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82 Item(s)


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✈️  1CPY: Spain: We challenge you to visit one new country per year. The intricate geometric motif Alhambra Palace, the deep burgundy of Rioja wine, and the pink lakes of Torrevieja Lagoon in Alicante greatly influenced our design aesthetic for this collection. Shop and wander-lust over the fragrant, fun, and culturally rich country of Spain.

✈️  T5 SeriesGo cabin-chic with our T5 Series in bags and packable pieces. Inspired by the retro-modern flair of the Jet Age, this collection is trés sophisticated and oh-so cool.

✈️  Avionette Collection: Improved and better than ever; our 2.0 version of the new classic, Flight 001 Avionette, features 8 spinner wheels, stronger zippers, and a smoother extended handle. Some things really do get better with age.

✈️  Spacepak Compression SystemThe award-winning Flight 001 Spacepak system allows you to pack more into a smaller space, giving you room to arrive prepared and check-in free. See how compression can work wonders for your vacation (and your peace of mind)!