered the set and lingerie bag while traveling and received it during travel.

For me, packing for 2 weeks is the same as packing for 7. I Filled it with 3 pair mid weight wool socks, 4 light weight wool socks, 2 silk sock liners, 10 panties in a drawstring bag, 2 chemises, and 3 bras. (34d) The design with zip in the middle made organization easy: By placing the socks on the " bottom side" of the zip and bras/panties in the "top side" it was easy to pull the bag out of my suitcase and find anything I wanted without pawing through the suitcase or the reusable bags I had been using for separation.

When using the laundry side I positioned the included snap in lingerie bag with zip opposite the outer bags zip. Laundry easily goes straight into the lingerie bag that way and lingerie bag easily goes straight into wash.

What I also like is how I am able to grab the bag out of travel bag and set it aside knowing everything is in there. My mind is less cluttered with making sure everything is accounted for. The location I stay in stays more tidy, and if sharing a room keeps your things from getting mixed up with others.
Great beginners Travel Case
I got this as a Christmas gift and have enjoyed everything about it! It is light weight, holds all spacepak bags it comes with, and is a great deal! The suitcase comes with the spacepak system easily fitting a week's worth of clothing! I love my F1 Spacepak Suitcase
Grid-It Med Red review by Maura L.
THIS Is How To Organize Perfectly!
I've purchased the Grid-it Medium for friends who travel for business frequently. While I'm an organized person, this Grid-it takes it to an even better level! We all have many more electronic devices and cords, etc.. I no longer panic when traveling because everything fits on the Grid-it. I'm glad I waited until it was produced in red!
So great I always loose my boarding pass in my bag and digging it out is a real pain. This is so great!! I intend to use this on my trip to Mexico at the end of the month.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by tonya lee
Love this product. Opens up so much space when I am packing. Since I travel a bunch this is a great way to save space, so I can now shop till my hearts content.
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Tracy
Does its job
I was able to fit a lot more into this than I thought I could. $10 well spent!
I'm going to be traveling soon and it can fit a sufficient amount of underwear, socks, and then some even though it's small. It's perfect for what I need it for!
Works everywhere
this all-in-one adapter is just what I needed going to Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. I don't have to take multiple adapters hoping one of them works where I'm at.
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by Katherine
Great gift for my travelling husband
I heard about this set from a friend who had purchased for her brother and instantly knew my husband would love it. The bags arrived quickly and are a very nice quality. They hold a TON of clothing and toiletries. I could not be happier with my decision to purchase these for my husband, and he loves them too!
Super cute mask!
I bought this as a gift for my sister and she loved it! It's adorable, comfortable, and adjustable. Couldn't be happier with it!
F1 SPACEPAK SUITCASE review by Marls
Compact with Great Design
Watched the youtube video of how to properly pack to maximize space, and still wasn't able to pack 2 weeks of clothes. But not to upset about that, if I were traveling in the summer, then yes, 2 weeks of swimsuit and light fabric will fit in this. But traveling during the winter holidays is a stretch, and packing all into this wasn't so easy.
Luxe Guide Florence review by traveler50
Great guide but print is too small to read
This looks like a fabulous guide but the print is too small to read without a magnifying glass and a sunlamp! I don't have room for either of those items in my suitcase so I will probably leave the guide at home. So sad!
Just in the nick of time
Husband forgot his power cords for his phone and his tablet. Power Station saved us from a melt down.

"Great Look" I adore the material
My husband loves the bag. No more smelly gear in the car. Bag contains the stinky odor, and wet clothes.
small bag, lots of room!
F1 Go Clean Set Red review by Tina
Great product!!!
Loved these (bought 3 as gifts) and best of all they came cutely wrapped!
Thank you!
F1 AUTO PILOT EYE MASK review by cc
great product
came as promised and was excellent
great product!
Came fast and was exactly what we wanted!
F1 Aviator Eye Mask review by J
Great Eye Mask
Great eye mask, comfortable to sleep with
My nephew thought it was a great gift! He also said now he won't forget where he's travelled even when he's old!
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Daves Movie Center
Handy Product
Handy Product
Great product
Great product
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Charlene
Useful Product
The product itself is great. I was able to pack 2 heavy sweatshirts, 3 jeans, and 2 dress pants. However, when I purchased it at 20% off, the item went on sale further the following Monday for 40% off. I wish I can get a price adjustment for it or waited until then to make the purchase.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Maria
Very well built, holds a lot of clothing inside. The zippers that close the pack are sturdy and well made. To be honest, I wasn't expecting such good quality...really impressed. It is expensive but I can see myself using this for a long long time!
F1 Spacepak Lingerie Purple review by Maria
Necessary object!
Very well made, different from other mass produced luggage products. Pleased with the size, color, sturdiness and function. Would re-buy it!
F1 RUBBER TAG PRIVATE JET review by windycityf
Perfect for a gift
I bought this a friend that always jokes that I need to get my own private jet. I like it's made of thick material I am not worried about it breaking.
F1 Spacepak Shoes Green review by windycityf
Keep dirty shoes, clean
I love that this keep my dirty shoes from touching my clothes. plus it keeps my suitcase organized and its easy to notice if something is missing
F1 Spacepak Lingerie Purple review by windycityf
Keep your bras from snagging
Love these spacepak bags for keeping my clean from my dirty and keep my clothes separate no digging for my socks!
So cute!
I love this eye mask. The saying is perfect. It's soft. Just need more colors!
Wish I would have ordered more for each person in my family! So compact and easy to travel with.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Erin
Great packing tool
Perfect size for a week trip to the beach. The pack helps you limit overpacking and has a separate side for dirty clothes. I think the price is reasonable if you can get it on sale. The pack comes in a bag, which I don't understand, but I love the pack.
such a cool idea
This is brilliant. I got one as a gift for anemone then ordered a second one for myself. If you travel you need it
Great product
Funny and well made, it was a big hit.
Funny and well made
Great colors
F1 Spacepak Underwear Yellow review by JanetB
Really does make the suitcase more manageable
Used this on a one-day trip. It really is a lot easier being able to just lift the bag of clothes out of the suitcase rather than rummaging around in my carry on looking for stuff. This is a nice size for a carry on bag.
Great bag!
Love this bag for organizing and packing
F1 X-RAY TAG YELLOW review by Lily
love them!
Super easy and doesn't fall off..very bright, looks good
A cut above the ordinary adapter
Just received this product and its definitely a better device than the ordinary travel adapter. More sturdy and with a great all-in-one design.
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Curious traveler
Haven't used it yet, but it's a cool stocking stuffer
I bought this as a gift for my sister as we prepare for a big trip. She travels a lot so I think this is perfect.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by Angela
Just got this a week ago and used it right away on a short jaunt. It worked perfectly, takes up minimal space, holds everything nice and neatly in small netted compartments. Nothing jiggles around everything stays put. It's so easy to get things out as needed. I've tried many of these and this is by far the most useful. Thank you .
F1 Clear Carry-on Quart Bag review by Douglas Reed
I have not had the opportunity to use it yet but all signs is that Ii will love this product. I like the size, durability, and the zipper looks like it will last. It looks like it is easy to clean.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by Doug Reed
It's a gift but it looks great and I like the way you package. The person it is for will love it
Easy to pack. Lots of compartments. Sturdy. Easy to maneuver through the airport. Can't miss the color when picking up your bags.
I had the carry-on and wanted the bigger version for a trip to Australia. You can really pack this bag. The soft sides allow you to stuff it if you need to. I love the number of individual compartments where you can pack things like socks and underwear. This bag is well built, sturdy and very easy to maneuver in and out of the airport. And probably best of all, you can't miss the bright blue color amid the sea of black bags when you pick up your bags in baggage claim.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by Sara Jane
you will not regret this.
I actually purchased this ages ago for myself. IT RULES. I have travelled cross country a few times and it kept all of my clothing tidy and organized. Seriously, no ironing required or fishing through piles of stuff in my suitcase. And you can pack more purchases to go home with you because of the space you save! Bonous! Anyways, I love it so much that I purchased it as a gift for my jet set dad.
I bought recently and traveled with it, I am impressed of how it protects what is inside een being soft, I carried something heavy for my collection of brochures and they arrived perfect!!!!.

I love it!!!
Grid-It Med Blue review by Jo Oppenheimer
Great for travelers
The recipient of this gift, a frequent traveler, will appreciate it as it simplifies all the electronic gear she carries when traveling.
Bark Log Pillow review by Robyn
Must have for the traveling log lady
I bought this as a gift for my brother but my daughter snagged so I'll have to get another. Great for travel and for watching the new episodes of Twin Peaks.
Cordito Cord Wrap Gold review by Robyn
Elegant solution
This is a big improvement over the zip-lock baggie I've been using but I have a hard time making mine look as neat as the photos.
Skyroam Hotspot review by Makduda Zainulbhai
Love it.
Though the wifi speed is slow, it allows us to use the internet anywhere that we are traveling. Easy to set up and start to use.
Grid-It Med Red review by slowpez
A bit heavy but practical
This was quite a bit heavier than I expected: not good for my shoulder bag. But excellent for the stuff I pack in my checked luggage. No more mousing about through layers of clothes, disrupting your meticulous packing scheme to find that cord or recharger. All in one place. Great!
F1 Rubber Tag Set review by Rick from NC
good product
Just what I expected. Durable and flexible. Should last for many trips!
Great product!
I love this eye mask. It was my first experience with one (as well as my first trans-atlantic flight) and it totally got the job done. I loved how the scooped eye areas made it feel like my eyes could freely move around, as opposed to having something weigh on them (like normal eye masks are). It kept all light out as well, and was comfortable to wear for a couple hours. The only criticism I could make (and it's a minor one) is that it was just a little too small for my head. Admittedly I have a very big one, but a little extra give in the straps would have been appreciated.
F1 Seat Pak Neon Orange review by Carol P.
I use this item as a wallet, a purse and seat pak. I own 3.
Very versatile. Large pockets. Excellent construction.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Emily
It's all I talk about
I work remote and have to travel across the country to the main office once a month for a week at a time. This has made my life so much easier that I tell everyone about it. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
GOTOOB SET ORANGE & RED review by Paige
Worth the price!
Fantastic product. I've seen these in stores and always scoffed at the price, but everything about them is fab. Filling them is a breeze, dispensing from the tube is easy and the soft, pretty colors are a nice change from the industrial 3-ounce containers I've seen elsewhere.
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Arlene
This product. Traveling made easy ... compact & very neat
Fantastic product - the only way to travel with liquids and gels. Very easy to refill. Very easy to use.

The 2oz size is a little large -- enough to last at least a week! So I prefer the smaller, 1oz sizes.
Great bags --- you actually get 3! Two bags for shoes (1 for each shoe) and then another small zipper bag you can re-purpose!
Just wish they made a bag that could fit two shoes. One bag for each shoe seems kinda silly.
Great Bag
perfect toilet kit for those
soft & comfortable
I use it for daytime naps.
Sturdy bag
Roomy, durable. Strong zippers and zipper handles. I wish the hand was a bit mire sturdy, but this is a well made product for the price. The spacepak packing tools fit well. The leather trim does scuff a bit with typical wear, but the bag holds up well.
real upgrade
I love how this quart bag looks and feels. It's definitely an upgrade to a ziplock bag.
This product is awesome! I love the brand and how they mix felt with other materials and make it look beautiful.
Great travel blanket for trip to NYC
Great travel blanket...folds up small, easy to transport, warm for airplanes and Broadway theatres.
F1 Travel Blanket Blue review by Wynne
Great travel blanket for trip to NYC
Great travel blanket...folds up small, easy to transport, warm for airplanes and Broadway theatres.
F1 Spacepak Underwear Yellow review by Brenna
Not just for undies!
It's a shame the spacepak series is labeled for specific use — the underwear pak with the underwear illustrations, clean/dirty and so on... I use the undie pak as the main pak in my carryon. I roll up tops and undies in the one side, pants and rolled up sock on the other. Such a space saver, it's all I ever use! I had more than enough to wear on a 12-day trip to two climates, three foreign countries, all in my carryon!
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by Martha
Love this
I've only used this once for a two night trip but I love it already. The two roomy zipper pockets can handle full-sized containers so not changing to small sizes for short trips. Plus everything is contained as opposed to some hanging kits that have mostly smallish pockets and anything not in those pockets falls out. You know what I mean if that's what you have!
Miists Stain Remover Spray review by Roger Krause
Actually works
Removed a very tough wine stain-
Miists Natural Insect Repellant review by Roger Knowles
Really keeps the bugs away and doesn't smell too strong or chemically
Mini Toiletry Kit
This bag is large enough for me to carry all the toiletries that used to fit a much bulkier case. I contacted Support to ask about the extra bag that it came & got an almost immediate response.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by Jim Nelson
Clothes Spacepak
I have used the Spacepak yet, but it appears very sturdy & well built. The size is appropriate for shirts & pants. It comes in a zip bag of it's own that can be used for another purpose.
F1 RUBBER TAG NOT A TOURIST review by Juannie!
Cool Name Tag!
Well and cool designed and built. Love the fact that the material is rubber protecting your information and its very bright catching the attention of your luggage far away.
TAG YOUR BAG SET KEEP CALM review by Juannie!
Great Name Tags
Well and cool designed and built. The only con for me is the fact that you have to use a permanent marker and the information is not protected
F1 GET LOST TAG review by Juannie!
Cool name Tag!
well designed and built. Looks very good attached to my luggage.
For my husband and he loved
Great for the organized traveler!
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Blue review by VMVAtlanta
Excellent Product
Durable, Attractive, and Usefu!!!
F1 Another Destination Pouch review by VMVAtlanta
A Find ...
Durable and attractive!!!
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Orange review by VMVAtlanta
A Keeper
Durable and attractive!!!
F1 Spacepak Lingerie Purple review by Janet
Always useful!
I have other Spacepak bags and really like all of them. This lingerie case is all I need to complete my set! Love the Clean and Laundry separation. Even the mini-toiletry case has proven itself as workable, useful, and very convenient for making the short trip from a guest room to a shared bathroom.
F1 Spacepak Shoes Green review by James Clifton
great product
great product
Spacious and durable. I have this in green and used it both as a beach bag and an everyday bag while on vacation in Hawaii. I too wish that there was an option to turn this bag into a bagpack when desired. Otherwise, its great. Recommended.
F1 Rubber Tag Set review by wmc515
Great Product
Sturdy and colorful tags make my luggage easy to find.
Best packing cubes EVER
You have the best designed, best quality packing cubes of any on the market. LOVE THEM.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Grey review by Martin
Easy to travel with everything you need.
compact and cute
Very good value
Love These!!!
I took two of these along on a cruise. I had one for my flights, and one for my cruise documents. While everyone else was fumbling trying to get all their documents together - I was already out at the pool!!
Best adapter I have had
Very user friendly!
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Antoinette
Best Travel accessory
I ordered 2 more to give to family because mine was so amazing. This product is truly heaven sent.
holds it all
I have numerous toiletries for weekly gym shower use and when flying home to see my mom. This bag holds it all and I don't have to transfer any products around. it is just grab and go,
flight perfect
I bought my first Flight001 product in the Berkeley CA store. Excellent quality and love the color choices, for fun. I am hooked.
F1 Spacepak Mini Toiletry Orange review by bill reith
orange is the new mine!
the bag is great. It has a lot of storage, and some nifty little zippered compartments. Most important, its orange, which means I can find it easily in a crowded suitcase or hotel closet. Some minor things that I would change - - I'd put a small zipper compartment on the outside, and I'd explain what that graphic on the inside is all about. But those are nits - this is a great bag, and I'm glad that I got it.
F1 CARGO CARRY-ON BLUE review by Kathy
Sweet little carry on
I had to get a new carry on due to the new size limits and this guy looks perfect! Love the built in lock and the organization pockets inside. Rolls nicely matches my Vera Bradley tote perfectly!
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Grey review by Mary Ann Oxford
This is a great toiletry pack. It is deeper than it looks and I packed both of my husbands and my toiletries and we still had room for all the hotel samples. I will be using this all the time for all trips.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by Mary Ann Oxford
This product is the best! I packed a week's worth of bulky clothes in this and they all fit. Left a lot of room in the suitcase for other items. This is a must have!!!
F1 Travel Blanket Blue review by Mary Ann Oxford
Love this blanket. Didn't have to use the gross airplane blankets. Super soft and warm. And my kids love using at home too!
A Must Have!
This pillow was totally worth it! Super comfortable, easy to pack. It was a must have for my transatlantic flight!
Packs easily, works great!
Great for Travel
I pack my gym gear in this when I travel. When I arrive at my destination, all I have to do is pull it out of my suitcase, and I am ready to go. It is great that it also works as a gym bag, so when I head to the hotel gym, I have my towel, water, etc.
F1 Rubber Tag Go Away review by Shea
Cute, funny, and durable
Cute, funny, and durable
Cute, funny, and durable
Cute, funny, and durable
F1 GO CLEAN SHOES BROWN review by Shea
I bought this for my boyfriend for a birthday gift as he will soon be traveling overseas. They are durable and a great price!
F1 CARGO CARRY-ON BLUE review by Lorena S.
Best carry-on I've ever owned!
I picked up this suitcase due to the major carriers cracking down on their carry-on dimensions and my old rollaboard no longer fitting in the sizer.

I am astounded at the quantity of clothing I was able to fit into this suitcase. I just took a 10-day trip and was able to do it with ONLY what I could fit into this astonishing little case. Additionally, it's sturdy, astonishingly lightweight, and rolls like a dream - very stable and smooth rolling.

The only downside I've found (and it's a REALLY minor one) is that the top isn't quite flat (you can see this in the pictures) and so if you put your coffee cup on top while you're waiting for your flight without paying attention to how you set it down, you'll soon have less coffee. Ask me how I know. However, that's so minor, it's hardly worth a mention.
F1 NEON TAG GREEN review by Jessica
i was worried it would tear off being that baggage handlers are pretty rough but it wasn't! extremely durable and makes it easy to identify my luggage.
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by Anna
Perfect for travel
I got the whole set, and it's already proven perfect for travel. All my clothing (1-2 weeks winter clothes, or 2-4 weeks summer clothes of many kinds of women's M-L) fits in the clothes one, and all the underwear and sports gear (except running shoes) fit in the shoes one, and either the toiletries or all the cables and chargers fit in the toiletry one. So all my clothes fit in my hand luggage, and they stay organized too. What's the best part of the clothes one is that it has the side for the dirty laundry too, so it's all nicely separate.
The set comes in a zipper bag made of the same material, and that is also useful - for collecting the extra laundry on the road (like that of my husband who doesn't have a set yet) or for some other travel use for keeping similar items together.
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by debbie hammond
this product really came in handy. we went to paris and london, and it worked well in both places. would order from flight 001 again.
F1 Seat Pak Blue review by Mimi
No more vest for me!!!
Wearing a travel vest was my way of keeping track of all that "stuff" you need on an airplane but don't want to reach your tote on the floor. That's too uncomfortable. However, with all those pockets on the vest; inside and out, unless you have a cheat sheet, you have to look in all the pockets to find something. Who can remember where you put things? Plus, that vest can get VERY heavy, putting strain on your neck. As a new purchaser of travel goodies on Flight 001, I check back to see if I've missed something. Don't miss out on this one! Bought it specifically for a trip to Australia and New Zealand in May, knowing that the flight from LA to Sydney would be very long. Perfect for that trip. Well, perfect for any trip, long or short. I ignored the labeling and stuffed my stuff into the four pockets, for my own organization but the labels can be helpful. Found out that you can really stuff that Seat Pak like crazy. Way more than I first thought. The little loop hangs nicely on the tray hook, even with all that I had in it. My only regret is that I didn't order it in purple but they were out when I ordered the blue and I needed it then. Well made and well worth the price. Order it now, don't wait.
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by Janet
Why Did I Wait to Get This??!
Extremely useful - short trips, long trips, weekend hops. I've wanted this forever. So glad I finally bought the set. I have average-sized shoes (8 - 8-1/2 womens), and 2 pairs easily fit in the shoe bag, including heels. Love that I don't have to be concerned about WHERE to put the laundry either.
Love it!
Between this bag and the larger one, I can make it 7 - 10 days in a 22 * suitcase and still have room for souvenirs. It does not add weight or bulk the way I thought it might, just compressed the clothes to a manageable size. Just great.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by Deena Katz
I travel all the time. In the US and abroad. I thought these things would add too much to my suitcase in weight and bulk, but amazingly, I get more into my suitcases that I ever did. I traveled a week to Paris with a 22" bag and one of these, along with the underwear one. I had room to bring home souvenirs. Won't travel without them!
F1 Go Clean Set Red review by Ephee
Bright idea
This item is a must, I cannot imagine traveling without it.
I can pack many things in it , and it stays fine in my carry on.
Also the quality of the material is excellent.
Another bright idea from Flight001
Perfect companion
Flight 001, only has quality items and this one is another perfect travel companion!
Fun & Functional
Hilarious and practical way to ID your carry-on or luggage. Super fun!
F1 VOID POUCH review by JC
Perfect for Carry On
The creative and cool pouches are perfect for 3.0 oz or smaller liquids for your carry-on bag. Practical and fun.
"To My Health" Flask review by Avivah
Absolutely perfect size for travel
I had been waiting for this to come back into stock for months. I travel a lot and this is the perfect size. And it is a great gift for a friend who travels.
Wouldn't leave home without it.
Ok, so at $42, I'll admit it's kind of pricey. However, after going through all types/kinds of toiletry bags, pouches, etc. I found one that beats them all - this one. Just wish I had found this years ago. Would have saved myself MORE than the $42!! I was really skeptical that it could hold all the items that I travel with. On my first trip using it, I found I was wrong. It can hold a ton of things. And the hook does seem securely made to hold all that weight. Don't do like I did, searching for the "perfect" toiletry case. Just buy this one. You can't miss with it. The only downside (and it's just a little one) is the color. But, hey, if you're a UF Gator fan like me, it works when you combine it with the blue clothing Spacepaks (and it's the right color blue). ORANGE-BLUE!! Go Gators!!!
F1 Spacepak Lingerie Purple review by sheilaCT
good product
I love the spacepak for clothes and can not travel without it. I havent used the spacepak lingerie yet and looking at it, im not quite sure how it can keep my delicates from getting squished but I'm excited to try it.
F1 SPACEPAK SUITCASE review by Lhill
Happy Happy Traveler
I LOVE this suitcase. It is sturdy, easy to maneuver, and the exterior still looks new after 12 flights. I have never been more organized and efficient when I travel. It makes packing and being on the road enjoyable. I plan on buying more for my two kids when they go to college.
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Dan Boston
Perfect product - using it right now in Denmark & Germany - could not be more compact and easy to pack and use and our Danish friends love the design (that's a huge compliment)
F1 Seat Pak Violet review by Freddy
I just love this. It makes my travel soooo much easier.
Awesome Bag
This bag is a great size and amazing color. The blue is really vibrant and will definitely not get lost during travel. The size is good for all the basic essentials you may need on the flight!
Fabulous toiletry bag
Just returned from my first trip using this bag. My husband had one and I had noticed how easy it was for him to use in hotel rooms so ordered one of my own. I was amazed with how much I was able to pack into this bag. One surprise was the little outside pocket. I used this pocket as a makeup bag and all my makeup fit perfectly. I had the bag hanging and just spun it around and had access to all my makeup without having to unpack it all and balance it on the side of the sink. It was lovely to have my makeup separate from my other toiletries and so accessible. The absolute best toiletry bag we have ever had.
The BEST!!
I had never purchased a toiletry case with a hook before. Didn't think I would need that feature. Well, never say never. On a whim (and a sale), I purchased this case. Originally thought the orange color wasn't a color I'd like. Wrong! It's such a bright color, you can find it anywhere in your suitcase. We do a lot of overseas traveling for pleasure and I wish I had purchased this earlier! Hang it up and easily find anything in either of the large pockets. Plus, as others mentioned, it packs a TON of items. I didn't think I could fit all I did. And it fits perfectly in my checked bag. Love this case (and all the other Spacepak cases). Don't hesitate to buy this case. Have I convinced you yet?
Another great idea from Flight 001.
This, make packing a pleasure.
Arriving at destination, knowing exactly where things are.
I love it.
F1 Spacepak Shoes Grey review by Ephee
Ideal for shoes, easy to pack.
I cannot travel without it.
Flight 001 is just ....EXCELLENT.
Chic and Functional
I was thrilled to come across this item, very unique and handy. I plan on using it on my next vacation. Wish it came in solid black and solid white I'd buy a few more.
POWER CARD BATTERY SILVER review by charged up!
Great idea
I find this a great travel accessory and can't wait to use it.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Blue review by windycifyf
Better than ziploc
For years I've been holding out that they would away with the liquid rule. So I've been using Ziploc's. I travel a lot so I finally realized it was time for a 'grown" up bag. This is perfect, and it actually fits more then you think. I just purchased 3 more as gifts.
F1 Spacepak Underwear Grey review by theyhaveways
Absolutely Worth the Money
I first took this Spacepak to a two week trip through New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. It really is worth the money when it comes to keeping you organized and clean. What separates most Spacepaks from other packing aids is the double sided laundry/clean feature that completely solves the problem of packing your suitcase and keeping your clean clothes apart from your laundry when you have to pack for a trip through multiple destinations like I have. I especially love the Underwear Spacepak because I'm very particular with keeping my undergarments separate from the rest of my clothes. The only qualm is that a Spacepak may not be compatible with every suitcase, I suggest you take measurements to make sure it works for you.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by theyhaveways
Absolutely Worth the Money
I first took this Spacepak to a two week trip through New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. It really is worth the money when it comes to keeping you organized and clean. What separates most Spacepaks from other packing aids is the double sided laundry/clean feature that completely solves the problem of packing your suitcase and keeping your clean clothes apart from your laundry when you have to pack for a trip through multiple destinations like I have. The only qualm is that a Spacepak may not be compatible with every suitcase, I suggest you take measurements to make sure it works for you.
F1 SPACEPAK WEEKEND CLOTHES review by theyhaveways
Good Quality but Lacks Full Function
The size is very ideal for a weekend trip and the quality is just as good as the full size Clothes Spacepak. However, this Spacepak lacks the double sided laundry/clean function that the full size offers. Instead there is just a separator flap that attempts to offer the same thing. I don't think it is as effective at separating laundry from clean clothes as the full size, but if you can get over that then this is a good packing aid.
Great idea and it works, too!
Usually, a product this convenient is too cheap to work well. This is the unusual combination of creativity and functionality. Bought this because I didn't know what to expect in Belarus, and it worked amazingly well! Definitely worth the price.
compact and colorful
i haven't used the adapter yet but love the size and color coded adapters..i only wish that the country guide was printed on a card that fit in the plastic packing shield
Can't sleep without them
I have a couple of these for home and travel. This eye mask is so comfortable and the molded shape is a must-have. Worth it!
Just what I needed!
For the first time, my bras didn't collapse during travel. The spacepak fit everything I needed but took up minimal space in my duffel bag. I also loved the separate compartment for dirty laundry.
Great for Weekend Travel
This fit perfectly in my duffle - for the first time I was able to fit clothes, shoes, and toiletries without making my bag burst at the seams!
Love them!
These are so cute and according to my mom (former airline employee) this is the best type of connector and least likely to comes off.
F1 SPACEPAK SUITCASE review by Scott
This thing is great for an OCD packer like me
I waited a bit for a sale to finally move to pick one of these up as I was intrigued by the idea. It's very simple and effective and perfect for organization-prone people. Highly recommend, nice outer shell as well. Only wish the price point was a bit lower, other than that, it's great.
Love this. Arrived quickly.
a must
We actually have five of these bags, one per member of the family (even our baby has one). It's a must to stay organized when travelling. The kids love packing up their clothes into their own space bags and when we get to the hotel, they can keep their own things organized. We've taken both short and long trip (2 weeks) with these and everything fits nicely. It's so awesome.
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by hermione
Bought one for each of the family - we travel a lot and saves all the hassle of everyone searching through carry-ons for all the things needed during a flight. We just grab the Seat Pack and can quickly stow our carry-ons.
EAU GOOD CHARCOAL PURIFIER BOTTLE review by nancie burbick
Very good product
Water tastes great out of bottle. Would like more visible information on charcoal refills and what they cost before product purchase. I had to search the packaging for information on where to get refill charcoal. Other than that I am pleased and am considering them as Christmas gifts for my family.
F1 Rubber Tag Flyin' Drunk review by Perfect
Love it
Friends loved it
F1 CARGO CARRY-ON YELLOW review by frequent-flyer-for-fun
This is my first hard-shell carry-on and at first I was concerned about capacity limits, but the smart interior organizers and square corners meant it fit two pairs of shoes, toiletries, laptop and enough clothes for a 4 day trip (Spacepak helped). Because the suitcase is relatively light weight it was easy to lift into the overhead compartment even when packed to capacity.
My FAVORITE feature, however, has to be the wheels! I live in an urban environment and I usually take the subway to the airport. First trip out I was running a bit late to catch the train so I YANKED that suitcase up curbs, through pot holes, down stairs. The wheels kept up and suitcase didn't scratch.
Perfection. :)
Like it very much
Like it very much
GO! SAC EXPANDABLE CARRY ALL review by super light and exactly right
Just what I needed
I got this for a 3 day weekend away as my carry on and my everything. It was light, roomy and carried just enough for my trip. Perfect, and it looks good!
Great idea!
We bought 2 for upcoming trips. Wished we'd had them on previous trips.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Karena
Love it!
So glad I found out about these products. The bag(s) organize all my stuff and I have eliminated all ,messiness of my carry-on bag after a few days on the road.
Grid-It Med Red review by Cindi
Very handy
This is a cool way to have your chargers in one place and any other electronic device that may fit.
F1 Man Things Canvas Pouch review by meryl
love it
These are the only eye shades that allow the wearer to blink while wearing them. No more mascara spreading after a long flight.
simple and green
I have looked and looked for just a simple european adapter for years. finally found this one, and it is Green
Great passport holder, exactly what I was looking for. Low profile, slim, and sturdy. The extra slot for a credit card or other ID is nice too. Haven't tried out the RFID capabilities yet, but am not to worried about that.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Encore
Product is great! Keeps my pack very organized, good size, and great build quality. Only issues is I found the advertised garment quantity a little generous. You probably will be able to fit most of it in but prepare to really stretch the spacepack.
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Pink review by Kelly B.
Fun travel accessory!
I'm always on the hunt for something to keep my toiletries in while traveling that's not a stupid sandwich bag. I always have a bag of "essentials" in my bag and I dread sorting the liquid/gel things into a clear bag so this is a great option for me! It allows me to keep things nice & organized while still being stylish. It's a fun pop of color in my bag :)
BAGGU DUCK BAG CLAY review by Happyhophead
Great Bag
Love love love this bag durable sturdy great addition to the back pack I bought. The adjustable straps are great too.. You can carry it by hand, over your shoulder, or a cross your body. Love the orange color too!
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by Sam
I'm a pretty organized person and have traveled with numerous smaller bags in my larger, under the seat, bag to keep everything in place. However, once I used this for the first time, I wondered how I managed before. This has it all. Compartments for everything and while it looks small, is deceivingly so. There's so much room for all the things you would need during flight. Simply pull it out, hang it up and there's no need to search around for anything all flight long.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Sam
Perfect for the OVER-PACKER
I am notorious for over packing when I travel. Trying to determine what I am going to be in the mood to wear 7, 4, or even 2 days later can sometimes be daunting. I like options which typically leads to me stuffing way more clothes than I actually need in my suitcase and then trying to fit everything else I need in there. Not to mention I usually carry my suitcase on the flight. So, I thought I would give this a try and see if it helped. I was amazed that I could fit all the things I would normally take in such a small space. I had way more room in my suitcase, in fact I didn't even fill it, which was a first. This is perfect if you're like me and over pack for trips or if you need to take a few weeks worth of clothes in a small space. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for more room in their bag or maybe even wanting to downsize.
F1 Travel Blanket Blue review by Andy
No Blankets? Bring your own!
I like how compact this blanket is, it's also nice as a pillow in it's bag. I would like an all cotton jersey version. I don't usually purchase synthetics.
F1 HOLA ME LLAMO CARD CASE review by mariaw
i love this product, the colour stands out and i needed a pouch to hold cards that arent my passport
F1 Travel Blanket Blue review by 3Boys
Fantastic for Adults and Kids
Great blanket, but also great pillow for the little ones.
36 HOURS EUROPE review by Nicole
Great buy
These books are gorgeous and informative! We bought two (Asia and Europe) as give away prizes and are now considering purchasing them for the office.
Spork review by julie
bought in australia and love glad to see it here
Its a little bit I keep it in my handbag and there are so many times when it has been useful
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Bon Ami
Makes Packing a Breeze
I hate packing for travel. I even gave up and threw all my stuff in the suitcase a few hours before my flight on one occasion so this takes the pain out of packing. Everything is so easy to find and organized.
Practical Necessity
Trying to juggle a carry on and check in suitcases at the airport is very frustrating especially if you want to bring your electronic equipment too.Hands free solution and keeps recharging apparatus conveniently together.
Love this 4-wheel suitcase
This was a great suitcase for carry-on. It easily fit between the aisle so I could wheel it to my seat and stowed easily in the overhead compartment. The 4-wheels made it effortless to push around the airport and hotel. I would definitely recommend this suitcase to others.
F1 New Adventure Pouch review by HK
Great Bag
I use this bag to keep my medications together when flying - makes them easy to find and keeps my backpack less cluttered.
Great bag
This is a great toiletry bag. It holds a LOT more than I was expecting, and the shape was great for fitting into my suitcase. The hook is a great for hanging on a door or towel rack and keeping the counter space clear (especially if there is limited space). Great purchase.
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by mcrace
It goes with me all the time
I cannot imagine how I managed without it (I was a collection of old amenity bags that made things difficult to find...). Now I have everything. I pack it quite full but it contains Iphone, passport, pen, my quart plastic bag of liquids, small set of noise-cancelling headphones, socks and eyemask.
Cute, convient, east to use. Feels nice and sturdy, does not feel cheap or like it'll break or stop working after one use. Very happy with my purchase!
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by clementinecutie
very satisfied
Happy with my purchase! Love the packaging!
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by judith
the best "bag in bag"
This has made carry on bags fabulous
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by judith
works great in the carry i can have more shoes!!
Excellent bag
This is the first time that I spend that amount of money in a piece luggage, and I travel to Spain between once to three times a year. I needed a big bag this time and I trusted the two comments that I read in your site. I can't believe how much it fits and then you always seems to have room for more. Easy to carry. Easy to clean the outside. PERFECT!!!
Very efficient--and cute!
Love it!
I've had this product for about a year now, it's been great! It's extremely durable, and helps me identify my bag immediately at baggage claim! Couldn't be happier.
Great choice
Although it has not yet travelled with me on a flight, the idea of packing it is intriguing and I can't wait for the next trip. How wonderful not to have to check bags, and still get there with clothes to wear!
This laundry pen is an excellent add in to your travel essentials, never know when you need a little touch up
F1 GO CLEAN LUNCH review by JD
perfect for on the go
great lunch bag that fits everything you need for an office lunch. just pack it and go.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Matthew
Just got back from the REI Thailand Family Adventure tour. 14 days, 9 hotels, temperatures from 40-90F. The form and size factors of this bag are perfect. Since we didn't anticipate having time for laundry, but did anticipate lots of dirty clothes, I packed each side with half of my pants, shirts and shorts. The first half of the trip, I wore all the clothes from one side. Half way through the trip, I opened the other side up for fresh clean clothes. The one-way rivet valves are genius!
I'm ordering the mini-toiletry, underwear and shoes bags now for Puerto Rico!
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Pink review by Erin
Super cute
Perhaps difficult to justify $14 + S/H on a plastic bag... but this is super durable, easy to pack/stuff into a carry on, and cute. No ripping ziplocks anymore. Worth the money to make traveling that much more fun!
Very Useful
This kept all my first layers, undies and pj's in one handy place, and separate from all my day wear clothing, so if I needed an item, I didn't have to dig for it in the other spacepak or loose in luggage. Love the clean/laundry divider, especially for stinky socks!
While this doesn't necessarily compress shoes, it forces you to have space for them, and also (at least for me), it doubled as a place to store my emergency first aid kit, extra money, spare valuables when not in use, space for souvenirs, etc. Pretty handy little bag for people on the go.
Deceivingly efficient way of packing clothes. Luggage for my luggage, I love it!
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by Great product!
Awesome product. Packed for 15 days into my Briggs and Riley Baseline carry on. Only wish the toiletry was slightly larger, "mini" is no lie, but still fit all my kit into it.
Clothes bag laundry side makes unpacking a breeze and keeps any odors you may have picked up (bars, casinos, etc) away from your clean stuff!
Excellent and cool looking product
SCRATCH GLOBE review by Sosjan
Easy to assemble! Small so can fit in a book shelf and look really nice. I really liked the globe for the person who has everything and loves to travel. Cute concept. My only wish was that the colors had been a little more vibrant when scratched off. Quite unique and fun to do.
F1 Rubber Tag Jetlagged review by hella alyshia
clever and colorful
I love the bold green color, the receipient loves the message.
F1 Rubber Tag Flyin' Drunk review by hella alyshia
Possibly the best design for a luggage tag ever!
F1 HOLA ME LLAMO LUGGAGE TAG review by hella alyshia
lista para aventura!
I love this luggage tag! Using this along with the matching passport cover and travel wallet not only makes me look put-together but also reassures me that thieves are less likely to make off with my bag. Write your name on it!
F1 Spacepak Underwear Yellow review by hella alyshia
perfect for small bags
This is the perfect size for packing a ton of shirts and shorts into my duffel bag (breaking the rules, I know!) This really helps to maximize space.
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by hella alyshia
great color coding
I love the set and the clean/laundry sides of the clothes spacepak. The shoe bag is also great but the orange toiletry bag certainly isn't a compression bag, though it looks nice as a set The big bag that the spackepak containes arrive in is also great for organizing large items.
F1 Heavily Medicated Pouch review by Mackenzie
Great Product
I love this little pouch, it is the perfect size for my purse. I don't use it just for travel I use it for every day. I keep my lipsticks, pocket-size mirror, medicine, etc. in it to keep everything together in my purse. Its really cute and nice quality and people always ask where I got it! I also really like the color of it because its nice and bright but it is also a dark enough color so you don't see any dirt or wear on it from just being in your purse and being used everyday. I haven't tried it yet but I seems like it would do fine in the washing machine too!
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Pink review by Minka
I love love love flight 001 and all of the products they offer and this bag is no exception. It is pink and adorable. I love it so much I carry it with me everyday
Great bag, but it is huge! Encourages over packing!
Must Have
this is fantastic gave 5 away as Christmas gifts now ordering more to have on stock for birthdays!
F1 Another Destination Pouch review by ajgtravels
Super cute and holds alot.
F1 PAPER SOAPS review by sputnik
it's a fun, clever stocking stuffer for Christmas, birthdays or for a traveler
A Travel Must
I love all of the spacepak items. It makes packing and unpacking so much less overwhelming and actually kind of enjoyable since everything is so organized and easy to manage.
a Stocking Stuffer that started great conversations
This is a nicely-designed set with bold graphics that, when unwrapped on Christmas morning, made every one in the room start talking immediately about where they wanted to go and when. Mission accomplished.
Given as gift
This item was a Xmas gift and the person who received it absolutely loves everything about it!!!
F1 SPACEPAK WEEKEND CLOTHES review by Blonde Coyote
Love. Love. Love.
Just returned from a quick flight to Mexico and used the spacepak for the first time. All my clothes stayed unwrinkled and easy to access. I will be buying the other sizes now.
1CPY PASSPORT & TAG SET SOUTH AFRICA review by Blonde Coyote
Cute and Colorful
Really enjoying this, having just returned from my first trip to South Africa. The bright colors sure make it easy to find my passport in my bag.
F1 ROLLAWAY CARRY-ON CHARCOAL review by Travelin' Tony
This suitcase is perfect. The roll down cover is great for those of us that don't want to use the moth bally, dusty drawers some hotels have and still stay organized. The material is great, the wheels are tough, and it's a conversation piece nonetheless. "Hey nice luggage…" Get one now!
F1 X-RAY TAG ORANGE review by leslie
great tag
works perfectly, you notice your bag, it's not tacky and it passes through TSA with ease
F1 X-ray Quart Bag Pink review by leslie
nuts not to buy this
so much better than the dreaded ziplock that always breaks open..and lots more organized due to the shape
F1 Go Clean Lingerie Purple review by travel bug
great gift
A great size for all those under garments.
Sleek Roller
I love the look of this bag and it's the perfect size for an onboard roller! The reason it's not getting 5 stars is the tote strap. It is hard to strap your tote bag to the roller. It would have been better as the usual 'buckle style' but then that takes away from the 'retro look' of the bag.
Very retro
I love the look of this bag and it's the perfect size!
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by Zelda5000
I have a set and love it so much this one is a holiday gift!
F1 ARE WE THERE YET TAG review by Crave Travel
Elegant looking
I read the recommendation from BusinessWeek so I bought one. The tag looks very nice and elegant. I love it. Suitable for both genders.
It's a great product.
It is very sturdy, unlike other tags off after a few uses. I would highly recommend this product. The tag would also make a lovely gift to any jet setter that you know.
Great product!
I love my Spacepaks! The quality of the bags is top notch. The idea of clean & laundry sides is ingenious (especially for the underwear & socks).
CLASSIC PERFUME ATOMIZER review by thedrhenry
Travel scents with sense!
I bought two of these refillable travel perfume spray pumps. They are easy to fill, do not leak and store 5 mL of your favorite scent. Great travel product and you can avoid having to travel with a full size product. I would give 5 stars if there were a few more choices in colors or volume sizes.
love these!
These are the best. Super soft and so comfy. The molded shape is great because they don't press on your eyes like others do. I even use these at home or in hotels that have lots of light. Get these!
F1 Go Clean Beachwear Orange review by RayOfLight
Smart Back, No Batteries
Very intelligent design elevates this from a simple carryall tote bag to something fun and elegant in its simplicity. The hefty material feels more durable than any canvas alternative, and it packs daily. Just wish it had an option to carry as a backpack.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by France Winddance
Fabulous - don't buy just one
I bought several of these and keep one in my car and one at the office. They are absolutely fabulous and I use it not only for extended overseas work travel but also for quick beach trips. I have one in my car for 'work' emergencies so I always have the toiletries I need.
F1 Rubber Tag Flyin' Drunk review by Diane
Now everyone will know!
Husband loved it!
F1 Rubber Tag Jetlagged review by Diane
Great quality!
Very nice!
PLANE TAG YELLOW review by jetsetbett
One of my favorite luggage tags!
Very large and easy to spot your luggage with.
4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter review by Glorey Cree
Fantastic Idea
How convenient not to carry more than one item for multiple uses.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by kathy
Can't wait to buy & try...
Great looking product
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Jane A
Great system!
I love this system and now use it for all my travels. I used the Space Bags in my carry-on for a month-long trip to Central America. It was all I needed and I loved the freedom of traveling light and organized. Only way to go!
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by Michele
I am so happy with this product. It is the best ever. Now I don't have to search for all the things I need in my seat before I sit down. They are all in one place.
F1 PANORAMA EYE MASK review by srozell
Prefer adjustable braided nylon handles/straps
I liked the bag except for the handles/straps. While there are two handle options, I would have preferred just one set of adjustable handles/straps. The leather handle is too short such that it can only be carried by hand - forget trying to loop over your shoulder. While you have the option of the adjustable strap, I would rather not deal with it and risk losing the removable strap. I wish the straps were like the adjustable ones on the Helmet Tote Bag from last year. Ultimately, I had to pass on the bag which was also surprisingly heavier than I expected. Please bring back the Helmet Tote Bag from last year or at least offer a comparable version of it.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Grey review by pigletbunny
Fits everything
I LOVE this bag! :-) After trying many others, this one is the winner, hands-down :-) One Dan squish an amazing amount of stuff in it, and the hanging hook is very useful.
GRID-IT IPAD review by Claire
Creative and Practical!
I would love to use this
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Grey review by Whoebowken
10 year
This product is great I just bought a new one after 9years.
Loving Flight 001 Stuff!
I really love all the products, there so clever and I want them all!
Retro Bag
Love the bright colors, reminds me of something that may have been hip in the 70s/geometric patterning.
F1 Spacepak Toiletry Orange review by pigletbunny
Excellent Toilettries Case
I and my spouse LOVE this bag! :-) You can stuff tons into it, or carry less if so inclined. It fits great into carry-on suitcases, and is very handy to hang on the back of a bathroom door :-)
Small Pill review by christine
great container
this thing is great; holds 4-5 large pills or 8 very small ones. good for your daily dose of vitamins, fits right in the jean pocket or purchase.
DR. SPONGE CHARCOAL review by Stacy
Used this for a whole and it's awesome for my skin.
DUBBEL DUFFEL GREEN review by mototsugu
Japan sancha
good tool
This product is outstanding and an essential must have.
I bought a set of these luggage tags and they are fun, durable and easy to spot when you are watching checked baggage going round and round upon arrival.
BODY SCRUBBER review by Jackie
LOVE this scrubber
It has the perfect texture and size to take with me when I travel! I am in love with my skin after I use this, I finally feel someone nailed it!
DUBBEL DUFFEL NAVY review by Tammy
Big Pill review by Molly
Great product, and fun
Just bought three more for my husband. I use them to keep my electronics cables organized and untangled. One "pill" can hold two USB-iOS cables. I had them in my carry-on luggage transitting Frankfurt. The Xray image perplexed the security guy so they opened up my bag. He called his buddies over and they all had a good laugh - not easy to do in Frankfurt.
TUMI INFLATABLE NECK REST review by Flying around and stuff
Difficult to open air hole
The air hole was extremely difficult to open. There was no mention in the copious warnings and labels that it needed to be pierced open.

I had bought two and managed to get one open, but the opening was so small that it was difficult to blow up and squeeze out. The other pillow got damaged with the force required to open its airhole.
T SPHERES PEP UP review by work-alot
saves my life
using these at wrok when on a deadline keeps me sane...must have for the office
29” RIMOWA TOPAS review by pauliebakes
the best
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by Bob R
It really works
I couldn't see how this could help me until I actually used it. I have 3 space paks in my suitcase now. What I really like is not only the way it shrinks the space needed in my suitcase. It allows me to easily find what I need and not have to re pack every time I move from place to place. It is easy to live out of your suitcase. I can find my clothes for the next day and lay them out and not have a messy suitcase. Putting my dirty clothes in the other side means the space pak does not increase in size. It makes organizing your clothes so easy.
TRAVEL HUMIDIFIER review by TripitLovesMe
Great, but has a fatal flaw
The first two times I used it, I loved it - it was perfect to keep on the nightstand (albeit on a towel so that it didn't create a mess) and let me sleep in comfort.

BUT ... the whole thing depends on the presence of one little plastic valve that fits around the water bottle to seat it into the base. Lose that little valve, like I did after two times, and it's useless.
KNIRPS X1 UMBRELLA LICORICE review by flight000001
not a great product
So I have this umbrella and it does not do what it claims. It is not wind proof at all. Since I started using it, it always flips when the wind is strong. It's light and nicely designed, but it just does not what it claims.
Great Idea - Poor Constructin
I was really excited for this little bag and on arrival was ready to give it a 5/5. However on its first trip out, the zipper has separated from the plastic. I was careful not to overfill the bag, so I think this is a poor construction issue which is really too bad. Since my first trip was outside of the 14 day return period, I'm going to try a fix with super glue, but my hopes are not high.
F1 Go Clean Set Charcoal review by otmar54
Indispensable item
We bough 2 of these bags in Singapore before we started a 6 weeks trip through Southeast Asia, changing hotels every other day. These bags helped us more than anything else to keep a clean and well organized suit case for all of the 6 weeks. Love it!!!
light and beautiful
favorite carryon
GO! SAC EXPANDABLE DUFFLE review by robfol
why don't you mention the weight?
Could be great if light, but with the paucity of info on F01 website we'll never know!
GOTOOB SET GREEN & BLUE review by hermar
best bottles
For travel and for the gym - these are the most functional
travel bottles. Great design!
Cute Bag
It's a really cute bag. I would recommend this bag.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Jackie S
Never leave home without it!
I travel for a living and this and the other space bags are awesome. Keeps everything neat and organized. Looks can be deceiving but it holds more clothes than you think. The laundry side is genius.
F1 RIPSTOP BACKPACK GREY review by gatodeluxe
amazing backpack
although it looks small, this bag packs a punch. it can fit my life and some. and it looks so retro cool
No Jet Lag review by Adrenalin Tim
Waste of money
"Homeopathic" means there's nothing in this product. There's no scientific mechanism whereby a product like this could possibly work, or how its effects differ from a placebo. Water doesn't have "memory", and diluting an ingredient doesn't make its effects stronger. (Which explains why there are "no side effects or drug interactions".)

It's a waste of money, and really, it's embarrassing for Flight 001 to put its name behind it.
Best gym bag!
This is by far the simplest and best gym back I've ever used. Keeps me organized and keeps my sweaty/dirty stuff in line.
ninga smurfy
I really love these, my luggage smells amazing.
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by 5pennies
Don't leave home without it!
We bought two sets plus a lingerie bag and used them on a 3-week trip to Italy. Cannot say enough about how nice and neat our bags were - even though they are expensive, this was the best money I've ever spent on luggage-related stuff.
Seriously: don't leave home without this! I never again will.
F1 CAUTION POUCH review by KatK
Way too expensive
Way too expensive
F1 CAUTION POUCH review by Skygirl
I like this very much!!!
EVIAN TRIO review by Colton
I used these on my recent trip to Australia! I just sprayed it on my face in the lavatory and let it air dry (takes about 3 min) and you feel like you just washed you face in the shower! It is an amazing product for travel and I also use it when I go to the beach to go from "sweaty mess" to "perfect skin" in just moments!
T SPHERES PERK UP review by travel girrrrl
tried it in flight
saved me and the essential oils are pure - medicnal quality - i swear it keeps the bad germs away! that alone is a great reason to never take off without them.
Love this Bag
I purchased this bag from Flight 001 and it has been to Italy twice with me ..fits just the right amount for my 10 day trips overseas and it is nice and light so I have not exceeded the weight limit yet :-) very durable and very roomy :-)
F1 SPACEPAK SUITCASE review by Tanej
Well-thought out!
I just wish it were 19-inch instead of 22-inch. Would be SO much better for carry-on.
AXIS IPHONE 5 WALLET RED review by StevieG
Design Flaw
Lovely item. Almost perfect. But ridiculous not to include a camera hole in the back. I had to drill one in. This design flaw needs to be made apparent to potential buyers.
T SPHERES PEP UP review by travel girl
love these aromatherapy travel companions!
seriously the best thing for the girl on the go - flying to and from meetings without t spheres will never happen again - Thanks for sucha great product!
F1 Spacepak Clothes Grey review by ktal
I'm a believer!
I was skeptical. How could this thing work? It looks nice. It's packaged & marketed well but I said (to myself), "Seriously, girl, don't give in, it 's not gonna work & help you on your latest version of an excursion." The good news: sometimes that gremlin that talks to me is wrong! This item (I bought the F1 Spacepak--for clothes) is aaa-mazing! Not only is it good-looking & cool but it is supa-dupa functional. If you're one of those expert packers (and I bought this for a long trip to Maui with only a carry-on) then maybe you don't need this but if you're remotely like me--a pretty seasoned & active world traveler who needs some guidance in packing then this is for you. You can compress what you pack via these nifty compression vents on the sides (stellar!) and when your garb is dirty, just turn the pak over & put your dirty clothes in the dirty section (awesome!). Everyone in my party wanted my Spacepak but I told them to get their own! The convenient handle also made it easy to pack it up in my luggage & to take it out when I needed it (I've never been a fan of putting my stuff away in hotel/inn drawers/furniture). This was perfect oi my carry-on suitcase and before my trip, as I was laying out the clothes I was going to take, this really helped me edit, edit then edit again. This was a great purchase for me...not sure if I'll get the whole system since I have enough well-designed toiletry cases to last me a lifetime and lingerie/underwear packing has never been a challenge. The Pak for shoes is a good one but admittedly I use my own bags for packing shoes & sandals so not sure if I'll get it. The Clothes Pak may be a bit pricey but it's made well, works with all luggage & (travel) bags, looks great & even better--it WORKS SO AWESOMELY!!! When I really like something I like to submit a review in hopes that if someone is thinking about buying something or is on the fence about an item, I like to think that an honest review helps. I didn't find reviews on this but there's a Flight001 store in my 'hood & I got to see it first-hand & there were 2 other customers in the store who had bought it & thought the Pak was the best invention since sliced bread, so that swayed me, as well as the great sales person that was in the store that day).
very good
crumpled city maps
Useless, doesn't work... Too weak
Because of the length, the power is lost. My iPhone takes overnight to barely charge, and my iPad barely gets over 10%. They won't take them back.
F1 2B OR NOT 2B POUCH review by Ninutsa
Search Alert Lock review by carolmercury
Can't set it up
I followed the instructions and I can't make it work. Probably defective.
CHARGE & GO BLUE review by jodisai
very disappointed
I ordered a bunch of these for Christmas Gifts and can not get them to work. They came with no directions. I tried Charger them from my iphone charger over night and that didn't do anything. Directions would have helped.
GOTOOB SET GREEN & BLUE review by Syndar
LOVE these
I received these last year as a gift. I am on an airplane two days a week - every week. They are the best travel bottles I've ever used!
Why only pink?!
I love this tag, but why is it only available in pink? Not suitable for most guys!!
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by Jacki WJ
Now that I have it, I can't do without it
I love this bag; it is wonderful. Now I don't have to worry about where my glasses are when I sleep, plus all the essentials - debarkation card, passport, lip gloss - are in one place that I can toss in my bag when leaving the plane.
In addition, the zippered case it comes in is useful, too. I use it for the jewelry that I remove going through security.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Jacki W
The best thing ever!
I bought this at the suggestion of the flight 001 salesperson; it is the best travel item I have! I used it for a week long trip to Seattle; I was able to pack everything I wanted and still get it all in the carry on! My husband is so jealous that I am going to buy him one for our trip to Paris in two weeks.
Cute but tight
This JUST fits an iPad 2. You need to pull to by the tab to get it out. With even the thinnest plastic shell covering the back, it won't fit.

I thought this would make my iPad less likely to be stolen when left in a hotel room, but maybe when I get a new iPad in a few years.

Too bad. It is cute.
CO-LAB ELICIA BACKPACK review by chas f
great product, love it.
F1 I Sleep With Strangers Eye Mask review by elelaroche
I like it
I want to buy
F1 Spacepak Set Color review by golfcutter
awesome product
It works better than other options I've tried including other packing cubes, compression bags etc
Good product
Basically love it. It works on most things but not on Sanza Cruz or my nook. Sure cuts down on the number of cables I have to carry.
DRAKE LAPTOP DUFFLE review by George
I love this bag
Using it for a week now and enjoy it every day so far.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by Wardita
Remarkably Travel Companion!
This little gem of a product enabled me to travel with CARRY-ON only for a 7-day trip to Europe. In it I managed to cram: 2 jeans, 1 yogapant, 14 tee shirts and 3 silk blouses. And, with the DIRTY side, it was super easy to manage my duds amidst an almost daily repack. This product is a must-have! Oh, and my silk blouses weren't all! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Small, Compack, works great!
Traveled to Africa, wanted a light that I didn't have to bring batteries for.
1for me, 1 for you
I am giving these as gifts this year
Search Alert Lock review by T
I would travel with!
I want this for my next flight!
F1 CAUTION POUCH review by JonesGirl
Silly product
Too expensive and very silly
Remember TSA's 3-1-1 rule
A great pouch for storing items in your suitcase, backpack, carry-on, etc., however you cannot use this great pouch to bring acceptable liquids through TSA check-points. Your bag must be clear that stores your carry-on liquids.
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by WJL
Great for long trips
This bag is an essential for me on long trips (esp international trips). It holds all the plane items I need (lip balm, headphones, camera, passport, pens, lotion) and I just throw it on the tray hook or seat pocket when I nap.
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by TERRI
F1 Spacepak Set Grey review by Whoebowken
This has lasted me for 9 years I just replaced my old bag
F1 Spacepak Clothes Blue review by JackiJ
I love it!
This is the best thing I have ever bought. I used it for week-long trip and it took all my clothes! I was able to take just a carry on but have plenty of things to wear. I am buying one for my husband, because he needs one too.
F1 STEWARDESS HANGING GROOM review by 1st class gal
love, love,love this cosmetic / toiletry bag
Lots of usable storeage space, and doesn't take up much room in my baggage.
GoToob Blue 3oz review by F1 Joan
3oz. or less and so much more
As someone who mainly takes a carry-on bag, these are so convenient and never leak or explode!
Hold Everything
Fits all my jewelry types in one cute little retro style bag
Knot bad!
No more tangled cords!
Adapt to Anywhere
Bright and compact and adapts to over 150 countries
Spork review by F1 Ashlee
For the Meal To Go!
This little Spork is everything you need for a meal on the go
Perfect Passport
Stretchy rubber cover fits passport and receipts perfectly
F1 Rubber Tag review by phoebe
indestructible, easy to spot
I've been traveling with my hypercolor F1 luggage tags for six years now. I can always pick out my suitcase from a carousel of identical rolly bags. Colorful, bendy, indestructible - what more could you ask for, really?
F1 Spacepak Shoes Green review by Abuelinho
The pack system really works. When I travel with job colleagues they can't believe the small size of my luggage with clothes for more than 2 weeks.
GOTOOB SET GREEN & BLUE review by F1 Adam
Easy bottles
These leak proof silicone travel bottles are the best. Easy to fill, easy to clean, and easy to squeeze out every last drop.
F1 Seat Pak Charcoal review by F1 Adam
Essential for in-flight organization
I never go on a trip without Seat Pak. I keep my ID, Boarding pass, phone, house keys...everything important in it. My Seat Pak keeps me organized.
Easy to pack, easy to store
This bag is a beast! I can basically pack everything I own into it...and the best part: it collapses when not in use...a key feature for someone with limited storage space.
Comfortable, washable, packable.
it’s surprisingly comfortable, has a washable cover, and it is super light and easy to pack.
F1 WORLD PEACE TOTE BAG review by F1 Rosemary
Tote-ally versatile
It’s cute, big, and practical for around town or in-flight
Not just for toiletries
I actually use mine as a camera case. It fits my SLR a couple rolls of film and an extra lens. Oh yeah, it is also great for my razor and toothbrush, but I love how well my camera and gear fits in it!
A minty punch to go!
0.5 oz carry-on sized with a huge mint punch. Seriously, this toothpaste will wake you up, and the packaging is very regal.
Great gift!
Gave this to friend as a bon voyage gift and she loved it.