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Choose from these options and popular brands:

  • Carry-on luggage: select from a variety of styles, colors and brands – and discover how ordering your luggage from Flight 001 opens up a world of upgrades!
  • Check-in luggage: these include options for frequent travelers who more or less use their suitcases as their closets
  • Hard sided flight luggage: these suitcases have both style and functionality, perfect for frequent use
  • Rimowa: this brand has been seen in more than 150 movies and is the brand of choice for pilots, celebrities and seasoned travelers, worldwide
  • Lipault Paris: sleek and light as a feather, these bags are brilliantly functional and beautifully fashionable
  • F1 Avionette: this line is inspired by the groovy suitcases of the 1960s; you’ll love the retro-modern design!

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