Fernanda is Flight 001’s e-commerce director but she is also a professional roller derby athlete. Here’s how Fernanda gets her gear into a single carry-on.



F1 Avionette 4W Carry-On Sangria

“My bag of choice for tournament season is our Avionette 4 wheel carry-on Sangria. It’s got space for either my helmet, skates and it’s Spacepak-Ready. I love the color and it’s easy to maneuver down single-aisle flights and into overheads, even with my roller derby equipment inside.”

F1 Spacepak Underwear

“When I travel for competitions my clothing is minimal: a team jacket, a pair of jeans, some t-shirts, uniforms and athletic clothing, socks, and my after party outfit. I like to use Spacepak Underwear for my clothes on weekend trips. It's smaller than Spacepak Clothes yet I can fit 5 days of outfits into it. I put my intimates into Spacepak Lingerie (which has its own mesh wash bag).”

tsa pop quart

TSA Pop Quart Bag

“At every game, there's bound to be troubleshooting. I keep my equipment tools handy in our TSA Pop Quart Bag. I also use the same kind of bag for cosmetics and toiletries.”