F1 Contoured Eye Mask


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The soft, lightweight, and padded Flight 001 Exclusive Contoured Eye Mask blocks out light and has a raised shape to keep pressure away from your eye lids. Say goodbye to restless flights and say hello to REM sleep, complete with smudge-free comfort. Features wide elastic straps with velcro closure for an adjustable fit.

Features and Benefits

  • Raised eye pads allow for eye movement (a.k.a. the key to reaching REM sleep)
  • Stretchy wide elastic straps
  • Velcro fastener for adjustable sizing
  • Handwash only, not to come in contact with moisturizer or other oil-based products
  • Polyester


8.25in X 3.125in

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    F1 Contoured Eye Mask

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    F1 Contoured Eye Mask

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Review by KD
Posted on 9/19/2016

This eye mask is the only reason I am able to sleep decently when they leave the cabin lights on during overnight flights! Very comfortable and compact. Have not had it for long, so am unsure of durability over time.


Review by Cella
Posted on 8/3/2016

I love this product I am already recommending it.

Loved it

Review by Cassie Brady
Posted on 8/9/2015

Great for migraine headaches

Great product!

Review by Kyle
Posted on 11/12/2014

I love this eye mask. It was my first experience with one (as well as my first trans-atlantic flight) and it totally got the job done. I loved how the scooped eye areas made it feel like my eyes could freely move around, as opposed to having something weigh on them (like normal eye masks are). It kept all light out as well, and was comfortable to wear for a couple hours. The only criticism I could make (and it's a minor one) is that it was just a little too small for my head. Admittedly I have a very big one, but a little extra give in the straps would have been appreciated.

soft & comfortable

Review by N. Abel
Posted on 10/26/2014

I use it for daytime naps.

Can't sleep without them

Review by J
Posted on 5/31/2014

I have a couple of these for home and travel. This eye mask is so comfortable and the molded shape is a must-have. Worth it!


Review by SR
Posted on 4/14/2014

These are the only eye shades that allow the wearer to blink while wearing them. No more mascara spreading after a long flight.

love these!

Review by gracee
Posted on 11/5/2013

These are the best. Super soft and so comfy. The molded shape is great because they don't press on your eyes like others do. I even use these at home or in hotels that have lots of light. Get these!

Fabulously comfortable!

Review by avid traveler
Posted on 11/9/2017

Wore these for most of a 17 hour flight and they were fabulous! Able to blink and open eyes... nothing pressing on the eyes... first eye mask that actually helped me sleep.


Review by Mary J
Posted on 9/18/2017

My go-to eye mask for sleeping. A must have not only for travel but for any light-filled room

Best Eye Mask Ever

Review by JRB
Posted on 3/27/2017

The raised contour of this eye mask makes this far and away the best eye mask I've ever used. I don't get bothered by my eyelashes brushing against the eye mask, and I still get the full light-blocking effect. The adjustable elastic band with the Velcro fastener is both comfortable and secure. You will not regret this purchase.

Function is great but...

Review by Amy
Posted on 1/5/2017

I really like this eye mask--being able to open your eyes with it on is a real plus. It is quite comfortable but the dye from the fabric is all over my forehead when I wake up. I've washed it twice now and it is still leaving dye--kind of annoying.

Great product

Review by Karen R
Posted on 12/13/2016

Bought this so i would not have pressure on my eyes. Looking forward to my next flight where i can give them a real test. Tried on at home and they did not completely block out light, could see out the bottom of them. Need some adjustments. Worth the purchase. Would recommend them.


Review by Ruth
Posted on 12/5/2016

So comfortable! And it fits under my sleep apnea mask. I'm sleeping 8 hours a night now.