Perfect packing. Unlimited Combinations. You wouldn’t want a stiletto snagging a silk blouse, would you? Prevent unwanted mishaps caused by turbulence or poor baggage handling with the ultimate packing system. Spacepak Clothes keeps your wardrobe safe and packed flat in its own tidy compartment, while an interior divider keeps clean clothes separate from dirty laundry. Our signature compression technology reduces the volume of your clothes by one third, meaning you can bring three times as many outfits on your next trip. Learn more about Spacepak

Features and Benefits

  • Holds up to 25 pieces so you can fit two weeks worth of clothes into one lightweight carry-on
  • Dual front-and-back zippered compartments keep clean clothes away from dirty laundry
  • Two sets of air vents push air out to keep your garments flat
  • Flat packing clothes reduces wrinkles, which means less ironing upon arrival
  • Convenient labels on each Spacepak compartment keeps your luggage colorful and organized on the go
  • Spacepak can be washed in a delicate cycle and cold water. Ideally close zippers for wash, when done air dry. With numerous washes the graphics might wear.


11.25" x 15.5" x 5.25"

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Review by Joanna
Posted on 8/31/2017

Makes traveling so much easier, neater and better organized and clothes don't get so wrinkled. Also the zipper is sturdier than those in other similar products I have tried. So important!

Works as described

Review by Robyn
Posted on 8/5/2017

I'm very happy with my packing cube. Good quality material. Appears that it will be long lasting. Easy to use and fits alot of clothes. Would be happier and would purchase more if they weren't so expensive.

Fabulous !!!

Review by Barbara
Posted on 5/31/2017

Packing is so much simpler - everything stays organized which is less stressful when traveling -- easier to find my items without pulling my suitcase apart ,.. giving these as gifts as well!

quite large

Review by Cynthia Gottlieb
Posted on 3/15/2017

I use a small suitcase that fits in the European overhead bins which have a smaller requirements. This packing cube is quite large and doesn't fit width way across my suitcase. If I place it the cube on its shortest side across the width of my suitcase, it takes up too much space and leaves gaps, thus making packing less space efficient. The undergarment size is better and fits shirts/sweaters perfect. The quality of the product is great but this cube I will use hardly. If I didn't purchase as a set, I would return this one.

It works!

Review by Helen
Posted on 3/2/2017

When you first see this it doesn't make sense that it will work. But we actually packed a week of dress clothes with it. I'll recommend it. It works!


Review by Judy
Posted on 1/10/2017

I already have my own set of Spacepak packs. My sister saw how easy they make packing and wanted her own.

Top product!

Review by Deb H
Posted on 9/2/2016

I was very pleased with my SpacePak for clothing, I used it in October 2015 on a 2 week trip and it made it very easy to keep track of my shirts, clean and dirty as I moved to different hotels. I highly recommend this and I just purchased one for my husband to use on our next 2 week trip!

Awesome! AAA+

Review by Mencita
Posted on 8/29/2016

The best! I got one after reading about it in a magazine. I was so impressed with the spacepak, that i have given it as a gift to my best friends and they have given to their friends. We have bought at least 30 and I keep recommending it. Thks. A+