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Survival Kit-In-A-Can


No, this tin can does not contain sardines! Inside is just about everything you could need to survive, well, most circumstances that come your way.

Includes: 1 compass, 2 cubes of fire starter, 9.8ft (3m) multi-use cord, 1 survival/first aid information card, 3ft (91cm) multi-use wire, 4 waterproof matches, 101ft (31m) fishing line/sewing thread, 1 bouillon soup packet, 1 tea bag, 1 sugar packet, 1 match book, 2 antiseptic swabs, 1 razor blade, 3 twist ties, 12in (30cm) duct tape, 1 signal mirror, 1 zip-lock bag, 2 adhesive bandages, 2 nails, 2 safety pins, 2 fish hooks, 1 signal whistle, 1 piece of chewing gum, 1 sewing needle, 1 energy candy, 1 note paper, and 1 pencil.


3in X 4in X .875in

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