The Ultimate Packing System

Flight 001's award-winning packing system compresses two weeks worth of clothes into one lightweight pouch, so you'll stay organized and baggage-fee-free wherever your travels may take you.

Bad Packing: Open luggage, insert garments, pray zipper holds.
Perfect Packing With Spacepak
Good Packing: Items stay organized, compressed, and clean!
Compress more clothes
Garments packed flat undergo double compression allowing for maximum wardrobe options.
Plan and pack for any trip
Our Suiter, Clothes, Undergarment, Shoe, and Toiletry bags all fit inside your suitcase, organizing your items by category, and streamlining your packing—and unpacking.
Keep clean clothes clean
Dual compartment Spacepaks keep dirty laundry separate from freshly washed clothes.
Avoid emabarrasing tsa checkpoints
Sooner or later, TSA is going to search your bag. Spacepak keeps your unmentionables out of plain sight.
Travel baggage-fee free
Compression technology optimizes your suitcase for carry-on, so you won't get hit with costly checked baggage fees. And you can say goodbye to baggage claim!
More traveling, less ironing
Spacepak keeps your clothes compressed and flat, meaning you'll arrive in your destination crease-free and ready to go.
Available in 3 Different Colorways:


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